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(Setting/bar)The hazy moonlighter Pt.2

| >the moonlighter is still in full swing
>to give a rundown
>gem is singing and everyone is in a simulation of a fantasy town
>cassius and CN are trying to figure out how to fix a plant girl
>uni,maria and chisa are enjoying the show i think

>and red is screaming
>into the sky as we faded to black

| (In response to Cass)
"Yeah. it would really be something if we ran into each other again somehow. I'm just worried that she might want her arm back"
>Liz laughs and lets out a small sigh
"The world is pretty small. Who knows what will happen."

| >Impulse is still laughing and rolling on the floor
"Oh I'm laughing so much it hurts, it hurts so much"
>He say as he recover from his laughing

| (Gah, sorry for the inactivity.)

"My, I was hazed. I didn't notice we have knights here."

> Uni walks closer to the two men after giving the show much attention.

"One taken hostage by the show, I see."

| >>569551
"That is some elaborate special effects..."
>CN says, dropping the heavy soil on the floor.
"Never again..."
>He mumbles

| >>569578
>a moment passes
"Hey, i got stuff to do.
Tend to the counter will you?"
>he dissapears to the back room

"Alright ready in three, two, one"
>he turns on the UV lights

| >>569626
Yeah sure. No problem.
>Liz hops the counter

| >>569626
>CN makes sure the gas mask is tightly on

| >>569632 >>569626
>The effect is far from immediate. About ten to fifteen minutes passes, when natural luminescent glow begins to return to the girl's epidermis and golden garden flowing from her head. However, none of the flowers bloom, the 'dryad' as motionless as before. Only now do you realise, that you haven't seen her breathe yet — perhaps the answer to her muteness?

| >>569727
Now that i have a proper look at it, it doesn't seem to be breathing..
Do you think it needs to breath?
Maybe it doesn't have lungs"
>he just looks at it like a curious doggo

| >>569830
"Maybe she needs water?"

| >>570092
"Welp, time to run a checklist"
>he pours some water on the girl

>if there is no reaction thenhe takes the bag of manure and a large plastic box
>flips it sideways and puts the girls legs in it
>then pours the soil in
>dont want to make a mess after all

>if nothing happens then he takes out one of those oxygen mask things and needed equipment and gently
>G E N T L Y puts it on the girk

| >Almost everything is normal for Impulse and Redford, except a little giggling here and there from Impulse
"Stop laughing, damn it"

"Sorry, sorry"
>Impulse drinks his gut punch

| >>570097
"Do we consider her unbreathing self a problem?"

> After having notice of the store's backroom, Uni entered haphazardly, looking back to see her maid outfit returning to her.

"The dryad—… by happenstance it is closer to a plant than a human, may need more than water or a serving of muck. To start, why would it bloom? A flower only blossom at sight of a pollinator; insects, tiny critters, if you'd like."

| >>570118
"Wha? Oh, hey uni, enjoying the show?"
>he turns back to the girl
"Hmmm but pollination is what got us this problem in the first place i think.

You didn't see earlier?
She let out so much pollen after seeing my bugs that she passed out."

>he ponders
"So its either your theory, lack of nutrition, oorrrr we're all just impatient and need to wait.

Hopefully its the third"
>he chuckles

| >>570121
"Waiting would be the most convenient but when is stuff like this ever convenient."

| >>570121
"The show was beautiful, but I suppose it was tiresome running with a dress. Due pass my admiration to Gemini later."

> She gave a short smile, then paces to the dryad.

"Plants are a being of passing time; I would not strike a blunder if we were to wait for it to wake. Still — what about those whose hands made the dryad? Would they leave it for us to be, letting it grow under our care?"

> Uni murmurs a short 'I doubt it', followed by a head shake.

| >>570134
>'our care'
>he takes this opportunity to tease her
>meh, hes just like that

>but decided against it
"Oh dear? Did i hear that right?~
'Our care'
Oh my, in any other circumstance i would have tried to tease you with that~"
>he chuckles

| >>570137
"Why indeed, you heard my words perfectly. 'Our care' — one of us are bound to shoulder the responsibility of its growth; one, or three."

> Uni seems pleased by the lacking tease, but goes to put a flat, unfazed face regardless.

"Now, what are we to do if someone claims the dryad is their property? By all means, it is not ours either."

| >>570141
"Well im personally not keen on just giving it back considering they liked someone to make it."
>CN quips

| >>570145
"Considerate. I'm delighted by our shared reason."

> Uni's unmoving face was made to smile again, nodding at CN's reply.

"Why, if it has strolled here — despite being damaged, then it must possess a sense of survival, correct? It is sapient; it is willing to live; therefore, a person to be protected.

| >>570148 >>570145
"I suppose the three of us agree on that then."
>he chuckles again
"Hopefully it is resolved without too much trouble However...

Hmmm...hey CN can you remember anything about the stream?"

| >>570156
>He puts his hand to chin
"Well the biggest thing is those fertilizer mixtures and stuff.

| "Enlighten me, as I'm currently unable to watch the creation story of this dryad; how were you two involved?"

> Uni lapses to a hum before she could put her eyes in either of the two.

"—A stream, you mention… was it an interactive one?"

| >>570210
"Yeah....thats all i can recall as well.."

"Oh you want to see the stream?
I can play it on a vir projector if you want"
>a flower manifests in his hand

| >>570213
"Terrific. I may have guesses, but I prefer knowing with careful assessment. If I can witness for myself, that will describe the situation better."

> Without warming her senses, Uni looked ready to receive the cached stream.

"—I duly suspect you two are directly involved, for a good reason."

| >>570215
"Well I was just trying to trace the location..."
>CN coughs

| >>570215
"Yes and no in a way. I feel like the result would have been inevitable no matter what we did"
>a holographic screen pops up in front of you
"Take it as you will...i cannot affect your decisions
I just hope you dont think less of me.."

| > Uni seems to have grasped the situation, but it's difficult to tell from how she frames her serious eyes to the screen — and even after finishing the stream, she kept the same reaction throughout.

"—Hmh. It certainly is no dryad; not akin to the ones I have seen bred before."

> She looks at CN, hearing his cough before her delve into the stream.

"We have their approximate location, correct? Whomever awaits for its growth will sure hex us for the missing report."

| >>570220
"I only narrowed it down to like between two districts, that's still a lot to cover. Though the fact that shes here means it must be close by I suppose."

| >>570223
"Eureka. It cannot be a far distance to eclipse. Knowing that, why hasn't a single head cover the path and come here? If my knowledge of walking plants are to be believed, plants do not stride at a lightning pace."

> Uni left her questions unanswered to herself, now focusing on the dryad.

"Worrying that, the dryad being dormant for long would be a terrible news."

| >>570227
"Not quick indeed. She did fumble here instead of walk if i can remember past the pollen"
>he ponders
"And this bar is situated in a very special spot."
>moar ponder
"Hmmm i suppose i can send a swarm for recon."
(Kinda just waiting on UKT at this point)

| >>570230
"I prohibit your plan. Our focus shall be to deny this area and guard the dryad. We are already beyond the reasonable time to retrieve information; I fear if we raise anymore attention, we will attain only that: the attention from the headquarter."

