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(Setting) St. Miriam All Female High School

| >Many things can be said about Glitch City, most of them unpleasant. Hovewer, in the modern age of technological singularity, where progress outpaces the society's ability to adapt to it, there is one and one only system of education that due to some miracle keeps up the pace.

| >That is Glitch City Department of Education. And even amongst the many, surprisingly successful despite the constant chaos and destruction that reigns the city, educational organizations, like a beautiful jewel shines the Saint Miriam's All Female High School — a kilometer square campus in the middle of Uptown.

| >Two large school buildings, a pool, a gym, a botanic garden and even a small park — St. Miriam All Female High School is one of if not the most prestigious school in the entire city. Your social standing, your money, your connection — none of it has any meaning within the school walls. Only one's merit, one's beauty and one's sharp mind will get you on the top here.

| >According to one of the most recent sociological studies, Uptown, of all the Glitch City's districts has been noted to have the highest amount of same-sex couples recorded. Whether this fact has any connection to the St. Miriam All Female High School's presence in the district is up to one's judgement — but looking at the school entrance today one would simply has to agree, that among all the lilies hurrying to their classes right now, there is no way the love can't bloom.

| >One of those lilies was Lily Loversgarden, the St. Miriam All Female High School Student Council President. Frail looking 5'4" albino flower of a lady, with two large vermillion eyes radiating on her face, pale and lovely, surmounted by a waterfall of beige silky hair. Her indigo St. Miriam uniform, befitting her Student Council President's role, was tastefully crafted and adjusted to signify the very standart of how a lady of St. Miriam's ought to be dressed.

| >Today, as always, she was standing here at the school entrance, to ensure attendance and proper looks of all the students. Many adored her, many envied her — but none could truly bring herself to hate the Student Council President, such was the charm of Lily Loversgarden.

| "Hello there student council president"
>a beautiful maid with long brown hair walks past the school gate
"Uhh im the new instructor for robotics and home economics?
Forgive my attire im still to change into uniform"
>she does a french style curtsey
"Where am i to report to..?"

| >>583956
"Ah zee new teacher, velcome!" — >Lily bloomed into a smile, heroically trying her best to ignore the maid outfit on the school grounds. It wasn't going so well, but she was trying.
— "I do rememper zome of zee teachers sbeaking zat vu vill pe harriffing totay. Zee teachers room is on zee first floor of zee main puilting, zecond room to zee right of zee schoe lockers. I pelieffe vu schould be fine if vu chust go zere for zee time being."

| > A figure coming from afar strides at a speed unimaginable. After letting the wind carry it, its speed drags down — revealing a girl with a short, black hair and a height barely reaching the 5'8" mark. Her pale skin shows a degree of blush, though she herself doesn't look particularly the most feminine of all. She dons the standard outfit of St. Miriam with a skirt longer than the regulated standard — and said skirt flows upon her arrival, as air is pushed back on her.

| > Her two black orbs gazes into the Council President, both which closes as she makes a polite smile.

"Good morning, Prez!"

> Albeit not lady-like, her behaviour is far from illicit. Her high energy matches the morning, beaming through as she gets on to be checked by the usual routine.

"I did my uniform good this time!"

| >>583959
"Ah of Course, once again my apologies for the unsightly outfit,it was all I had today..ahehe.."
>she bows once again and begins to walk off
"I shall be seeing you then!"

>shortly after another student walks into the scene
>a cute young girl with short, neckish length green hair
>she seems to be sporting the standard indigo uniform
"Waaahhh! Please dont be late please dont be late!

Hi prez!

Please don't be late"
>and dashes by

| >>583962 >>583964
"It is apout time vu finally rememper how ein Scht. Miriam's schtudent is ought to dress—" — >Lily begins her lecture, putting a finger in the air, before the green-haired girl dashes by her,
— "Ah, hey, nein running on zee school grounds!"

| >>583968
>she stops in her tracks
"Wait a minute the prez is here!
Im not late!
>she jumps and does a little twirl in joy
"Yesss!thank you prezzzz!"
>and with a vivid blush she realizes that she was being a dum dum
"Uwaah! S-sorry prez! It wont happen again!"
>and bows down
>huh, lots of bowing this morning

| >You see a tall figure slink past, trying desperetly to not be noticed by the prez, having been told off once this week already. Her hair, currently in a ponytail, Blond and flowing down to the middle of her back. The uniform given by the school, already modified, with the skirt shortened to above the knee, and the sleeves rolled up.

>You can hear her muttering something.

