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| disappointing. and here i thought i'd find the worst Glitch City has to offer... all that bull about conspiracy theories being real, corporate hit teams, swarthy "street samurai," child sex trafficking, and BTL's for sale.

instead all I see are a bunch of neckless virgins roleplaying as 1337 deckers and such.



| lurk moar newgurl.

| >>560484
Welcome to /u/ lad, if you want the darkside of the matrix you'll need to go somewhere our resident SeigiNoMikata won't find you.

| >>560484 Nah, you haven't seen far enough yet. It's totally nasty in here. All you've seen thus far is just a propaganda by the mastermind to cover up their dark secrets. Trust me, there's even sex toys for traps here for gods sake.

| If you want to go deeper you could always hire our "matrix digger" pack, satisfaction guaranteed or extra fees will be charged from you!
CEO(CEO's hired speaker for the masses)

| >>560484
If you think this is the deep end of the pool, you're sorely mistaken.

I'd keep my stick out of it if I were you, or they will find a reason to have you dead before you ever knew it was coming...

...i wish my friend would've listened.

| No you need to go deeper

I always wanted to say that~

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This thread is permanently archived