> Uni protested against the last idea, with a clear tone she spoke her reason.

"Any attention and they may force us to fight using manpower; of which we are concisely lacking now. We must divert and keep eyes on what we have."

| >>570234
"Hmmm...yeah your right
Sorry of im not being useful at the moment, to think of a plan on top of finding ways to wake up the little one is...a challenge.."
>he thinks some more
"At best, the bars turrets, and the vir field can slow any potential threats down... what about an escape route?

Best to worst in the end we seem to be set on denying the creator the girl.

Correct me if im wrong"

| >>570235
"They are not gods. We can deny their ruling as much as we want."

> Uni gave a smirk. A very visible smirk that lasted briefly.

"You will be more than informed regarding escape routes. I am the worst in class when geography is tested."

> She sighed, looking back at the dryad.

"Our only goal is to contain the possible threat and protect the dryad. Any defence, any means of retaliation — those we can consider."

| >>570236
"Yeah i can agree to that."

>he smirks
"Annnnd also"
>he stomps his feet on the ground a few times

>then a large sum of hidden doors make themselves known
>2 on different parts of the floor
>on on the ceiling
>and another 2 in the walls
"Pick your poison when it comes to running.

I honestly dont know why or how those are here but they are.

The owner of this place as some stories to tell me if i ever meet him..."
>he ponders and returns to the girl

| >>570097 >>570238
>It takes... Awhile. Be the reason slow rate of metabolism in the plant girl, or sleepiness of a being far beyond fourth wall.
>The first sign of change comes with a barely audible pop, as a tiny cyan root grows through the plastic box with a gentle strength of a flower growing through asphalt.
>Then buds dotting the vines on her limbs twitch and begin opening up one by one, with delicate small white flowers within.

| >The final one to open is the large amber orchid on girl's head, although it takes another ten minutes for it to bloom. As the flower petals spread, the plant girl eyelids twitch ever so slightly, and open. Hazy, octagonal amber irises start to move, trying to take in girl's surroundings. However, the 'dryad' herself makes no effort to move her body or even turn her head to get a better field of view.

| >>570257 >>570258
"Ih shit shes awake.
Guess it was the third possibility"
>he leans into her line of sight
"Hello there, have a nice nap?"
>he puts a glass of water nearby for her

| >>570259
>Her pupiless eyes drift slowly to the glass, but that is the only reaction she seems to exhibit. On the plus side, it doesn't seem like she is gonna start releasing thick veils of pollen any time soon — although the fresh, sweet scent of flowers already fills the room. On the minus side, it appears that you're back to square one.

| "Cassius, are you able to procure any bug-like critter?"

> Uni asked with a strangely determined voice.

"—We are at a safe state to freely experiment to find its liking. We must not repeat what failed before, lest a slumber fell again."

| >>570272
"Robotic or fleshy?
Itll take a sec but i can get both"
>he scrounges around some boxes

| >>570274
"Either should do well."

> Uni replied, eyes not-so-discreetly at the dryad.

"I have a theory to strengthen."

| >>570313
"Both it is then"
>he peeks out the door
"Hey frankkk? Wheres that bettle you had?
I need to borrow it"

"Its in my locker why?"

"Nothing i just want someone to see it"


>he then heads to a locker and voila there it is
>a stag bettle

>then the robotic ladybug returns and flies to your palm

| >>570384
"Where did you just have a stag beetle here?"
>CN asks, his expression clearly concerned even behind the mask

| >>570385
"I dunno. Apparently frank likes to collect bugs.

You should have seen gems face!"
>he chuckles
"I swear that on has the heart of a child'

| "…Bug-collecting will be a pleasurable summer activity. Duly noted."

> Uni takes the two insects and approaches the dryad with it. She puts the robotic ladybug on the dryad, but kept the beetle on her hand — pointed at the idle dryad.

"Arise, dryad; these are two creatures with which I will need your sentiment on."

| >>570396
>Plant girl's amber eyes switch to the robotic bug first as it enters her field of view, and she moves her head the first time since waking up to keep track of it, as the drone is placed on her frame. Buds within the luminescent gold of leaves composing her hair begin to sprout and bloom, pollen rising in the air slowly.
>Then her eyes catch the stag beetle on Uni's hand and the 'dryad' fully blooms.

| >Her octagonal irises dart back and forth between two bugs, a barest hint of excitement showing up on her face for the first time — epidermis on her cheeks taking onto a darker, deeper shape of glowing cyan. With these changes comes the veil of pollen, which begins to fill in the air with its deep, rich, sweet scent.

| >>570400
>CN backs up to give the pollen a wide berth.

| >>570400
"Quod erat demonstratum."

> Uni left the stag beetle to reside on the dryad, hoping much on the beetle's behaviour to be controlled.

"What we have done have made it pollinate finely. It reserves activity even after releasing its pollen."

> She made her eye glows, seemingly having the eye record what she said.

"—And pardon the pollen. I did not expect for it to release this many again."

| >cass coughs a bit
"Ahh, how could something so nice smelling be so horrible..."
>then puts a mask on

>the bugs kinda just sit there
>the real one looking at the bot all confused

| >The plant girl seems transfixed on both bugs, as the pollen keeps clouding the room. However, the longer her pupiless eyes linger on the robotic compatriot of the stug beetle, the more subtle excitement in her gaze seem to transform into confusion, as if it acted in a way that did not match whatever expectations could be coursing through her mind – if she really has one.

| >>570413
"Cassius, do you have any control over the robotic bug? Let it hover away if you do."

> Uni noticed the change in emotion swiftly, prompting her to put own her look of confusion as well.

| >A man enters the bar, wearing some kind of coat, one of his sleeves seems empty while the other has a crutch sticking out of it.
>His green eyes scan the surroundings before he spots the plant girl and gives an audible sigh
>He had finally made his way out of the thalamus and yet he still had to deal with weird shit, fantastic
>He takes a seat at the bar

| >>570414
>he whistles and it floats back to unis hand

(Its in a backroom at the moment.
I suppose you can see it if you move to a sweet spot or something.
Otherwise its obscured from the patrons)
>frank bows as you enter
"Hello sir and welcome to the moonlighter"

>you walk inside to see a
>sprawling fantasy towns clocktower square?!?!
>you look down and see your clothes changes into something medieval
>and you hear a girls singing

| >How the plant girl gets spotted through the wall between the bar and the backroom is a mysteri of its own.

| >>570416
>VR clothes, amazing, even Burrow wasnt this batshit.
>The man gives a nod, his headache becoming worse and worse with every second
"Just give me vodka anything, I had a rough day"
>Rough was putting it lightly.

| >>570416 >>570414
>The 'dryad's eyes open wide as the bug flies in no direction other than away from her, her pollen filling the air in the backroom, every single one of the flowers dotting her body and the garden of golden leaves in full bloom. As it lands on Uni's hand a strong, clear emotion arises in plant girl's eyes for the first time — and that is one of loss, her face changing to a pained expression of a person betrayed for the first time in their life.

| >>570419
>frank nods
"I see"
>and serves up a bottle of russian potato juice
>not even asking for an ID this time

"Hey liz, this might be good practice!
Mind taking over this one?"

| >>570422
>The man nods, and drinks the glass in one fell swig, yep that stings the throat all right.
"Another one"
>He says with a rough voice

| >>570423
"Well damn"
>he looks impressed
>and slightly scared
>but mostly impressed
"Coming up"
>and soon after another bottle is served

| >>570421
> Uni takes the bug from her hand closer to the dryad, encapsulating it with her fingers — not revealing it to clearly tease an emotion.

