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[AD] Do you like flowers?

| >Video ad starts playing. It shows a field of beautiful flowers, lit up by the sun.
"Do you like flowers? Not those lifeless plastic imitations you can buy on the streets for 100 zenny, but real, living flowers?"
>Scene changes, now it shows two women standing at some sort of a reception and stock smiling to each other as they exchange a handshake, camera pans over to show Shenaals Genemodding ltd, logo on the wall.

| "Then Shenaals Genemodding has the thing just for you!"
>Scene changes, now it shows even more stock looking doctors preparing one of the previous women for an operation.
"Our brilliant scientists most recent and most shocking breakthrough, that's ought to leave onlookers stunned and your close ones fascinated!"

| >Scene changes, it looks like the operation is over. One of the doctors moves over and takes off a large blanket covering up a human figure.
"Our 'Brahmapura' line of treatment will give you the most beautiful, never fading flower — yourself!"
>Camera pans closer, the woman from before can be seen. Her flowing brown hair changed tone slightly more towards green, but the most notable change were dozens of flowers now growing through her hair.

| >Scene changes to showing Shenaals Genemodding logo, contacts and addresses of their clinics.
"Please consult your doctor before undertaking any medical procedures."
>Advertisement ends.

| Plant gene modding now... -CN

| ...
Wait just a damn second

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This thread is permanently archived