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[Radio wire 13.5]


| "Hello hel- We're back on air *now* right?" -N

"Can we spend one transmission without askin' out loud if we're on air first?" - X

"Not my fault our systems are trash, now.." -N

| >Explosion.mp3
"No I was looking for something more dramatic but.. Whatever, coming back on live last time we Had Mr.CoughingMuch A.K.A JK in here.. And we still do, because how long we've been out? Like two hours, right?" - N

| "actually--" -X
"--Not important, we have him here and we have him with the latest scoop, what seemed like the simple disappearance of some orphans is way deeper than it sounds, but let's hear it from the man himself.." -N

| "...I must admit, your bathroom is quite impressive for a radio studio." — >JK's coarse voice chimed in on air,
"Where did I stop again? I swear, just looking at all this paper on the table makes me feel the headache all over again, and it has been about a week already since I finished going through the trail."

| Suck my cyberpunk meatballs you role-playing nerds

| >>579850
"you'd be amazed what three man and a bot can do to a place when there's free time" -N

>Some shuffling of paper can be heard as 'R' tried to get everything in order

"Last you mentioned how some stuff kept being re-mailed without getting anywhere in particular, and how looking for lost orphans wasn't as logic as it sounds" -N

| "Uh-huh. Now," — >JK rustled some papers, moving them across the table likely,
— "/Some/ packages actually did reach their destination, hidden in this trail. I must admit I almost missed it. Interestingly enough, it wasn't medication however. Surgical tools and, unexpectedly, datajacks."
>JK paused,
— "Well, you don't need to be a doctor to see where this is going. This happened a few years ago."

| >a call comes up on the 555 line.

| >>580348
"You think they implanted these on the orphans? I don't like being so direct but you know the bullshit companies grab onto everytime someone accuses them of something" -N

>Neil cleared his throat, then mimicked a deep voice

" 'He never said we experimented on orphans, only that we mailed surgical tools!' "-N

| "Alright let me take this-" -X
"-What? no screw you this is my line, you talk with JK, kay? Kay" -N


>Neil picked up line '555'
"Hello and welcome to the last place where hope for humanity rests.. Nah I'm screwing with you this is Radio Wire, that show you listen to when there's nothing better to do, who do I have the pleasure to talk with now?" -N


>"H & S is installing augments in Glitch city! Are you afraid of shady surgeons in back alleys? H & S comes right to your home or place of choice to guarantee your sense of security!"

| >>580580
>a familiar lilim responds
"Hey Neill is Polly! Been a while, was listening and wanted to say hi!"

| >>581004
"Jesus Christ on a seatless bike it's you!" -N

"Charming" -X

"It's been ages doll, hell it's weird to hear you trough the phone and not trough my head, how has life been treating you?" - N

| >>581032
"It's been alright for the most part, got all my parts fixed up and back at one hundred percent!"
>a loud sproing and metal clank are heard
"Ninety Nine percent."
>mechanical whirring
"Maybe about 70..."
>she breaks out in to laughter

| >>581043
>Neil tags along in a hearty laugh
"Oh man it never gets old, I swear I found myself laughing at videos of malfunctioning electronics about a week after helping you" -N

| >>581191
"Would you believe me if I said that wasn't the first time I've heard that? Because it's true, audio is a bit messed up and I heard that twice just now."
>rimshot sound comes through

| >>581201
"Oh doll you're putting me out of business with those jokes, I know something you never lost was that sense of humor, we're still trying to find cowboy's here" -N

"So funny" -X

"See? he's filled with nothing but sarcasm" -N

| >>581209
>she lets out a bit of a laugh
"Well it'd be rude for me to upstage you. Hello XII I hope you're doing well too. Hope Cali is doing good as well. You guys still doing that donation thing? I got some savings left."

| >>581210
"Hell yeah we do, I am supposed to advertise about them every few hours but.. eh I've got nothing, I'm just lazy" -N
"Your only job is to remind Cali to do so" -X

>"For everyone listening you can send any donation to account N° XXXX-XXXX-XXX Neil M. We also receive lolicoin now!"