"You are communicating, dryad."

> She wholeheartedly smiles.

| >>570428
>This smile eludes the plant girl's however, as seem Uni's words. Her entire world seems to be located behind the barrier of fingers, and that world is full of desperation and confusion. Octagonal amber irises dart to the stag beetle, and then back to where the robotic bug should be, entire flurry of emotions deep within her pupiless, hazy eyes slowly forming into a single, all-encompassing, pained 'why'.

| >>570430 >>570428
"Hmmm let me try something~"
>he makes a clenched fist with his hand
>and hovers it in front of her face
>and opens it to the lady bug
>or rather a Completely identical one

| >>570431
>Which leads to the 'dryad' immediately locking her eyes on the second bug, clearly cut expression of desperation in her eyes. Pollen veil becomes so thick, it's difficult to even see in the room. Girl's hand extends towards the bug in open, inviting gesture — one that feels less like a conscious invitation and more like an extention of her desire, craving for something in her very nature.

| >>570432
>he places the bug in her hand
"Ahh damn pollen..!"
>then starts a fan to hopefully vent the pollen outside a window or something

| >She stops moving entirely the moment the bug is placed in her hand, and for a moment a hint of expectation rises in her eyes — only to start drowning in pain again as the bug sits there, unmoving.

| >>570434
"Hmmm? Do you wish to play?"
>he makes it do a flip
>all the while the biological one kinda just walks around

| "Charming. It is a child, after all."

> Uni's hand was left open, revealing the bug in her hand that she let flutter about.

| >>570435 >>570436
>But the pain in the plant girl's eyes still remains — until they widen one more time and lose all expression altogether. Her gaze fixed on the drone in her hand, she turns her palm — first clearly conscious gesture from her — letting the robotic bug to fall down and strike the floor.
>As she observes the obvious lack of reaction from the false insect, she curls up, hiding beneath the length of her golden leaves, her face looking as if on the verge of tears.

| >But no tears come from her extremely lonely, octagonal amber eyes.

>(Achievement unlocked: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!)

| >>570438
"Uhhhh sorry sorry sorry sorry!
>oh no that was unexpected
"Uniiiiiiii hellllppp"
>he thinks of a way to calm her down

"Uhh...plant....uh forest....uh natural things braiiiinnn workkkkkr"
>then he thinks some more for he was taken of guard and cannot think well for a second

"Uuhhh animal?"
>he extends an arm
>then a snow owl appears from the window and rosters itself on his arm
>they exchange looks and the owl moves in front of tge girl

| >>570439
(In full honesty, ive been waiting for a chance to use the owl)

>somewhere beyond the 4th wall somebody is googling how to delete achievements

| >>570440
"I would have conjured a more ingenious idea, but you have outpaced me."

> Uni exhaled her breath, the pollen grains fly scattered as she does so.

"We have been showcased a howitzer of emotions from the dryad, so—"

> She reaches her hand out to brush the golden leaves, seemingly trying to tenderly caress the dryad.

| >>570440 >>570442
>Two octagonal irises, with pain etched deep inside, peeking through the garden of luminescent gold is the only answer to their actions. What happened is likely to leave
a major impact >on the plant girl's personality.

| >>570446
> Uni returns the eyes' gaze with her own, one glowing with a spike of doubt at first, but an apologetic look seconds later.

> She quiets down, but her hands kept much of the same action — maybe slower, even. Her lips forms a constant, yet short smile; easing herself in the process. Through her, not a single word was spoken.

| >The man at the counter is now well into his second bottle, and his face is a mix of annoyance and bitterness, he sneezes
"Damn allergies and here I thought there wasn't any pollen in this hellscape"
>He sneezes again
"Fuck me, this day keeps getting better now doesn't it"

| >>570446
"Uhhh, gamma, act cute..?"

>its a flesh and blood owl, and quite cute at that
>it kinda just snuggles the girl in an attempt to cheer it up

"Hard day of work?"
>the tender turns on a fan to blow away the pollen a bit

| >>570450
"If by tough work you mean sifting through bullshit, watching some poor sod almost die in a ditch and having to cut my own arm for reasons best left undisclosed than yes, its been a hard day"
>He takes another swig and narrows his eyes
"Now that I'm saying it out loud this sounds so fucking edgy, jesus"

| >>570451
"That sounds horrible.
Ouhh i get it, you are an actor?

Must be some craaazzzy movie you guys are filming"
>the bartender makes an attempt at humor

| >>570448 >>570450
>Plant girl's eyes close, and so do the flowers covering her. Golden leaves, which tickle Uni's hand slightly, hide most of her form. The 'dryad's luminescent glow becomes fainter, but does not faint completely. Curled up like this, she resembles a small bush more, than a human. A small piece of nature not meant to be in the city it was born into.

| >>570454
> Uni takes her hand away, gesturing Cassius to fall back and leave the dryad alone.

"We can't win; let us recuperate."

> She takes the stag beetle from the dryad's leaves, and put it where her hand was. Taking a step behind, she turns to Cassius, but spoke nothing.

| >>570455
"...i got nothing...
Although i feel like she wont like anything artificial now"
>he laughs rather panicked
"And gamma isnt really helping..."


> picks up his pet owl and places it on his shoulder

"Anyone else got a bright idea?"

| "A plan is neither here nor there; concocting one is similarly futile."

> Uni spoke with a soft voice.

"Unless we learn to communicate with it, there isn't any word that will reach it."

> Her long, drawn-out breath was predictably coming as soon as she takes a look back at the dryad — her eyes could only avert from its state now.

"It's unfortunate that I don't speak to plants."

| >>570422
"Of course."
>Liz grabs her bag and pulls out a bartending license of hers. As she does this a bunch of licenses ranging from a pilots license to a forklift license fall from her bag. She picks them all up and puts the bartending license behind the counter
"What would you like me to do?"

| >>570453
"Sure lets go with that, I was after-all something like an actor once"
>The man shrugs and empties his glass
"You got any gin?"

| >>570459
"Just help me out on the bar.
Im starting to run out of conversation starters haha!"
>of course that was a joke
>but frank really needs help
"Might as well get you acquainted with the customers.

