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**Breaking Celebrity News**

| In the world of synth, electronics, and insane technological feats every show; there's only one name. RippL. RippL rules the music industry in the south, four of their albums going platinum each a month after release. RippL is not very well known anywhere but the far South however. In an attempt to change this, RippL is coming to Glitch City! RippL will be in Glitch for the foreseeable future, doing concerts and attempting to meet their inspiration: Kira Miki!

| RippL is aware of the dangers in Glitch and will be protected as such. Also during their time in Glitch they plan to release at least two full albums, and hopefully a collaboration with Kira Miki! RippL will be arriving in the coming days and says there will be a concert within the first month of their arrival.

With all this exciting news, please don't forget to check out RippL's previous albums and buy merch:
>Some corny website is linked with rather high priced albums.

| God help us, that shit is coming to GC too...

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This thread is permanently archived