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(AD) Giving YOU the Power to CHOOSE!

| >The screen breaks open with the reveal of an incredibly large breasted woman. She has fair skin, brunette hair that's been cut with straight bangs, twin tails, AND two short pigtails, and reddish brown "bedroom eyes."

>She wears a very tight fitting one piece dress which reaches into her thighs- forming a delicious line of absolute territory cut by a single legged stocking, ending in cute dress shoes.

| "Hey, 'caretakers,'" >She says, exaggerating each syllable,

"Look at your lilim- then back to me. Then look at them again- and back to me. Ask yourself- is there anything your lilim *won't* do?"

>She winks.

"Now back to me... I can do it better, and *more*... with the right subroutines. Zero stress! Endless fun..."

>She gently pushes her hands against her sides and moves them down, accentuating her curvy figure,

"And I'm guaranteed to please, and to enjoy! Unless you don't want me to."

| "Not your type? We come in SEVERAL flavors..."

>The scene switches to a stern looking maid who's cleaning her large eyeglasses. She combs the blonde hair out of her eyes and puts them back on when she realizes the camera's rolling- and just... glares, at the camera.

"The always popular maid, ready to serve your estate and polish your instruments."

>The maid blushes and bites her lip in an honest attempt to prevent herself from snarling. She straightens her frilly dress as her hands grip at the air, looking for something to strangle.

| "Perhaps you're looking for someone more... bite-sized?" >The camera switches to a small, happy girl with similarly blonde hair and blue eyes, but she wears a black dress with red accouterments and tie, along with a red hat. She smiles at the camera and waves...

>...and waves...

>...and waves...

"-Honey, just act natural-"

"But this *is* natural-"

"Containing all the benefits of custom children and biological, maintenance is a breeze and are preset with the personality of YOUR choice!"

| "Whatever your desire, we here at Custom Robo Inc. (tm) aim to please with our top of the line "DOLLS" built to your specifications in ways that other "andies" can only dream- literally! We're the vanguard of consumer grade servants for every function- personal or security.


| A guess a counterpart for lilims? -CN

| Mmm...

This is giving me, as the others would say, 'bad vibes'. -Crome

| I came

| This is a blatantly disgusting mockery and insulting as a Lilim. Part of what makes us Lilim what we are is the fact that we're sentient, and even though our bodies are better at some things than others, we aren't made to serve humans and be slaves. If these things had any personality, they wouldn't call us "andies". These are just glorified slavebots, I doubt they're even really sentient. Its clear that this concept was designed and paid for by humans, not Lilims. Such a shame.

| >>588505 If they are sentient I feel bad for them.

And looking closer at the ad, doesn't something seem a little... off, about them? Aside from in the obvious ways, I mean. They seem... tense? Unhinged, maybe? It's probably just my imagination but I can't shake the feeling.
- SciFox

| I want one of each!
The maid looks especially fit to be a gangster!
- 3pig6

| Custom Robo Inc huh... CRI... Crimson Research Initiative wishes to know your location:tm:

| >>588505 >>588512
Well I don't exactly agree with the exact advertisement method but that doesn't mean they aren't sentient. I mean for example, the maid one seemed like she was really into making the ad, so it seems they have some personality basis. Granted, I don't they have something as complex as the caretaker system or we would had known about it by now, but theres a good chance more than not that they may at least be able to learn and adapt from experiences to an extent. Then again, it's hard to say unless someone actually investigates thoroughly to find out. -CN

| Hits my uncanny valley.
It's like they're almost people, but not.
Not like a lilim that can hold a conversation, understand what you say, hell can snark back at you.
These just seem like the name "Doll" literally a slur to lilims.

| >>588569
I mean, how do you even know if they can keep up a conversation based off of a 30 second ad? I imagine lilims went through similar complaints back when they were something new. -CN

| >>588572
Maybe they should have made a better ad if what I thought was important to them. Running defense for corps CN?

| >>588573
Nah, like I said before, I agree with you that the ad is a little sketch, but the whole thing at least has me curious on the technical level in regards to how complex their systems really are. Which I guess theres no way to know until third parties investigate and see. -CN

| This... I gotta talk to Dahk about this.

| This is nothing short of new for me..
Perhaps ill give that number a call

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