This lad here >>570460 asked for a spot of gin
Should be on the third shelf"

"Yep. Im Definitely useless here.
Unless it learns french haha!"
>he ponders

"You got any ideas geeky?"

| >>570461
"Oh alright. That's easy enough."
>Liz pulls the gin off the shelf and pours some into a glass. She then shelves the bottle
"Here you are, sir."
>She slides the glass of gin to the man
"An actor, huh? Have you been in anything I might have heard of?"

| >>570463
>He takes the glass with a nod, and a chuckle, been a while since he got called sir
"Well, I wont put a lady on the spot and ask her age, but most younger people haven't heard about me"
>He says simply, he doesn't look old at all though

| >>570464
"It's not really putting me on the spot I would say. As a lilim my body doesn't exactly reflect my age. My mental age is 26 while my physical appearance is around 21 or 22. And you would be surprised. I have seen countless films. Many more than I care to admit."

| >>570456 >>570457
>CN sighs, seemingly playing with his phone as one of his drones comes through the window.
"Don't you two see it? Shes releasing pollen and the bugs arent reacting how she wants. She probably wants a pollinator, not just any old beetle."
>He carefully approaches the plant girl now that some of the pollen has dissipated, and opens the drone, taking out a small see through plastic container with a few butterfly's inside. He opens the container near her to let the butterfly's act according to the their instincts with the pollen.

| >>570478
"Ah. A stag beetle prefers to scrape wood, not nectars. Blunder."

> Uni was quick to respond to the drone, and to the butterfly released after the drone's appearance.

"Though, I was not expecting us to have a cache of butterfly either. I was aware of the pollen, but I had not given to the idea of a naturally occurring pollinator here."

| >>570481
"It... took some time. I'll say that much."

| >>570485
"I have faith in your contacts, CN."

> Uni watches for the butterfly, not willing for it to escape elsewhere until it has served its purpose.

"I wonder… a flower pollinates as a mean to reproduce, but where would the dryad find a compatible partner to do so? Neither of us see walking plants every waking moment, correct?"

| >>570486
"Who knows, perhaps she is capable of self pollination? It's not ideal genetically in the long term but as far as we know that's all shes got for now. Unless whoever made her plans to make several. By the way I suggest removing the beetle in case it does scrape her wood, the last thing we need is her distrusting us more."

| >>570489
> Hearing the word self-pollination made Uni flinch, getting her to stagger before she picks up the beetle.

"I wouldn't worry. The beetle takes nutrient from decaying wood and fresh fruit; neither I see here. Regardless, with how sensitive it is, any precaution is a good idea."

| >>570491
"Exactly, the last thing is we need is making a new problem. We still don't know the extent of her abilities and I figured butterflies were a safer alternative than bees."

| >>570466
"Is that so? Well I still doubt you would have, after-all I was never a star or anything"
>He sips his glass and then gives the bartender a straight look and a cocked eyebrow
"but 26 huh? Dang wish I was still that young"

| >>570492
"I am glad you didn't choose anything that has the capacity to sting."

> Uni taps the beetle on her hand, forgetting to enclose it in her fingers to prevent it from disrupting the butterfly.

"I understand its distrust, but we can still make amends. After all, not every parental relationship passed with beautiful colours."

| (I was toooootaly not taking a nap)
>cassius gets to closing any windows and doors that may or may not be open
>that way the butter flies dont escape
"I hope this works..."

| >>570495
"I cannot comprehend why it wouldn't work."

> Uni hands out the beetle to Cassius, hoping it would not fly and scatter the situation around.

"—But what knowledge do I possess here?"

| >>570497
>he puts it back inside the box in franks locker
"Who knows? Im certain it will but-
Perhaps a string of bullshitingly unlikely events will occur turning the plan to mush.
I hope not"
>he doesn't chuckle this time
"Noo sorry im just paranoid...first few ideas didn't and i just wanted to be cautious this time."

>then heads to the bar quickly to get a drink while waiting for a reaction

| >>570499
> Uni chuckles, trying to lighten the atmosphere. She brushes her own hair, letting pollens float the room again.

"I suppose fear does happen as a parent, hm."

| >a light whirring sound can be heard towards the entrance of the bar, eminating from outside.

>Soon, it dissapates, as John walks in to the place, wearing a suit and a plate carrier and sidearm under the suit jacket.

>John takes a seat at the bar, flagging down the bartender.

| >>570493
"Who knows. Could have been my favorite show or something."
>She opens a can of ginger ale and takes a sip
"You don't seem to be that old. May i ask how old you are if 26 seems young?"

| >>570511
"Well, Last time I ever paid attention to my age I was just about forty eight"
>The man says, but he looks no older than 22

| >>570510
"Hello and welcome to the Moonlighter"
"Do you have some sort of implants that make you look younger, or?"

| >>570514
"Well, something like that"
>He says with a sigh
"Not that I ever truly wanted it to start off"

| >>570514
"Just a weak rum and coke. I don't want it to interfere with the morphine too much."
>John lazily slides a cred stick out of his jacket pocket.

| >>570515
"How did you get it then?"
"Alright. Coming right up."
>She mixes his drink and slides it to him
"You sure this is a good thing to do with morphine?"

| >>570524
"No, which is why I'm asking for a weak drink."

| >>570524
"Lets just say I met a very pushy person"
>The man finishes his drink
"I'll have the same thing as the guy who look like he gives doctors a lot of problem"
>He says, pointing to john
"But make mine half and half"

| > The entrance of the bar greets a new patron. A woman dressed a casual, feminine clothes, and she seems to be looking for someone before she takes a seat.

> She gave the bartender a holler.

| >>570531
>John eyes the man who pointed at him, and the man can now see clearly, that John's face is covered in little scratches and injuries.

"It's rude to point."

>He says sternly.

| >>570534
"Well excuse me then, I tend to be a bit ruder than most, a bad habit I picked up"
>The man smiles, and shrugs with his one arm
"But even then am I wrong?"

| >>570529
"Coming right up"
>She mixes his drink up. Half rum, half coke.
"Here you are"
>She slides it to him across the counter
"Hello and welcome to the moonlighter!"

| >>570537
>John simply sighs.
"Saying that you are rude as an excuse to be rude just makes you an asshole."

| >>570540
"One beer, on the rocks."

> She gave her order straight away.

"And you wouldn't happen to see a cosplayer here, running around with a gun and a maid dress, would you?"

| >>570544
"Well I never said I wasn't"
>He takes a swig of his drink

| >>570546
"Coming right up"
>She mixes up the order and slides it over the counter
"I can't really say that I have personally. Frank or Cass might have though. Unless you mean Gem, that is"

| >frank bows to all the new patrons
"Hello all and welcome to the moonlighter"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"
>he begins wiping a glass

"Pffftt how cheesy."
>you get a chuckle

| >>570554
"Oh, hey Frank. You were so silent that i kinda forgot you were there."
>She takes a drink from her can of ginger ale

| >>570552
> The woman lifted the glass, set a 'Cheers' and set to finishing the entire drink in one gulp. Which she did, very quickly.


> A small hiccup sound came from her.

"Where's she?"

| >>570560
"No i am a gooooooossssttttttt
Nah just kidding, while you were dealing with people i went to get groceries.

And let me say, gems right, those lines are evil..."
>he shudders a bit

"In the back with cass and that other guy.
Something about a beetle.."

| >>570562
"Great. I sent her here and now she's playing summer camp."

> She takes her glass and slides it to be refilled.

"Make that light now. I have work tomorrow."

| >>570565
"Ahehe? Alrighty well uh coming right up"
>he refills the drink
"Should i get her miss?"

| >>570566
"No. Leave her. She hasn't responded to my mails, so I reckon she might be in trouble. If she isn't, then she's probably out daydreaming about."

