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Important Message from Melissa

| Here is that document you asked for ... don't show anyone else ;-)

>>Open? Y/N

| I copy it to a virtual machine and open

| Uh... -CN

| >>561328
>soon opening the list.doc you are greeted with a list of old porn sites and passwords from the 2040's. However a secret link hidden blue hyperlink is listed in the jumble of words listed as 'The Transcript'

| >>561333
>Clicks on the Transcript

| >>561337
The link takes you to a very VERY old angel fire site. Here lays what appears to be a simple text conversation in neon green on a black background, it's a really big strain on your eyes and the text is pretty big.

Melissa: Well? Did you get it?

Frederick: Yeah, I just hope he doesn't bust us y'know?

Melissa: Unlikely. He's across the world practically and that's only if 50 Blessings hires him to take care of us...

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| >>561451
>Page 2
I really hope someone else knows what this thread is about cause this is all new to me. -CN

| >>561452
Quirkenet perhaps?

| No clue, mate. The frederick name seems to ring a bell, but I don't know, probably another guy who I just got confused with

| >>561452

>May 8th 207X

Melissa: Shit, shit shit I think he's fucking dead! Tony blew the building he was in sky high! I think we're safe for now since Blessings is out of guys.

Frederick: Good, I hope so because I just scored! Got a brain and its gonna get us rich!

Melissa: Great! Awe man boss is gonna be ecstatic! I picked up some kidneys after a kid Al and I killed but we had to get out of there before we even got to the brain.

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| >>561493
>Page 3
Hmm... -CN

| >>561493
>scroll to page 3


| ...fucking pink-mohawks-


| >>561502
Pink mohawks? -CN

| >>561506

Shadowrunners who go loud- reaaaaaal loud. Often razorkids. Wearing a bright pink mohawk used to be popular with them.


| May 10th 207X
> Melissa: Hes here Frederick log on.

Melissa: Fred I'm fucking serious long on

Melissa: log on

Melissa: did he get you?

>Frederick logged on

Frederick: who?

Melissa: Fucking Graham! Hes outside my fucking house I saw the God damn rabbit mask.

Frederick: Hes dead, Its those damn pills taking over you again Melissa

Melissa: Its not the damn pills I saw him!

Fredrick: Fine I'm coming over

Fredrick: Melissa?

>Melissa logged off

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| >>561514
Alright last one
>scroll to 4

| >>561516
>The final page is actually a picture and not a real nice one either, a girl has a pickaxe sticking out of her head and she seems to be tangled in computer wires. On the other side a body of a man with a kitchen knife in his chest and his body slumped up against the wall. The files image is titled hesback.jpg.

| >>561522
Jeez... -CN

| >>561522
Oh boy.
Its been awhile since GC had a serial worth mentioning

| Reminds me of the unsolved New Gen Murders that popped off a little while ago

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