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(Setting) The Midnight Drifter

| >It was a bit of a slow night tonight, after everything that had happened and all the turmoil not many would step out of line or go for a drink in the dead of night, most of the Drifter's usual patrons were in the hospital or waiting on news from loved ones, so Emily found herself washing glassware with a single customer, A tall lady with very long black hair and a pair of almost mystic glowing Green eyes
>Another night begins, time to serve drinks and change lives!

| "My life is ready to be changed!"

> A regular enters the bar, having known the place well as to barge in with a loud entrance. A woman, that is, and she carries with her a luggage; of which she stores on her lap after taking a seat in one of the stools.

"Emily, I'll take something different today. No karmotrine or alcohol; and do make it sweet."

> She looks excitable and giddy — ecstatic to a fault.

| >>561220
"Eh? Ah yes!"
>Emily seems surprised by the loud entrance but gets to making a drink for the lady who arrived

| really

| >>561244
"You seem to be out of it. How is business today?"

> She shuffles through her pocket, taking out a piece of paper and a pen. She scribbles out a line, then began writing something else.

"Let's see—… no Ragnarok today, for the sake of your sanity as much as mine. Also, as a friend said: I should seek more experience."

> The paper she wrote on seems to have a long list of activities jotted down — with a few crossed out, one of them is 'Have a drink'.

| >>561292
"ah yes... well you see last time I opened we had quite the commotion and everything..."
>Emily says while looking at the tall woman
"I've been a bit stressed out because of it, but i'll get better soon i'm sure"

| >>561436
"Commotion? Ah, was it that lady then?"

> She replied, brisk but there was a clear tone of wonder in her voice.

| >>561458
>The tall woman simply shook her head and Emily gave a smile to Uni
"Don't worry, it's nothing important Miss Uni"
>She places a drink in front of her patron, its blue and clear

| "If you say so—… my presence is transient; I ought to help if it's pertinent."

> Uni was taken to a surprise when she sees the drink. She doesn't have a clue what the name of the drink is.

"What would you call this, Emily? It embarrasses me to say this, but an average college student would have me beat in naming drinks. Today and now is not an exception."

| >>561609
"That's a GelderSpike, its a simple non-alcoholic drink named after a certain man from the USA... I think it dates back to 2022"
>Emily explains, always happy to show off her knowledge about drinks
"Apparently it was made to celebrate said man's alcoholism's end is what I heard"

| >You hear the sound of metal hitting the floor.

>A woman carrying herself with a cane and wearing heavy clothing walks into the frame, the combination of boots a long padded coat and gloves leaves much to the imagination.

>You are then attracted to the visible area that is her neck and head, the whole surface of what would be her skin is covered with many at least one inch thick metal plates, her head is more akin to a helmet and there is an odd apparatus where her mouth would be

| >She nods at the bartender and quietly takes a seat

| >>561649
"Each of these drinks… they always have a story behind them, don't they? When you gaze at them, you see a person's past. That, or you wonder how many driving accidents might have happened due to them."

> Uni grinned, then lifts the drink up to salutate.

"Cheers, then."

> Her first gulp was then accompanied by her spotting a new patron, to which she leaves them be as she enjoys her drink to herself.

| >A man in camouflaged uniform, completed with an armored vest and helmets, enter the store. His rifle slinged over his shoulder and his pistol, a HK MK23, holstered by his side
"I would love a Ragnarok please"

| >An incredibly large man enters the bar. Wearing a construction worker's uniform, he looks around with a confused and hairy brow.


>Small round eyes turn towards the barmaid and the gorilla-like man approches the counter

"I'll... I'll have something that hits you in the gut reeeal hard"

| >>561746
"Oh welcome again! It'll be right around!"
>Emily hands the drink with a smile as she welcomes the new arrival
"Welcome to the midnight drifter sir! If it's a gut punch I can certainly give you one"
>She shows a joking smile as she readies her tiny fist into a ball

| >the joke works it's charm and a wide smile appears on the man's face

"BOUHAHA! Well that melted some of my worries away!"

>He sits at the counter

"I'll take you up on the ofter then"

| >>562958
>The "Welcome Again" part kind of surprised him a little, other than that, he seems pretty chill. He sit down on his stool
(Not Impulse, same player though)

| (continuation to >>561697 )

>the figure slides her id on the table

Get me a...Lets see...Make me a drink you usually like to make.

| >>563168
"If it's something I like to make, I have many things to offer, but what are your preferences miss?"
>Emily asks simply
"Here you go!"
>Emily slides a glass to the large man along with a small punch over the counter, it has no strenght into it, she smiles

| >>563191
Ohh your really going to make this hard for me darling?

>she says in a teasing manner

>you then hear just a barely audible chuckle

Fine by me,make me something hard that doesn't taste like karmotrine in a glass, they say alcohol brings you closer to the gods

| >>563191
"Ah this should to the trick

>He takes in half the glass in a single gulp. Though considering his stature it doesn't seem unusual at all.

"Thank you little lady, after a days work a good drink really hits the spot"

| >>563538
"I'm glad you like it"
>Emily nods
"Construction work has to be rough right, what with the power outage and the streets dropping down in downtown"

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