"Didn't see me, I'm not late..."

| >>583970
>Lily let out a deep sigh:
"Mein kott, miss Amicus. Vu ought to at least try to pe more latylike." — >She shook her head,
— "Vu haffe peen zaying zat zis von't haben akain for zee endire zemester."
>She turned her head to look at the other girl, seemingly to finish lecturing her on the importance of proper attire, but noticed the blonde girl sneaking in the distance:
>>583974 "Ah, miss Doe! How many times do I haffe to tell vu to lengthen your skirt!"

| >>583976
"It's not my fault your Uniform is too small!"
>Jordan makes up some fake reason, as she hurries her steps.

| >>583974
> The desperate attempt not only failed, but caught the eyes of another. Sarah — the long-skirted girl — nudges the delinquent aside, but her intents seemed friendly.

"Jordan! Meet me after P.E?"

| >>583980
"Humf, Why should I?"
>Jordan turns her head, peaking with one eye to see Sarah's response.

| >>583979
"It's only small pecauze vu refuze to get one your zise! Und sdop running avay! Lisden to me!" — >Loversgarden pouts and huffs as she sees Jordan speed up away from her, but ultimately gives up.
— "Scheesch~"

| >>583976
>she inhales a bit to calm down
"Y-yes i know..im genuinely sorry, i just have been studying so much lately, then i wake up late and i panic and rush over here all the time"
>she sobbs slightly
"Soo uh...thank you for always being so nice to me prez!"
>in a whaha! Unexpected twist she gives the president a hug
"It really helps!...i dont have a lot of friends.."

| >>583981
"Come on. Say yes!"

> Sarah tries to convince Jordan, she smiles — but knows that smiles probably wouldn't work on the delinquent.

"I'll treat you to one later!"

| >>583991
"Bah, fine, fine."
>Jordan waves her hand.
"It better be your lunch money."
>She makes a joke at Sarah's expence.

| >>583990
"Miss Amicus, sdaying up late von't help vu vith your schtuties." — >LIly collected her breath and put her hand on the girl's head.
— "It vill only rezult in vu sleebing in und rusching zings. Vu vill pe petter off schtudying ein zet amount effery day. Arh ! If vu vant, I can help vu totay afder school vith zee zupchects vu don't Hundersdand."

| >>583996
Yyyyeaaaassss!">her eyes light up with gratitude and relief

>she hugs slightly tighter
"Thannnkkk you preezzzzz!
I promise i will treat you to whatever food you want later!"
>she is odly warm and one can sense the amount of relief she felt when lily offered to help her
"Your a life saver!"

| >>583998
"Hi, hi~" — >Prez closed her eyes, smiling, and patted Amicus some more,
— "Now hurry up pefore vu're late for clazes. Und nein running in zee hallvays either!"

| >>584001
"Y-yes ma'am!"
>she lets go and walks off to homeroom before she *actually* gets late

>>87bb66 >>bd4dcc
"Come on you two lets go!"
>she alerts the other two students on the way
>nobody likes being late after all

| >>583995
"If that's what it takes—"

> Sarah mumbles before going through to her side of school. Despite not paying attention, she seems to have expertly maneuvered the school grounds with ease. By the time she is aware of her surroundings, she misstepped and fell to her knees.

| >>584001
"Do you want me to be late or run in the hallways? Pick one you dummy!"
>Jordan sticks her tounge out, before running off to class.

| >>584005
"I chust told vu to schtop running!" — >Lily shouts towards Jordan's back, and sighs.

| >>584003
>once again nemia stops in her tracks
"Uhh are you ok do you need help or something?"
>she looks around for any wounds

| >>584010
>Jordan is already far gone, probably already in the classroom, sitting at the very back.

| (bump)

| >>584014
> Sarah blushes as she was found fallen after her daydream. She shook her head, and scattered to find her footing back. Her long skirt now has a noticeable print of dirt from where she fell.

"N-no! I'm all okay! Anyway; see you in class!"

> She wasn't even sure who she was speaking to, yet her string of words go through fast — as fast as her pace running away from the situation.

| >>584464
"Uh, are you sure!?i sho-"
>However nemia is cut short as sarah dashes off
"Theres dirt on your buttttt!"
>she waves goodbye then rushes off to class
"What a strange girl.."
>oh well, best not to dwell on it nemia! Class awaits and you might be late again!

| >Jordan waits for everyone else in class, smug as all hell for not being last. She's leaning back on her chair, feet up on the desk.

"I wonder what boring lesson we got today..."


| >Lily enters the school building the last, making sure there aren't any students left on the horizon by the time the gates close — just in time, as the school bells ring.

>First period, consisting of math and english, goes by peacefully, with nothing out of the ordinary happening during. The bells ring again, and the first break starts — time to socialize, get a snack, sneak onto the roof, and maybe some more mischievous stuff young souls crave so much.

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