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| Seeking professionals for a recovery operation.

Relevant data, equipment will be provided at a pre-determined drop point.

Pay: 450,000z.

| Define recovery.

| Probably finding lost goods

| Probably?

| n word

| Name the place, I'll be there.

| Roight! Fynally, a fookin' mission! I'm IN.

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At the /burg/er brand fast food restaurant there will be an employee who will present you with a combination. This combination will lead to a locked storage cache at an undisclosed location, which will provide you with what you need.

You will receive further instructions at this stage. You begin immediately.


>A busy location somewhere on Main and 23rd in Downtown.

| >>588114
Is it too late to get in on this? -Tower

| >>588277

You have fewer than twelve hours.

>The coordinates are sent to you as well.

| >>588281
I have the numbers, where do I use them? -Tower

| >>588390

Presuming you kept the contact alive, the numbers you've obtained will be the combination for his personal effects.

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This thread is permanently archived