> This time, the woman didn't empty the glass in one go. She traces the edges of the glass while scanning the bar.

"It's-a bit quaint here. I like it."

| >>570550
>John sighs, mumbling something about 'kids these days.' and takes a sip of his drink.

| >>570570
"Oh yeah, thinking about it, theres a long story about this bar.
I never really get the chance to tell it all to much though.."
>he raises his head a bit as if thinking or rather remembering

>then gem pops her head having finished her song
"Tell us a story frankie!"

| >>570572
>The man just shows a smug smile before throwing back his drink and emptying its contents in a single go
"... Yep I'm feeling that one jesus"

| >>570573
"Guess I have time. I've got nothing for at home. I'll listen to your campfire story."

> She takes a sip of her drink while overhearing the patrons she ignored.

| >>570573
"I'm interested as well."
>Liz finished her drink and puts the can in her bag

| >>570573
>John raises an eyebrow, in interest of hearing the story.

| >>570576 >>570577 >>570587
"Oof, guess i gotta tell it then.
Although its not that interesting i feel.."
>he clears his throat and readies to tell the tale

"Soo to start off, the building is owned by a a certain man, that man being my boss of course.

What is his name? It was reggie.

Now then reggie is a man in a around his fifties ish.

And strange enough as it is, ive only ever seen him a few times.

| He has greying black hair and would wear a vest and fedora like ones of those 40s gents.
And his smile still seemed really youthful

Hes retired mind you, and let me say the guy earned it. Ive never had a nicer boss.

Soo the building was owned by his grandpa back in the day.

And some crap happened with his dad going into debt.
Had to pay for his wifes medical bills and such

| Stuff happened and Eventually they took the bar.

Heres the catch, he loved this bar.
It was a part of his life for as long as he could remember.
He would tell me how he would help out when he was in school back when i asked him to tell me the story same as you guys

So you know what this guy does?
He buys the bar back!
Of Course, ol reggie is from a normal family, there was no way he could just buy it just like that!

| So you know what this Glorious mofo does?
He does the hustle is what!

In order to pay for the bills until the place could support it self again

Old reggie, this guy would work 8 different jobs!
8! I know right! It was crazy.

So this dude in his friggin twentysomethings would juggle between his day job and would *moonlight* a different depending on the day of the week.

Of course thats pretty tiresome right?

So like in his poisoned youth or whatever he would cope via drugs

| Nothing to bad mind you, just a roll of weed when the situations was *way* to annoying.

Eventually he started going to the night jobs semi high. So he would run deliveries or man 24/7 store counters kinda in a *haze*

Eventually the bar picked up again due to the good location and word of mouth.
After all, a lot of people say its a chill place.

And somewhere along the lines he renamed it the hazy moonlighter in honor of his escapades to get it back

| And thats the story!
Whaddya all think?
Pretty interesting huh?"
>he laughs as he had fun regailing the tale

"Woaaahhhh">gems eyes just liht up in child like wonder
"He would make a crazzzy grandpa"

"Yes he would gem."

| "Reggie is my spirit animal. Guy must have a knack for sentimentality."

> Throughout the story, the woman took a few sips in. She was ingressed in the story.

"Gotta' say, that was a good one. Makes me think the bar has a soul in it, ya-know?"

| "Huh, that's a hussler if I ever heard one. Where is he at now?"
>John takes out a cigarette case, marked with masking tape

>"Left-handed only"

| >>570606
"Yeah, if this counter could speak."
>he chuckles and cleans it
"Phew, it could tell a tale better then i ever could"

"Oh, his wife made it so his living his retirement in Ireland.
Last i heard hes getting grandkids soon.

Around once a month ish he comes over to check up on things.
That and deliver some genuine irish guinness."
>he shakes his head
"We ran out of the Guinness a while ago so hes yet come come again.
Were expecting him soon though"

| >>570614
"Damn shame, would have been nice to have a smoke with him."
>John pops open the cigarette case, and a very >>>pungent smell eminates from it...

| >>570605
"Sounds like a helluva guy. I feel like we should do a toast to him after that story."

| >>570478
>A pair of amber eyes watches the butterfly from within the bush of gold, and soon enough pain is making way for excitement in her expression. Finally seeing something familiar in the hostile, alien world of the city, something that she understands is acting as it should sets the 'dryad' at ease. She blooms, again, but this time another burst of pollen doesn't follow.

| >>570698
>The butterflies flutter up to the flowers to do their pollinator business as CN carefully watches. He waits for a deep moment, but when no pollen comes he slowly takes off the mask and grins at her
"Well I think this is a good sign..."

| >>570709
>It takes a long time for a change to manifest, and it is not exactly an expected change either.
>After a dozen or so minutes, flowers dotting the 'dryad's body start withering off. But this time hybernation doesn't follow.
>On the opposite, plant girl's amber, hazy eyes clear up. She begins to rise up on the table for the first time, now clear octagonal irises taking in her surroundings.

| >>570717
"Uh... what?"
>CN crosses his arms in confusion, looking at the girl as she undergoes the changes.
"I think she can see better? Was the pollen or nectar or something blinding her?"
>He gives her a small wave

| >>570727 >>570717
"Did you notice it as well? Its eyes are not as foggy as it was before."

> Uni was too immersed in seeing the slight, but perceptible transformation — only asking question after she has fully accepted what new changes there are.

"—What were the purposes of those flowers?"

| >>570728
"That's what I just said... but your guess is as good as mine. I'm just hypothesizing based off my observations."

| >>570732
"At the very least it isn't bundling its sorrow in one place—… let us save the questions until it is able to communicate, hm?"

> Uni's delicate smile shows when she watches the dryad, and it doesn't seem she is changing her emotion anytime soon.

"I wonder what it is capable of in that regard — communicating, that is."

| >Finished with observing her surroundings, the 'dryad' tries to sit down on the table... only to fail immediately, unable to move her legs. With a look of confusion she turns to the improvised plastic pot her feet are put into, and tugs once again, trying to get her legs out of the soil — only to fail again. It takes her three more attempts to apparently realise how futile her actions are, and turn her head to the people around, followed by a slight tilt, her amber eyes wide open.

| >>570605
>The man nods
"Sounds like a fella I once knew, good story tender"
>He pushes his glass up
"Another please"

| >>570793
"Guess she doesnt need the soil."
>CN bends down and uses his hands to dig her out of the soil

| >>570814
>Digging away the soil reveals a small network of fragile little roots sprouting from the plant-girl's feet. Her octagonal eyes keep watching CN throughout the whole time, this small act of help leaving a permanent effect on her personality, for better or worse.
>Freed from her 'anchorage', the 'dryad' sits up right on the table, her gaze moving slowly from objects and people in the room to the batterflies around her in perpetual loop.

| >>570829
"Hmm... well shes mute so normal language isnt going to work... maybe we can try and teach her sign language? I know enough of it for communication purposes but teaching it will take time."

| >>570839
"Leave it to me."

> Uni repeats what she said with her hands, perhaps jarringly too fast at that.

"When it is needed, I have mastered the language and several of its variations."

> 'I', 'can do', is what she then says.

| >John lights up the "left-handed" cigarette, smoking it slowly, before he begins coughing from the harshness of the smoke.