>Neil chuckled right after
"See how I didn't have to do anything? Now doll don't feel obliged to donate if all you got is savings, are you back into professional comedy?" -N

| >>581214
"Yeah, Mr. Imari was thrilled to have me back. And it's fine I wanted to show support for you guys."
>she sends over 1500zenny in to the account

| >>581218
"Well girl we appreciate your help and I would personally assemble you back together if I had to, I still got those tickets you got me" -N

| >>581221
"Heh, thanks. Yeah they'll be good at any point. Hopefully you CN and two others can come soon."

| "I'll try to click him when a date is settled, and just because it's you I promise to arrive with a date that I'm not paying to stay with me, hell you know you just have to say the word and I'll advertise you in here" -N

| (forgot the >>581234 )

| ( >>581225 ***************)

| >>581234
"I'm sure Mr. Imari would appreciate it, heheh."

| >>581242
"So doll, again, I'm happy to catch up with you, your calls are always a glass of water in a desert of ineptitude" -N

"Charming" -X

| >>581892
"heh, I'm sure its not so bad. I gotta go though. Later Neill, say hi to Cali for me!."
>she hangs up after his response


| >>581989
"I will, or will have someone else to do it for me!" -N

>"I.. I heard her, I hear everything all the time"

"Polly wolderstein everyone, 60% comedy, 40% precious scrap keeping all that funny together! You heard her here in Radio wire" -N


| >>580578
"Well, I don't think this time there will be anyone to grab onto bullshit to wiggle their way out of this mess," — >JK's tone grew darker. What followed was the sound of a zipper bag being opened and something plastic being tossed on the table,
— "Check out these pics. Those burned slabs of plastometal, you can see a few poking from the ground, is how the orphanage looks now."

| >>583134
"Man they sure didn't intend on leavin' any clues, when did all this happen? I know you can't burn a place down *that* much in a day or two, and thinkin' now how long they've been operatin' to end it like that.." -X

| >A call comes through the dial on 515-XXXXX, the business line.

| >>583599
>'R' picks up line '515'
"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire's business line, privacy is guaranteed as well as a good deal, what can we help you with?" -R

| >>583365
"From what it looks like, it was at least half a year ago. Needless to say, supplies are still being shipped. On the papers it is supposed to be functioning like normal." — >JK rustles again,
— "If you look here, however, it doesn't look like the shutdown was voluntarily. You can see the spent casings in the lower left corner, that's where the holes on that wall overthere come from. There was a struggle when the orphanage was burned down, and a major one at that."

| >>583622

>You can hear a girl's voice come through.

"Uh, hi! Yes, hello! Uh, my name is...actually, you don't really need that, let's just say I'm with...uh..."

>A rifling of papers could be heard.

"Shit, what name did I come up with...uh...here! Oh, here! I'm with...Devil's Due Productions! We're a small film company, and I'd like to get an advertisement out for my new movie, Zombie Clown Apocalypse: THE HONKENING! In the far future, who can you trust, and who must you HONK?!"

| >>583895
"well when ya' find bullet holes in a fuckin' orphanage you know they can't be doin' anythin' good" -X

"really? of everything he said it's the bullet holes what perked you up?" -N

"ah' mean.. everythin' so far's been standard stuff for shady business" -X

"And burning orphanages?" -N

"Pretty standard yeah.." -X

| "ANYWAY, ya' mention now how they keep gettin' supplies, and ya' mentioned how delivering addresses kept changin', did ya' find any final destination to all this mess? Or where the alleged supplies are being shipped from?" - X

| >>584099
"That.. Is quite the title I must say, I figured someone was going to make profit out of this clown thing.. We can help you out with that, and I'm sure a movie producer can pay good to announce such an.. Err.. Original production" - R

>"Can't sleep? H&S has the best psychology chips in the market! Not only you choose when to sleep but you can also choose how many hours! More info coming soon to your friendly nearby Bazar thread!"

| "Man I love saturdays, you can sit on your ass all day with no calls incoming and still call it work" -N
>"Is it Saturday already?"
"I don't know, I just think they're neat" -N


| >>584834
>JK shaking head is almost audible:
"Nah, it's an almost perfect perpetual cycle. Gave me a bit of an existential crisis when I was going through the papers, hell, even Merlin took a double take when I asked him to look through the documents. You know, just to make sure I'm not going batshit insane."

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