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Got a weird mask in the mail

| Dunno how it got to me. Shipping address is wrong, and seriously how do they still allow no return address packages? Anyways, I opened up the package and it looks like if you snapped one of those old ass tragedy masks clean in two. Kinda grimy, if I'm being honest, whoever wrapped it forgot to clean the damn thing. What do?

| Use it for you new clown costume HONK



| SONO CHI NO SADAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| OP here. Got back from work and found the thing on my desk and shiny as if someone polished it. I don't have a roommate, and I know I put it back in the packaging again yesterday. I think my neighbor is fucking with me.

| Paint it red and sell it for thousands.

| Eat the mask

| OP again, considering the selling part of this suggestion >>582298 because the thing must be worth a bit if it's an actual vintage or something.

| nobody cared who OP was until he posted up about the mask

| >>582371 My grandpa deals in antiques, but he's in Florida. If I had a few pictures to send him he might be able to give you an idea what it's worth.
- SciFox

| >>582375 Soon(tm)

>>582386 I can snap one and send it your way. Kinda want this thing gone, think someone is gaslighting me with it.

>Attached is a png, that of an oddly shaped half of a mask. A clean split divides it in two, the frown filled in with black all the way up until this point. The eye shares the frown's black fill in, however with a white pupil(?) and a single black tear beneath it.

| >>582400 Hmm... I'll send this along to him. Hopefully he'll be able to come up with something.
- SciFox

| Grandpa says that that's the mask of the death spirit Ni-Ko Bim-Zawang and that you should get rid of it immediately.
He also says it might be worth a pretty penny at an antiques auction, though, so he might be pulling our legs.
- SciFox

| >>582582

I'm back, had a bit of a kerfuffle since there was a mess after some stuff fell off my cabinets and broke. Anyways, he's probably pulling your leg, sounds like a bullshit name. Maybe I'll see if there's a theater group nearby or whatever that wants it.

| >>582593 Probably, but with him I can never be sure. Half his life story is filled with weirdness like that.
Still weird how it just showed up, though. Have you asked your neighbor if he did it yet?
- SciFox

| >>582602

Yeah I already asked yesterday. She refutes it but I'm having a hard time believing that. I noticed something weird about the mask though looking at that first picture I took, I think it's starting to darken and turn black on the back.

| >>582610 ... Okay, I know the general scientific consensus is that the supernatural doesn't exist, but... maybe you should sell that thing sooner rather than later.
- SciFox

| Give it to me! I bet I look badass with a mask.
If you wanna trade I've got a robe and a knife of the illuminachos.

| >>582631

The fuck is an illuminacho?


I'm having second thoughts on the supernatural here too. I thought I heard my other neighbor trying to get my attention, so I went over to talk. Apparently he hadn't said a word, was just browsing the news. Starting to get creeped the hell out, thinking my apartment is haunted at this point.

| >>582646 just an evil cult that stabs people and uses their victim's blood as nacho sauce.

Wound up in their hideout somehow and took some souvenirs on the way out...


| >>582646 Maybe you should just dump it into the harbor or something. I don't like this one bit.
- SciFox

| Hmm...Questioning the legitimacy of blood as a dipping sauce now...
-Hardly Alive

| >>582646
Ya need an exorcism?
- Fr. Grenham

| >>582649
First off what the fuck.

Second off I tried something similar. Outlook not good, either a replica was put on my counter or it beat me home

Third off I'm honestly thinking about it after all this shit

Keep getting woken up at night by talking, got to work late thanks to whatever the hell that's all about. Gonna try to burn it, wish me luck.

| >>582994 long story short, weird shit happens when I get drunk.

One minute in a fancy party and then suddenly inside a locker on a factory taken by a cult.


| >>582994 I never thought I'd be saying this, but I think grandpa might have been telling the truth about the whole 'death spirit' weirdness.
- SciFox

| >>583015 I'm going to email him again right now, along with another friend I have.
- SciFox

| What's all this then? I suppose it's been a while, but I hadn't expected everything to be quite so newfangled.

| And I thought I was leaving this kind of weirdness behind when I left home...

>>583027 Are... are you the mask, or whatever's in control of the mask?

| >>583027 hey, if you're the mask join me and my gang!

With a supernatural being on my side I won't have to fear cults anymore!

| >>583031
Ah I see, this is how that works. To answer your question, my friend, both.

I haven't the need to join any gangs, prior experience with that has taught me it's a quick and easy way to waste a vessel.

If you'll excuse me for about an hour, I've some looking around to do.

| Put it on, or no balls.

| I'm back. I went for a walk. I'm not sure why, but the general attitude of people has soured from what I recall. I'm not one to drink, but tell me, is there mayhaps a local pub or bar to apply myself to? I have some catching up to do, and there is no better way to do it than through word of mouth.

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