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Random frenchman hands out invitations

| Hello everyone its me that one guy again.

Gems birthday is tomorrow.
And in a stroke of luck, he gets back from that idol training camp tomorrow as well.

Thus i hoped to throw a suprise party for her.

Thus, this is an open invitation to attend.
Just come over before she gets back to help me spook her or after if you just want a fun time.

Although if you come before, i might ask for help Setting stuff up

Anyway, feel free yo drop by

| Just be sure to post it here so i know ahead of time.

| Might drop by if I have time

| Can a nameless-fag like me attend too? I-I just want the cake.

| >>562565
By all means good sir or madam

| Hell yeah party, is it a booze party or a classy party? I know how fancy the french can be. -Big Neil

| >>562572
Oh the radio fellow.
We called your show last week i think.

Feel free to come by.
Cuz its both

| Might as well, I haven't been getting much merry time lately
-Red 9

| >>562581
Oi apologies for that but a dead friend was having a party.
I'll definitely pass by since it's better than working

| >>562596
-Big Neil

| >>562591 >>562536
Didn't notice you lads.
Feel free to then.

Yeah, i think you were replaced.

She seemed nice, it was fun to chat with someone else that knew french

| >>562514
I'd be more than happy to drop by. Hopefully I'll have the old R8 fixed up by then!

| (owo)


| I take it i should formalize it? well, ill be there as we've discussed, preferably before she comes, after all i need some set-up time for what I'm planning. No need to be worried darling its not much i wont make the place clustered.

| >>562694
Hello there lisa, keep this a secret from her if you see her ok? (ゝv・))

>>562718 >>562670
Sure thing girls

Yall come over to the [insert local style directions here] in uptown

(Thats actually a lot more people then i expected
Here ill make the thread now)

| (Rdy
>>/cyb/562769 )

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