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Do you think the water is making our boobs grow?

| Like, I noticed, lots of gurls and with it lots of head sized knockers. Like, is QUINCY putting something in the water to make the girls have big boobs?
What does it do to the guys?

| No, but you might need more water, because your brain seems to be dehydrated on the topic of human biology.

| Hey, hey, wait a minute, this guy's got a point. Tits have been abnormally huge lately. Not saying it's the water, but it could be something else. I mean, not that I mind it, mind you, but still, gotta admit its a little strange.

| Well I'm not saying QUINCY isnt putting something in something but it is also weird how the GC population is like 90% female -CN

| If there is something in the water, I guess I'm not getting enough of it. :(

| >>582094
Okay good so I'm not the only one that's noticed this!
Like there's this cyberpot is at least 90% beans and 10 percent wieners.

| >>582099
Yeah, not really sure what to make of it. Though I guess the question is why go through all that effort just for that if it isnt coincidence? -CN

| >>582100
Maybe it's some kind of mass experiment?
Make a nation of 90% women and with extremely large tracks of land and see what they do.

| Yeah nice one

| The water turns boys into bois
Trust me

| >>582133
what if that's it.
the water turns the boys in to bois and bois in to gurls!
So 90% of the population is girls because the boys become girsl1

| >>582139
If that's true then I fucking love this town.

| >>582157
That seems even less likely than >>582101 I can at least believe that as some social experiment. -CN

| >>582259 don't ruin this for me, let me dream

| ...how did gem get so big...?
Ughhh nevermind..

| With the amount of A cup angst going around? Probably not

| >>582275
I mean
Look at Jaquilen Jin, the power corp CEO's daughter.
She's got to be like DDs right? And I remember seeing a short girl with ones almost the same size.
I'm also pretty sure I saw a super tall doctor with knockers that were like C cup while being strapped down.
Then there was this one blonde woman with a mechanical arm. She was huge!

| Seriously, where's this water everyone is drinking. Mine isn't working! >:(

| What kind of useless experiment is that.. as a man of science.. I disapprove.. Instead of the water supplies.. just drug the air and dome the city.. that'd be more efficient..

| >>582275
They wouldnt have any angst if they did have people with big pairs around... -CN

| My guess is people are just using wayyyy too much breast implants

| >>582419 This isn't Neo Los Angeles. You know how much plastic surgery is in GC?

| >Cuts buddy marin

Halt! I detect spam!
Answer the captcha or i will be sad( ;∀;)

Duty is done!

| I mean, I've grown a lot ever since I came to GC...

| >>582449
Have you been drinking the water? -CN

| >>582518 Tastiest tap water this side of the sun...

| >>582674
Well if that's the case then the question would be how much did you grow, if it wasnt a huge difference could just be coincidence. -CN

| >>582707 Well, I'm up two cup sizes in the last four months...and I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be done growing.

| I'll be sticking to bottled water.

| >>582715
Yea that's certainly... not insignificant. Youd think if this is really true they would advertise it or something though... for those who care anyways. -CN

| So if a guy drinks alot of this "b00b water" he can get hUGE KNOCKERS?

| >>583217
I think if this theory was true we would be hearing a lot of that on the news. Either it doesnt effect guys or it affects them some other way. -CN

| >>583217
I know a guy who told me that one of his friends once developed morbid obesity and grew huge man-boobs in like, a couple of days. I don't know if it's true or not, but don't try it.

| The question is, does it work on Lilim...

| >>583357
I think he just had a bbm fetish and didn't want to admit it.

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