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change.matrix Petition: BRING BACK ANDROMEDA!

| It's been too long, I can't go much longer without my ANDROMEDA fix, and to top it all off, the trid ended on the WORST possible cliffhangar, and now isntead of finding out whether or not DOC HANDSOME finally ties the knot on ANDROMEDA's bubbly assets while they're held over an acid bath ominously in the Great Pit of Sarkoom, we get to watch the fakest, most outrageous, most brightly sugary encrusted sanitized think of the children after saturday school cartoon bullshit that is DYNAMOFFAGGGOT, er, I mean, DYNAMOFRFOCE.

so iam making this change.matrix pposition so we can get the best show ever, ANDROMEDA< back on the air! If enough of us complain, i know we can do it!!!!!!

Look i even got some addresses and phone numbers and handles of some executives!!!!111 if enuff fans here are interested ill post em and we can get to work. :>

whos with me?


| I'm with you. -CN

| Yeah, me too

| Andromeda got boring past season 9, change my mind

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This thread is permanently archived