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easy peasy ;) -N

>An audio file is uploaded

"...But not for the reasons that you might 'think.'"
"I'm going to be recording from here on."
"Oh, I don't mind at all. You see, that's another reason why I didn't ask you to leave, Mister Lefyt, this is all perfectly... legal."
"Well you wouldn't be able to get to me to leave."
"Of course not, but I digress."

| >>560636
"You're well known... and a 'hero,' CN, in the 'shadow' community. But not for the reasons you might think.
People with savvy, if not pragmatism, pop up everyday on the system wide web, hawking Red Mask, Black Panties, Shimapan, Fuchsia Fedora, and those... er... other colored sentai flavored products all the time."

| >>560637
"They do it because, regardless of their actions, their time in the spotlight, along with their color coded and delightfully designed haute coutre simply drive spectacle. Even after their unfortunate... hm... collapse, keywords such as "sentai" and "lesbian superheroes" are still trending! But can you guess what else is trending alongside it?"
"Kira Miki?"
"Haha, clever answer, but, um, no. Not recently."

| >>560638
"...though I admit, she did have a minor spike when some tabloid reporter posted an article in the Augmented Eye about a terrorist attack... It's *you* CN, za world... zhe misses... *you*.
And for the most innocent of reasons, too"
"Mr. Burbank where are you going with this?"

| >>560640
"Mister CN... I want to legitimize your claim to fame: CN... the young, brave, rogue decker, who with his band of Robin-Hood esque shadow vigilantes, dregs up the depths of all that is rotten in this city... and survives.
You'll be the poster boy for a new kind of Glitch City... the hero that the city deserves, but doesn't need... until we make them accept you."

| >>560641
"And through the powers at my fingertips, supported by the might of QUIDTRID, the largest media conglomerate here in this city across media both print and the Matrix, you need not hide ever again, you won't even have to do much!
Just... a little bit of... sanitization, here and there- for the younger viewers, you understand... and we can make a show- no- several shows!"

| >>560643
"Just think of it- 'CN & The DynamoFriends...'"

| >>560645
"I'm sorry what does this have to do with my client being here."
"Fighting the good fight-"
"Oh, those trumped up charges... I apologize Hydra, but I had nothing to do with those. Although it was certainly my OMNIDOME where the, ahem, alleged terrorism occurred...""
"I highly doubt I would attempt to employ someone who is accused of trying to destroy our property, yes?"
"Oh right the omnidome. Recently renovated with Jinterprise wasn't it, power wise"

| >>560646
"Ah... you're asking me to sellout."
"Yes, actually! They're great people to work with, just brilliant, if I may say so myself...."
"Tuh tuh, sellout is such a loaded word. I like to think of it more as a... sponsorship."
"I'm aware in fact I'm currently in their employe technically."
"Sigh And would I have to do as part of this 'sponsorship'?"

| >>560648
"Mmm, is that interest I see there? Should I start drawing up a contract? I have just the most reliable and fair representative in my employe on speed dial-"
"No, not at all, I just thought I humor you before I listed all the reason why its obvious why I would never agree to do this."
"Also you can't draw up a contract without giving full disclosure.
Well, you could. It'd just be a waste"

| >>560649
"What reasons could you possibly have for declining a once in a lifetime chance to be paid, legally mind you, to continue doing what you do best?"
"Mmm... let's see... I dont work for corps, taking this deal implies I actually committed something illegal and that I'm taking this deal to protect myself, honestly I just dont like this perfect, little... persona you got going on. Do you want me to keep going or...?"

| >>560651
"Also despite what you're saying illegal acts are still illegal acts. Your implication is to have him do something illegal for television, now if that's not what you meant my apologisies its simply your vague language. As for TV companies doing shady dealings I'm sure JoyCO could give some advice on why that doesn't absolve consequences for high profile figures."

| >>560652
"...I don't know what you're implying about our former competitors and their... scandals last year, but that has nothing to do with what I'm asking. And allow me to reiterate what I said earlier..."

| >>560653
"All that you have... all that you... fear... could be wiped away with as little as a word... If you would only do what you do best... under QUIDTRID.
After all, crimes are only crimes if they are judged as crimes, aren't they? All men and women are innocent! Until proven guilty. Not the reverse! Not in a civilized country, so to speak! I'm not here to employ criminals- I'm here to legitimize heroes."

| >>560657
"Look... let me put this in a way you'll understand. I dont care how my actions look. At the end of the day, I dont hurt or kill people, and I make things equal for those who get pressured by those who abuse power. As long as I do that, those people who are willing know who I am and what I'm about, so they can also do good. That's all I need."
>A heavy sight

| >>560659
"Oh, and before you think about making a parody group of myself, keep in mind I'll probably have to say them and then you would really look bad. Also, before you say 'You made a big mistake'... get in line."
"Ta ta ta...
CN, CN, CN...
You say that you're making things 'equal'...
And that you're inspiring people to do 'good.'
...but what you don't realize, is that you've always been in a game.
...I just thought that you ought to benefit from it."

| >>560660
"Not much benefit in trying to force him to be incriminated. And you can say it wouldn't hurt him all you want. Doesn't make it true."
"How I would benefit? Or you?"
. . .
"Heh. That ironically has reinvorgorated me for the next interview... whenever that will be"
"I honestly am not sure why he was let in here."
"Simple, he runs a corp with leverage, he simply used it, just as I'm sure he would have used me"

| I can kinda see why people draw him with a huge dong -N

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| ...



... Well, that's interesting. Who's this Burbank fellow?


| Ehhhh, this is the real reason this unsightly show exists? I can't say this pleases me?

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CEO of QUIDTRID... in case anyone else is feeling a little spotty in their memory. -CN

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