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Glitch City Slums Bombing

| Hey guys. New to the boards, but I needed someplace to talk about this.

Did anybody else see or hear the bomb go off in East GC last night? Apparently somebody over by Bytelton Park got in their hover car, turned it on, and BOOM!

I wasn't around or anything like that, but I just can't help but get curious about stuff like this.

Anybody know anything more about it?

| Bombings aren't uncommon these days, how far was it from Uptown?

Was probably a politician or a business bigwig.

| Oh, the slums- thought the last of those got torched!

Then again, with all these refugees lately, the whole city's turning into a fragging slum.

| I bet it was a separatist terrorist with smooth black hair and an alien pet

| Either the corpo doing their things, or terrorists, or cults, I don't know anymore...

| >>595024 terrorist janai, Katsura da!

| More bombs... of course. -CN

| Hey guys, OP here.

So, turns out the bombing might have been related to some sort of insurance fraud fiasco? Some guy went and bought a car, totaled it, used money from a loan to cover the costs, and then had a run in with the guy.

Kinda scary to think about, loan sharks doing stuff like this to get their cash back... anyone else have any new news on this? An obituary maybe...?

| crazy world we live in..

| >>fc178c
as if you can call that crazy here

| Still sad that it wasn't Katsura

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This thread is permanently archived