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petition to be allowed to marry dog

| The advancements of understanding the canine mind in our current era allows us to understand the wants and needs of our friends far better than ever before, and in some cases even more than some humanoids. Therefore I petition the legalization of human-dog marriage!
It should not be a crime to love our millenia old allies!
>a link to gc petitions is posted

| Aw shit, here we go again

| When was the last time petition achieved something in Glitch?

| is this a knot thing?


| >>590534
Look, weirdo, we all know by the gazillions of studies that come out - Even if what our little doggo friends say can be translated thanks to the amazingness of technology, and even if they /can/ run a business, they do not comphrehend all the same feelings we do. Don't anthromorphize animals.

| You just want a pretense so you don't get weird looks when you announce to your family who or what you fuck, g/u/rl. Of course, a petition won't change that, nor a law. People will still talk. They always do.

| Run along and go huddle with your other little fetishist friends where we can't see, okay? If I see you getting funky near my hamster I won't hesitate to call the GPCD on your ass.


| Just marry a robot that can shape-shift into dog mode
- 3pig6

| Isn't that a crime? Please tell me it is so I can finally test my brand new KNIVES OF JUSTICE, Glitch city has been too quiet lately and I've been feeling irrelevant...

- Illumi Raider

| More petitions, they never learn.

| The love between dogs and all are pure

| >>590814
Have you considered that you ARE irrelevant and it's not just a feeling?

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