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The Car Thread

| Anyone else here into classic cars, racing, etc? I hope so, because this is the thread for talking about that sort of thing. You can post pictures of your rides here too if you want.
... Egh, I hope I'm not being awkward and embarrassing myself...
- SciFox

| Fuck yeah bro! I love good old cars! I love to spank them and drive in the sewers! Got a nice pic of my crusty old gurl!

>There is a picture attached. It's off what looks like some sort of homemade, rusty go-cart with a cheap, extremely fake, extremely torn up leather seat. It's got weird stains on both the metal and the seat and it's very, very small. Like, it's basically just a seat with a bit of metal around it and a way too big diesel engine on the back.

| Mine's an old electric coupe from the 90s. General Motors built some of these and then recalled and crushed them all for no reason other than to be a jerk. They must not have got all of them, though, because me and grandpa restored this one: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c5/EV1A014_%281%29_cropped.jpg

>>591071 Well that's certainly interesting. Did you build that yourself? I've never built anything from the ground up like that.
- SciFox

| >>591079
Fuck yeah bro! Made her myself 'round 20 years ago. Also, nice ride bro! That's fucking sexy!

| >>591034

Hmm... I'd put up my Torino or my Interlagos, but their story's a long one.

No qualms with talking about my DeZir though, if that counts. -Caju

| My favorite car when I was growing up was a Ford GT40

| >>591365 Are we talking about the DeZir they made in the 2030s, or the actual original concept car? Either way, that's a classic, and not one I see much.
I mean, that may be because I'm from the southeastern USA, and close to half the population there still drives pre-electric cars, but still.
- SciFox

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