"Bartender, *cough*, can I get a pint of water?"

| (Wahh had to sleep early.. sorry)
"Hmmm nothing is going wrong so far...
This seems good...
Go for it uni!"
>he cheers, exited at the prospect of progress

>frank slides over a glass of water, nice and cold

"Cheers then!"
>he slams down some Gatorade
>where did he get that?

| >>570852
>And earns the plant-girl's signature blink as a reward for her effort.

| >>570856
"Nevermind it failed!
Uuhmmm anything else?

Oh! Its a plant...maybe i can teach it the language of flowers.

It honestly dont think it will work but who knows?"
>he stands in front of the girl
>kneels down
>and offers her a single white rose

| (>>570857 am I correct to assume the rose is cut off?)

| >>570857 >>570856
"Let's not make haste. I haven't taught it any words, and all it sees would be gestures."

> Uni didn't retry, but instead wait for the response from Cassius' attempt.

"—And… I was not aware of flowers speaking a language to human."

| >>570858
(Nope its a rose with its stalk or whatever its called and all.)

| >>570860
(Geh stem rather, autocorrect..)
"Oh, its a fun little thing i studied when i was young.
For instance, this is a white rose, i brings the meaning of innocence and secrecy. I found it fitting for the little one here no?
>he chuckles

| (>>570860 Nevermind, I meant to ask if it's a stalk with roots, before I remembered that roses are bushes)

| >>570859 >>570861
>Plant-girl's alien eyes fix on the rose, and for the first time she reaches out for the item offered to her, grasping it be the stem just below the flower. She tugs on it, before looking up at Cassius, unable to take it until he lets go.

| >>570862
"Ah by all means"
>he gives a warm little smile and lets go of the rose for her

| >>570854
"Hey, you got Gatorade behind the bar?"
>John says, as he gulps down the water, and continues toking.

| >>570864 >>570865

> Uni tries to contain her amazement, but her face is lucid with joy.

"Does it consider the flower a friend? I would certainly hope so."

| >>570866
"Yeah got some in the mini fridge behind the counter.

Cass and i have been experimenting with it to see if we can make any cocktails"

"Please dont break please dont break.."
>he prays and clenches his butt

| >>570865
>She slowly brings the flower closer to her, running her cyan, luminescent fingers across the length of the stem — earning herself a number of scratches on the flower's thorns — until she reaches the spot at which the stem ends, cut off from the bush. She rests one of her finger on the spot, her eyes fixated on it, and just keeps sitting in that pose.

| >>570877
"Uhhh...that doesn't look good...any ideas?"
>he opens his own locker
>and brings over a small rosebush growing in a pot
"I didn't think id use this other then for my garden.."
>and sets it next to her

| >>570877
"It made itself a rootstock. A welcome for the new friend."

> Uni was more than surprised now, seeing the dryad accepts the flower as part of itself.

"—Perhaps that is what it wants? A friend of similar origin? Either way, I am happy to see it accept the flower."

| >>570881 >>570880
>As Uni finishes speaking, plant-girl lets go of the flower... Only for it to remain in place, connected to her index finger. And then it begins to change. Starting from the point of connection, the stem itself begins to slowly take on a cyan shade, faint glow coming up its length up to the rose. And the rose, previously white, turns amber, like a magic trick.
>Plant-girl herself only continues to observe the changes, no longer moving.

| >>570881 >>570882
"Hmmm you seem to be right."
>he just watches and waits

| >>570875
>You can how much redder John's eyes have gotten. Not by much, but you can tell.

"Yeah, I'll have a Gatorade then, please."

| >>570884
"Color preferences? If not heres a blue"
>and dips under the counter for a second then slides over a blue Gatorade

| >>570885
"Okay, excuse me for being a spoiled brat without booksmarts, but what is a 'Gater-Raid'? It's got to be one of those BTC drinks, isn't it?"

> The woman said after slowly sipping her drink.

| >>570886
"Wha? Uh no its a sports drink.
Full of electrolytes and stuff, to you know, refresh the athletes and stuff.
Comes in a lot of flavors to"

| >>570888
"Electrolytes? Sounds like plant food to me. Yeah, let me have one of them Gater-Bite or what have you."

| >>570883
>The flower only stays this way for a minute, however, as it rapidly begins to wither and decay. Soon, only some of its remains fall off the 'dryad's finger onto her thighs — prompting you to reflexively follow their path to discover a new change in the plant-girl's appearance. Small, thin thorns litter the vines on her limbs and body.

| >>570891
"Sure thing then"
>he slides over another blue one
"I can also serve some of the more successful mixes of you want"

"Ahhh i see...it absorbed it and gained its traits...
Lets see then"
>he gets another flower from his locker
"Here you go little one, a dahlia, one of my favourites"
>he hands it to the girl
"It means to remain graceful, to always be kind, and change in a positive way"

| >>570893
"Cassius, we may have chosen the wrong flower to graft."

> Uni said, emotionally bottling her excitement as she sees the thorns.


| >>570897
"Yes that was less then ideal..i thought it would be an ornament...any suggestions?
We know it takes flowers now, but we need to be careful what.

No telling what will happen..
So i hope this dahlia is harmless.."

| >>570896 >>570897
>And indeed, she takes the flower, and the process repeats itself — with only one minor difference — while newly-absorbed dahlia's stem gains the plant-girl's luminescent glow, it doesn't change it's color, remaining green throughout the whole ordeal. The flower itself, however, takes on the amber color with no difficulty.
>Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem like the 'dryad' appearance changed much. Whatever change, if any, must be internal or yet to be seen.

| >>570900 >>570902
"I am much pleased to see that has brought no strange trait…"

> Uni kept her eyes on the dryad in general, trying to scan any potentially harmful changes the dryad exhibits.

"I know very little of garden plants. What you have in your repository may be better than what I envision."

| >>570902 >>570904
"Huh...must be internal...aside from their beauty dahlias are also edible and have inulin..

Alright, howww about a...Lilly...that should be harmless right?
No wait its poisonous to cats...carnations? No that would bring it diseases...ahh wait no heres one"
>he retrieves a white cammelia flower from his locker
>and offers it
"This is the white cammelia,it means your adorable and can be used in teas and herbs"

| >>570896
"I'm going in raw. If it's good then I'm telling that no good maid to have this nuclear fuel for holidays."

> She takes the blue drink and was confused by the colour.

"Any reason why it's got to be blue? Are they making these from donor blood of androids?"

| >>570911
"Its blue cuz its blueberry flavored miss"
>should you take a sip it taste rather tart, owing much of it's flavor to an icy blue blast of cirtric acid, but the sweeter notes of honey and acai are beyond refreshing.

| >>570912
"'Blueberry', yeah. I'm calling it Cherenkov radiation."

> The woman snickered then takes a small testing sip of the drink. She looks mildly content with the taste.

"Well, wouldn't you know it, it tastes like sweet chemicals to me. Don't know if this washes the beer away."

| >>570909
>The process repeats once again, although this time the period between the connection to the flower and it withering is significantly shorter. And once again, no significant change in appearance is seen.
>Well, almost no change, as attentive eye would surely notice tiny black orbs growing from the spots on the plant-girl's body, where her own small flowers used to be.

| >>570914
"Huh, well would you like anything else then?"

