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Quercus invites you!

| >There's a location attached. It's... Khan's Scar Raceway? That's in the Flooded District, for one, and it's been defunct for ages!

>There's notes here too, about some kind of party happening tomorrow evening...

| Party?

Lets gooooo!

But gem it might be dangerous

Awww come on!

Well i suppose it would be nice to get out of the house

| A real party? I don't think I ever got to invited to one! This should be fun!

- Unit 00

| No thanks, last party I got so drunk I wound up in a cult's hideout and last time I went to the flooded district some weird chick threw fireballs at me and burned my hair.

One or the other would be ok, but both at once is too much for me...

- 3pig6

| aw hell yea

- African-American

| Sweet. I think I'll check it out if I can. Flooded is a mess though...

| Stepping in to mention this since Kael either forgot or neglected to- the in-house chop shop is gonna be open, for whatever that's worth. -Khora

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This thread is permanently archived