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just a lil note here chummers

| Been seeing this word tossed around willy nilly a lot more lately, especially since we seem to have a lot more regulars than usual (veterans, please, try not to scare off the summerkids this time).

You've all probably heard and seen depictions of "street samurai" at least once before coming here- on the trid and in public databoards. More so, I'm willing to bet that if I threw a rock down the Glitz district at night (yes, you know who i'm talking about) It'd probably hit half a dozen of you trenchcoat wearing, cyberspur flashing razorkids, thinking that dual wielding ruger super warhawks with your new flashy muscle replacement wrist augs is going to keep you alive longer than a Glitch City nanosecond.

I'm not the sentimental type, so I'ma not going to speculate on how long before you're found in a ditch somewhere, en masse. I give only this warning-

For every one of you chromed up look alikes, one of you is the real deal. Perhaps even more than one.

Pray that you don't have to run against one.

(By the way, Mister J.Doresky, you have twenty four hours before a certain Johnson's drops a hammer on you so hard that its probably going to hit the NNN. Consider that your heads up.)


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Amen chummer

| Huh, in a strange sense of irony, this is right next to one of those razor kids.

Sod just started last month it seems

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>fragging facepalm.


i'm too old for this shit. not sure how you do it LD >>560837 .


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It comes with age I guess, you get used to the stupidity of some.

and well the bets I make are always pretty darn accurate chummer, so that's nice too.

| As a guy who somehow only makes it with a deck and stungun, I agree. -CN

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the dude with the green ID was you?

Wanna join the bets?

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Yeah it was me, haven't heard from Razz in a while, hope the kid's alright

Would hate to see someone I help not repay the favor, right?

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