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space refugees need to be shot back into space change my mind

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| so what else is new.

| Here we go again. -CN

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arent you born here or something

why the frag do you disagree

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As ive explained many times before, sure some of them may not be the most mannered but that doesn't mean we should leave then to die. -CN

| Too wasteful, let's make them work as slaves in the fluoride mines

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yeah it sucks people die but they die all the time and if its not then its us.

thing is they dont relaly do much unless your into slotting chromeless meatbags.

frankly i wish theyd stop crowding the streets so i dont need to drive around or over them on the way home.

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i heard some of the corps do just that

they pick up the stronges ones and make them work in factories

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What do you expect them to do if we dont let them get SINs? -CN

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i dont know and i dont care tbqh

as long as i dont have to deal with them.

saw a couple at the local /burg/ joint and they were stumbling about and one started crying and talking some weird alien language when hot oil spilled all over them.

took like fifteen minutes to place my order lmao.

thats what you get for relying on meatbags tbqh.

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Wow you sound so incredibly entitled right now. -CN

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yeah so what?

| >>560545 nice, if it gives you money, don't get rid of it

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Do you work for a Corp? -CN

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damn right I do, and proud of it.

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Right... well I'm not sure what position you work at but I doubt your CEO sees you as anything more than a cog in the machine. -CN

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and your not?

lol, were all cogs in someones machine, like cells interlinked with cells interlinked, but the corp pays well and takes care of us, and i take care of the corp back.

thats something weirdo luddites like the refugees dont get, or shadowrunners for that matter, u gotta put in hard work and your hard work will be rewarded and thats all u need.

everyone else, ones that dont work, they come up with all kinds of bullshit- religion, drugs, bug fueled whores. meatheads are all wrong in the head, thats why they got augs for that sorta thing.

hell you should know that ypurself, aint u that hotshit decker that everyones making simsenses about?

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I may be a decker but I dont use a datajack. And you overestimate how valuable you are to a Corp. They can just as easily throw you away as you insult those refugees. -CN

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Haha, i doubt that... you meanwhile overestimate the lives of refugees.

without me and others like me its not just the corp thats not running, its everything else... businesses... hospitals. they even paid for the procedures so i can do my work better than any of these backward idiots. and you think i can be thrown away like a refugee?

maybe ill get old and theyll find some new kid and ill have to train them. yeah, but ill die happy, with anything i can ever want, cause ima corper, and corps take care of their own.

see if one of those refugees will do the same for you. oh wait. their too busy whoring it in the slums and begging for zenny and protesting and raging cause they aint capable of doing anything else.

| cept between you and me, a flesh toy cant compare to a lilim anyday.

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If corpers were so nice we wouldnt have the phrase "corps splash corps". -CN

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Corpers backstab like crazy, hell just last month VeriaTech had a fucking coup. Half of the shadowrunners became runners because they got betrayed by the very people they worked for. You should be very careful about that. -CN

| I thought we are done with this shit. What the hell, mate.

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haha, i doubt i gotta worry about that chummer, aint nobody gonna backstab anyone here unless they wanna live in the dark for the rest of their life.


we was done until this nerd started arguing.

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I bet that's what the VT CEO thought too before she got murdered. -CN

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yeah well, hospitals are a dime a dozen...

...but there's only one JINTERPRISE.

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Corpers kill those who fight them, the ones who put their heads on the lines, the ones who try and steal what's theirs

Suits will only ever go after two things in my experience:
1:Runners who ran against them or for them
2:Other corpos

Meanwhile Runners, refugees and the desperate, they're prone to aim for the closest, for the big bucks or the small, they dont care about the people or the casualties, they do quick work and get paid that's it; corps atleast have standards

| But of course, what does that matter? You're on the right side here, you're the one who's allowed to do anything.

but have you ever thought about how many people suffer to allow for your selfish actions? of all of you I mean, all you faces, all you deckers, all you sammy's.

The refugees are the same, because of them and their selfish demands, and their shitty attitudes people died, riots happened and neko park is now a dump.

but yet we should forgive them, yeah right.

| As a CEO(a CEO's representative hired to talks with plebeians) I feel personally offended

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And how do you think I feel, when people that dont even know all the facts, are making opinions on things they dont know about, especially when I make it my LIFES WORK TO SHARE SAID INFORMATION. But sure, let's pretend the riot was all the refugees faults, cause they have enough of a presence to attack the whole city right? It wasnt at all a GC based band who instigated racists in our city to start said riots. -CN

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And where was LEZARIANTHEAPOCALYPSE the second time riots happened?

So what if a band struck up the match, had they never have been here, this would of never happened at all, or are you saying you condone their racism and warmongering?

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i kno rite? this is what i'm saying, man. no one cares about the refugees cept themselves. their useless for anything and everything except being shitty whores. they stink, they ruin nice parks, they ask for handouts and mug average joes and dont even speak the same language as us.

hell you know someones been going around shooting them lately? wonder why no one talks about that around here?

i saw a like a couple dozen bodies getting loaded into a trash compactor off of fifth and main, near the slums. good riddance.

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I'm not really all for their deaths mind you, but if that's what it takes for this city to become a better place, so be it

Idealism only brings you so far, i've seen enough to know some things can't be fixed by goody two shoes

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It's people like you that prevent this city from getting better. Sure idealism can happen to a fault, but if more people thought more positively about what could be done we can accomplish more. -CN

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Then i'll be waiting for a better solution.

that's if you have one in store past wishful thinking.

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I do, and wishful thinking quickly becomes reality when you have more than a few people working towards it. -CN

| space refugees need to be shot
change my mind

| >>560955 they must be enslaved and forced to work in the most dangerous and undesirable jobs that are lucrative, never waste a usable resource

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Honest, I think the last 20 or so iterations of this thread have been too much of a headache...don't you think?

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Reya asking the real questions over here-- >>>do these g/u/rls>>>actually think?


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Heh, this one definitely does.

| surface level ideology

| Isn't this the flipside of what happened a few months ago? With the Lilim hate?

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