"Uhhh...what are those...oil pods maybe?"
>he leans in closer for inspection
>not touching as to be cautious but looks

| >>570919
"I'm good. I'm not completely hating it, but it's not my cup of water. Feels like I'm being blasted by a lab's worth of ingredients, but it's fine."

| >>570919
>The 'dryad's octagonal irises follow Cassius as he leans in, her head tilting to the side.
>Closer inspection reveals the orbs to be... Berries, or, at least, some sort of a fruit — and a rapidly growing one at that, as them getting ever so bigger in size with every passing moment could be seen with a naked eye. Whether their growth is a natural one, or if these fruits are a biproduct of absorbing one of the flowers is hard to tell.

| >>570925
"Are they… rosehips?"

> Uni also leans close to check the fruits, analysing it whilst giving a long but quiet hum.

| >>570924
"Alright then, if you need anything just call"
>he begins to clean some glasses

"Dont worry i mean no harm..."
>he gives some space but watches closely

| >>570929 >>570930
>Plant-girl's eyes switch to Uni as she leans in, watching in silence. She opens and closes her mouth a couple of times, before taking on a confused expression, tilting her head on the other side. Instead of looking at Uni, she now looks /through/ Uni, occupied with some internal puzzle.
>Upon even closer inspection, rapidly growing fruits reveal themselves to be a rounder and bigger version of mulberries.

| >They stop their growth at 5cm in size each – and with the amount of them, cover a significant portion of the barely four feet tall plant-girl.

| >>570933
"Bizarre. Are you certain we did not grant it the ability to grow mulberries, Cassius?"

> Uni returns to her original position, not willing to disturb the space of the dryad. Though her eyes were still affixed to the berries for a short period of time.

| >>570933 >>570934
>he blinks confused
"It almost looked like it was trying to talk.."
"Cant say we did.. maybe it picked it up on the way here?"

| >>570937
"What sort of god cursed the city with the tainted mulberries?"

> Uni half-jokingly replied, but she attempts to remember whether there were any growing mulberry tree — returning only with an "I'm not sure".

"Did it try to speak, as you said before? I may have missed it."

| >>570938
"Pfff next thing you know it someone is going to barge in and say my mother was a hamster snd my father smelt of elderberries"
>he laughs at the cheeky little french joke

"But Yeah... you didnt see? She kinda just lookes at you then opened her mouth a few times.


>he turns to the girl
>and crouches down
"Can you do that again mon petit?"

| >>570941
"Someone died for the tainted mulberries, hence the question."

> Uni quietly laughed, going back to the dryad to see if it had spoken again.

"Were you able to read what it said? My eyes were scanning the berries. Plants do not grow berries or fruits unless they were to disperse their seeds — therefore, I wonder why it decided to grow them?"

| >>570941 >>570938
>Cassius gets no responce, as the plant-girl seems completely lost in resolving whatever internal conflict has suddenly arised within her.
>What he does get, however, is a mulberry dropping onto his head, as a particularly large one snaps under its own weight and bounces off the 'dryad's bare chest to end up in his hair.

| >>570943
"—Gah, Cassius!"

> Uni was surprised, shocked, and worried at the berry dropping onto Cassius. Her insticts did her in, making her pull Cassius out from the range of the dryad.

| >>570942
"Nope...but it seems conflicted i think.

That or it needs moaaarrr floooowwweeerrrsss"
>he says that last part in a deep monster voice for giggles

>then it drops on his head
Oh huh?"
>he take it off of his head
"You droped this"

>and offers it back to the girl

| >>570947
"Calm down its a tiny berry im fine"
>he chuckles
"Although i did forget that fruits break off of themselves when ripe...my mistake haha"

| >>570949
"Pardon me. My hands moved on their own."

> Uni calmed herself, now back to continuing a sane conversation after being surprised by a berry.

"—You shouldn't give it back, no? Fruits are meant to be taken as a food, but not for the plant. Their worth is as much as a pollen to them."

| >>570947 >>570948 >>570949
>The moment Uni went '–Gah', the 'dryad' blinks, completely ignoring all the events that follow. She opens and clothes her mouth again, blinks...
"hhaH–" — >Her chest heaves up, the plant-girl /inhaling/ air — much to her own surprise, as her eyes widen and she stays in that state, full of air and just blinking within equal intervals. She opens her mouth again, and confusion immediately returns to her face.

| >>570950
"Haha! Once again i find myself in a situation where i feel like teasing.

Shame i cant think of any gags though haha"
>he shakes himself out of it

"But yes, although i want to be cautious, for all we know it might not want it eaten.

If it does ill bake a pie or something.
Maybe feed it to gamma."
>he shrugs

| >>570951
>but then is immediately taken off guard
"Y-you saw that too right?!?"

| >>570951 >>570954
> Uni dropped all of the words piling in her tongue, as she heard what was uttered by the dryad. Her eyes widen, and so did her smile.

"More than witnessing; I heard of its speech."

| >>570955
"It-it can talk..
It can talk!
Uhh wait it seems to still be developing...
What knowledge of plant things to you hold little one"
>he crouchs in front of it again
>and smiles just waiting for it to say hello or something

| >>570955 >>570957
>And gets a second berry on the head, as more and more of them begin to pop off the 'dryad's body, bouncing off her thighs, shoulders and everything, really, only to land up on the floor for the most part.
>The plant-girl, meanwhile, seems more occupied with an attempt to breathe in more than her lungs, or what her alternative to lungs is, can reasonably hold — naturally failing at the task and growing more confused by the minute.

| >>570958
> Uni had to momentarily blink before she can react properly to the sheer amount of berries dropped, with "My—" being the only respond she was able to hold.

"Cassius, you must teach the dryad how to breathe—… and do you need a hand on the berries?"

| >>570958 >>570963
>it took him a solid moment to recover from the suprise and react
"Uuuhh, y-yeah. ill get to it..!
Theres a basket over there can you clean out the berries?"
>he doesn't know what to do However
>does she need oxygen or carbon?
>However there is no time to think as she might be suffocating
Alright Alright its ok its ok breath.
>he inhales
>then exhales
>going through the checklist of how to breath while thinking of what to do

| >>570967
> Uni was quick to react, taking the berries before knowing where the basket is — and she attentively listens to Cassius as he moves to teach the dryad to breathe.


> She sprawls around, trying to find a basket.

| >>570967 >>570968
>However these words don't seem to reach the plant-girl, who seemingly fails to understand the process behind pushing the air out of the body. Given that she did not breathe this entire time, it is unlikely that the 'dryad' is in any danger of suffocating — although it does raise the question of what purpose could the ability to inhale and exhale serve to her — and how she got it.

| >>570968
>you see a wicker basket on the desk
>it looks rather well made

"Wait right you dont understand English...uhhh"
>he thinks for a minute
>how to emulate breathing externally...
>he arrives at a conclusion he was hoping to avoid

"Uhhh do you think CPR will work?
She seems fragile!"

| >>570974
"Point and demonstrate! Be wordless! Be immoderate!"

