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Let's get emotional, eh?

| Chilling under the Light Highway, smoking a joint. I'm in my feels.

Have you ever done anything that you're not sure if you regret or not, but that you know you can never take back?

Its kinda like if you're stuck in Downtown, trying to find your way to where you need to be but not knowing the directions or having any GPS, and then realizing once you're halfway there that you're not even sure if you're going to the right place or why you're even going there at all.

-Stoner Frank

| Its a weird feeling. Not one which makes a whole lot of sense to feel, because as decision making animals, we're supposed to be able to know when we're right or wrong, right?

That's not always the case. Sometimes you can be wrong and believe you are right, it happens all the time. But even then, that's just a simple mistake, like if you believed you were right and you were wrong, you could just apologize and hopefully make up for it from there.

Sadly, this isn't that simple.

| What do you do when you're conflicted? Like, when you're not sure if you're right or wrong, or if you believe you're partically right and partically wrong. What if the answer isn't so black and white?

Well, see, in my experience it becomes a self-actualizing destiny. You can believe you're right, and that you WERE wrong but now, as a result of your actions, you are right. Or something like that, where basically your actions artificially create the fate that you're trying to avoid.

| So now, you find yourself in this weird place, where you may or may not have been wrong about your actions, but where now, the things you said can't be taken back, and the things you said BECAME real when you said them. You end up being right, and feeling like shit for being right, and the whole thing didn't do any good for anybody in the long run, and you ask yourself if what you did was really worth the cost of it all.

All in all, you feel like shit, but you can't take it back.

| What is someone supposed to do in this situation? I'm not sure if I even want to try and make this better, since I'm still unsure if I was right or wrong in the first place, but all I know is that I don't feel good about this and I wish things were better somehow.

Should I stick to my guns and just keep believing that I'm right and that I'm doing the right thing, even if it feels this bad, or should I backpedal and hope that I was wrong and that things restore themselves?


| Excuse me, what the fuck did I just read. I think I'm getting enlightened from an online thread written by a guy smoking a joint
-Red 9

| You don't always come out on top in life, especially in the here and now of this place. But maybe that's ok. If you can, you should try and fix it. Nobody wants to hold on to that kind of stuff forever. Go and resolve it man, it'll be for the better I'm sure.

| You could like, take a step down? Stop to think really hard what's the right path there, if you're lost in downtown you might want to stop walking and check where you are before getting yourself more lost.
Sometimes everyone can be wrong except for you, happens sometimes, but sometimes you're the bad guy so.. Stop and think what you really are?

| Everyone be talking deep shit today huh?
-Red 9

| >>597443 >>597576

There's nothing deep about it. OP clearly fucked up and now has second thoughts about whatever he fucked up. He's asking if he should try and unfuck things up, but also trying to convince himself that he didn't fuck things up, even though by even posting this thread, he is confirming to himself that yes, he did fuck things up.

You dun fucked up, OP.

| >>597622
OP might have fucked up, but what if up fucked OP?

| OP's just high, leave him alone...

| >>597443 Surprise surprise, would you believe it if not everyone who smoked pot was a complete idiot?

>>597468 Not so sure there is a resolve to this scenario anymore, but I appreciate the sentiment.

>>597545 What I am...heh, that's a question I'm still trying to figure out the answer to. Not so sure I have a choice in stopping anymore.

>>597622 I know I fucked up, I'm just not convinced that I was 100% wrong. Sometimes shreds of truth can be seen through the mistakes.


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