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| I'm inside some sort of locker and there are weird cultists with nachos covered in ketchup outside.

I don't even know how I got here, last thing I remember is that I was on IA and Gem's party talking to Uni and drinking from my bazooka...

(if there are suddenly two identical threads it's because the first time I posted on /a/ by accident)

| What the!?
How did i not see anyone!?
Gah nevermind where are you?

| It lools like a factory of sorts
But I can't see much from this locker

| What do you have on you, OP?

| >>582143 lemme see....
I got my pocket computer(old fashioned, I know), my sunglasses and a mini screwdriver

| Ok, the cultists seem to have left in a rush soon after I started hearing honking noises, now's my chance to escape, wish me luck!


| >>164de0
I'd recommend you say where you are.. I've heard clowns are infectious..

| Quick update, it seems like this is a nacho factory and the cult is fighting clowns....
Why the hell are clowns attacking a cult?
Anyway I managed to get close to the opposite side of the factory(away from the clowns) and I'm now trying to find a way out on this side
- 3pig6

| Hmmm stay away from the clowns.

If you see anything like a dark cloth and it seems harmless enough, cover yourself with it and stick to any shadows and dark corners

One can assume the exits would be near the conflict so take that as you would

| A factory, and a cult... And an unnerving situation.

That brings back memories.


| >>582528
Does it now? My, between us, I thought I would be the first to recall. -Uni

| >>582553
It's the kind of memories you remeber after 3 drinks of regret, leaving a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

| Ok, I found some balck cult robes and I'm sneaking through the darker spots of the factory, thankfully the robe is thick enough to hide my glowing arm...

It seems that these clowns aren't normal and cultists that are attacked are turning into clowns too.

I also found a knife, it's not that great but it'll do better than the mini screwdriver.


| >>582557
Whatever you do, just shoot the things that move, I doubt you'll hit a friendly soul.

| If what you said is true
Then don't get close, even if it is to attack.
Just run.
Or avoid being seen altogether

God speed

| I got lucky! Something on the direction of the neon district started attracting the clowns and the cultists are retreating, my escape now will be easy!

Thanks for the support guys, I love you all!


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