> Uni loudly declares as she stores the berries in the basket, glancing and taking one to analyse before she returns to the side of Cassius and the dryad.

| >>570975
"Right right sorry ahh!"

>he makes *extra* detailed gestures on how to breath
>opening his mouth and expanding his chest while raising his hand up for 'inhale'
>then deflating and making a breathing out motion while lowering his hand for 'exhale'
>repeating as to be sure

| >>570976
>With roughly the same result, bringing to question how much muscle control — or awareness — or just muscles in general could the plant-girl have.

| >>570978
"Uhhhh uhhh errrrmmm"
>it is good note that he is panicking slightly and his brain no think goo at moment
"I-i dont think she has the muscles to breath.
Uhhh maybe there is a plant or a fruit or something that can give her some?

Or maybe CPR?
Ahhh i dont know...."
>he thinks

| >>570981
"Do you want to progress by pushing its chest?"

> Uni puts the question in a strangely phrased way, and her expression is as confused as her wording.

"Plants do not breathe the same way as you do. I suppose there would not be a plant capable of granting human-like breathing."

| >>570982
"I honestly dont know what to do.
Uhhh lemme google it or something"

>he does the only thing he can do in this situation
>{plants with muscles}
>///result: none

"Well that was dumb...
Uhhh carbon?"
>he turns on the UV lights again
"But how do we get carbon?

Do any of you two have an idea?"

| >>570983
"Five percent of your released breath contains carbon, but prune the idea — carbon inhabits Glitch City as a whole; that may not be the problem."

> Uni tries to take a closer look at the dryad, attempting to piece together the problem it has.

| >>570984
>Closer look doesn't reveal much — one thing is clear, and that is that concept of generating pressure to release inhaled air is one the plant-girl has no idea of.

| >>570989
> Uni puts her hand on the dryad's chest, and her eyes locked to the dryad's own. She puts a slight pressure on it, but not enough to be called a CPR. She watches for any reaction, positive or negative.

| >>570885
"That's the best thing for a smoked throat. Ahh~"
>John finishes his Gatorade.

"Is there something going on in the back? I keep hearing things from there."

| >>571007
"I dunno, i think they're playing with beetles or flowers or something.

My best guess is Cassius is experimenting with bugs and pollen or something"
>he shrugs
"I honestly dont know"

| >>570992 >>570983
"Why don't we slow our roll here for a second?"
>CN interjects
"Shes not gonna die cause she cant exhale, she was fine before breathing, so instead of teaching her, let's think for a second *why* she knows how to now. Its cause something in her anatomy probably changed, due to one of the things you gave her. Cassius you cant just throw drek at the wall and see what sticks, we have to make calculated decisions, otherwise we could be negatively affecting her for all we know, so first thing is let's look up the specifics of what we already gave her, the answers will be there. We cant teach her if we arent aware of the mechanics ourselves."

| >>571008
"Cassius? Man, where have I heard that name..."
>John keeps toking away on his "cigarette".
"Ah whatever, you want some?"
>John holds out the left handed cigarette

| >>571010
"I know i know im sorry...
Im just conflicted, i cant prod further without risking harm..like i pat her on the head and she nearly started bleeding, then theres the fact that even stuff that seemed good at first backfired horribly.

>he sighs
"You got anything?
Even if she didn't need to breath at first who knows now?"

"Uhhh no thanks i dont smoke.
But if a patron is requesting i join the merriment then-"
>he chugs some bourbon

| >>571012 >>571010
"I'm joyful for the discussion, but while we are not sure what it is doing, it is acting confused — and while you two are over an almanac to learn what precisely a rose, a dahlia, and a white camille would do to a humanoid plant; I will be here."

> Uni was not protesting, but her tone goes against her speech.

"Now, I will be most commending if either of you has a knowledge in breathing plants — or why the dryad chose to began circulating air in its body."

| >>571012
"Man, that name... Cassius... Cassius... Who the hell is Cassius, and why is it stuck in my head?"
>John keeps thonking hard, as the bartender chugs the bourbon.
"I'd drink with you, but I don't want to pass out too hard."

| >>571012 >>571015
"Well for now, try using hand motions to illustrate the force you're using on your lungs, maybe it will help, meanwhile let me look up some details on flowers I have on a holobook and online."
>CN takes out his deck and starts looking for related information on the 3 plants the plant girl has 'absorbed'.

| >>571015
"Its because its part human.or it might be i dont know for sure but you saw the stream"
>he ponders again
"And thats why im so put off.
Its both, i dont know if it needs oxygen or carbon.
Does it eat real food or absorb from soil?"

"I dunno maybe you read it in a history book?
Aside from that gem says it openly all the time"
>another chug
>then chuckles at the remark
"Yep, i understand"

| >>571019
>John puts his sidearm on the bar, sliding it towards the bartender.
"You mind holding on to that for me, I got to go take a piss."
>He gets up, and walks towards the bathroom doors, not even bothering to hear what the bartender has to say.

| >>571018 >>571019
"It ignored the soil. It has to breathe, else it will rot; it simply is not breathing by circulating air through a sac, like you humans do."

> Uni said, still with her hand on the dryad.

"Therefore, what amount to breathing it performs will be done to do some other act — it is not breathing, it is accomplishing something else with its action."

| >>571021
"Aye aye"
>he puts it under the counter for safe keeping

"Hmmm lets think...plants dont breathe like humans...
But humans need air for complex speech.
Perhaps thats it?
Its trying to speak but it doesn't have vocal cords"

| >>571023
"How much of the dryad is human? That is beyond my comprehension at the moment. It may not have vocal cords, but it may have a form of lungs — or the other way around."

> Uni shook her head.

"—I will entrust you both into solving the maze."

| >>571023
>John's original intention was to head in to the bathroom, but due to his lack of orientation, head in to the back room...

| >>571027
"Honestly I dont know, the only way for us to find out is to get some data on whoever this, or do some testing on her ourselves, though I wouldnt recommend that until she actually understands that, as she may take obtaining a sample of her as us trying to hurt her."

| >>571041
> Uni nodded in agreement.

"Thus, the need to let it communicate. I agree we must not be hasty, but we will further harm it if we are to be oblivious to its wants and needs."

> Then, by the glimpse of her vision, she brushes to see a familiar figure.

"—By chance, have I happen to found you particularly lost, John?"

| >>571044
>John looks at Uni, then at CN, then to the plant... girl... thing. Then back to Uni.

"...I must be hallucinating. Have you seen the bathroom?"

| >>571045
"I can't particularly say I have. I do agree on the statement you infer; you don't look particularly well."

> Uni pauses, perhaps only now realising how strange a humanoid plant would be if someone were to stumble upon it.

"Don't mind the arcane botanical garden. It is a work in progress."

| >>571047
>John looks at Uni...
"Now you must be just fucking with me. That plant can't be real."

| >>571048
"Oh, you jest. It is a living hallucination, isn't it? Now, I would prefer if you are to awake and not be daydreaming. This dryad is real as either of us."

> Uni's stern voice sounded commanding, but it was holding back a sheer sense of panic.

"All three of us are trying our best to not let it wither or intoxicate itself with what the city offers. Yes, it will be four if you ask more questions."

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