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Looking for someone who knows where to look for old tech.

| Basically what the Title says.. and also if anyone knows where I can find pieces of the white knighs armor suits, do tell.. We can strike a deal if you want..

| Haha.. This is cute. If you're going to make a thread like this, you might as well head straight into the Flooded and hope you get lucky.

| I'm your guy. It'll cost you a ton though for the WK parts.

| Old tech, like computer parts and stuff? There's some generation-old tech like that in Flooded, if you can find a sealed container. Otherwise I'm afraid anything in the water is gonna be useless scrap. Just how old are we talking?

| My grandpa and grandma buy and sell antiques. Granted, anything electronic under that category is probably older than what you want.
- SciFox

| How "old" is the tech you're looking at?

| got a shovel? got a lazy sunday? why not visit your friendly local junkyard?

| Come on! It's easy to make some simpler old tech, for example you can get a pretty usable resistor with just paper and a pencil!

- 3pig6

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This thread is permanently archived