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Random frenchmen asking for some advice

| You see, room mates birthday is a week from now and i dunno what to do.
I wanna do something for her

But what?
Im not exactly a party planner so i was hoping that some of you dudes on /u/ would be as kind as to help a brother out.

No better place to ask no?

Also cuz why not, assuming it actually works out
Anyone who comments on this can come.

No sense doing all of this when there isnt any guests after all

| The rule of the thumb is to make it as simple as it could be. It's not the party that matters. It's the feeling.

One suggestion tho, hold a surprise party, as it is almost always more impactfil than normal ones. Grab some party poppers and some friends them shock the hell out of her.

If she doesn't like surprises tho, then scratch the above. Just prepare according to whatever she likes. Preferences matter, not stereotype. You know her better than all of us, so you can do it.

| Hi darling, if you want to i could come and do some singing,that is, if your room mate is into that kinda stuff.

No need to pay me or anything like that,id just be glad to help her feel good in her special day. And i have spare time.

If you fancy the idea bear in mind its been quite a while since the last time i did something like this. In the bright side i could make it a more "interesting" performance due to the skills I've gotten making a living these past few years


| "Modern Problems requires... Modern Solutions..."

| >>560739
I see i see...hmmmm
something she likes...
Shiiit... does anybody know a good baker and dessert chef..?

une offre intéressante demoiselle

Actually she likes singing her self, but feel free to come anyway.
Always nice to have another singer.

Or something along those lines i suppose

Do i detect irony?

| >>dabs


| >>560883
>N O W

>IA attempts to kick him from the chatbox

| >>560886

>You succeed pretty easily- the user puts up no resistance as they're kicked, but not before dabbing one last time.

| >>560890 this shite pretty cringey

| >>561162 dabbing is part of our cultural heritage, don't you dare call it cringe

| >>561164
You call that outdated shite a cultural heritage? If so, you, or atleast your taste of culture, belong in the trash

| >>561419 what are you talking about? Dabbing is as much a tribal ritual as the rain dance, 100% cultural heritage! Even if it is a little awkward and unrefined!
It was my thesis in history graduation

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