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Summertime Samurai Seeks Surefire Services!

| Wassup wassup my homies, make way for the one and only SUMMERTIME SAMURAI, your first and last choice for exotic security solutions.

I made my debut into the underworld just last month when I helped a gang of chummers knock over a major corp's holdings and... liberated some of their finest wares. Seeing how successful we were, my bros and hoes in arms suggested I enter the shadowlands at large, so here I am.

If ya need a gun for hire, I'm right here. If ya need a blade for hire, I'm right here.

Hit me up chummers, it's all wiz!

-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| yo the time emoji broke. ah well.

Any takers? :)

| ... terra's tits....


| Pfft

Yo Razz, you made an alt or somethin'?

| >>560842

eh? Terra? Who be that?

Cute name, send me her number lmao.

-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| >>560843

Who's Razz?

-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| Anyone willing to take bets...?

| >>560846
So you're not the razorkid who raided VT's clinic last winter then?

I thought we had seen the last of that kind www
2 weeks, 1000 nuyen, chummers

| >>560849


naww dawg, don't sell me short!

No idea who this VT is but everone whos anyone knows raiding in winter's a baaaad idea. blood too ez to see on the snow right?

yo only 1000 nuyen? you jokers selling me short.

-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| >>560849
Your on.

We'll see, i suppose.

| Oh Solar no, not again... -CN

| >>560864
You know this joker Nerdboy?

| >>560865
Not personally but I've been through this song and dance before with another razorkid last year. -CN

| Yooo check the...bazaar? Wait whot
Shouldn't that be on the job board...?

Nevermind that, you summer, there are some numbers on your head.

Juuuusst think you should know

| >>560868

yo dawg i'm liking the handle!


-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| >>560872

Numbers? Hell yeah dawg, how much dey payin?

-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| >>560874
No as in they are looking for paydata on you man.

Bloody 10k just for some concrete info

| >>560875


-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| >>560878
Annnd what might be the thoughts running through your head monsieur...?

Perhaps i should also tell you that someone already took the job

| >>560881


...excuse me a mo-

-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| >>560885
....anyone else up for a bet?

| roight, thanks for the heads up chummer, my decker and best pal just informed me that all's good in the hood, g.

-$u/\/\/\/\3 R (timeemoji) S A M U R A I!

| >>560887
I'll change mine

1 week

| >>560889
Yep, i had a feeling you would say that.
Your still on

Be careful.
At the very least, i want this bet to be fun

| >>560873
I hate this -CN

| >>560903
Ha! At this point, I'm just surprised you are not numb to it, considering how frequently people ask about that

I would say... 10 days?

| >>560925
Did some prelims on a Matrix backend, this dude is like a 7/10 on cams. You'd think a samurai would have better security ~~

I'll be lightly surprised if he survives the week, and not at all if he doesn't.
No offense -- I look forward to it.

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