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[Radio] Radio Wire 12


| "Is it on? I--" -X

| "Yes *ahem*" -X
"Hello all and hello none you're listenin' to Xii and this is Radio Wire in the mornin' I think.. The show ya' listen to when there's nothin' on TV, nothin' on the internet and when you're also kind of a hipster to be honest, 'cause Radio is dead and so is yer' sense of originality " - X

| >call on line 555

| "Speakin' of TV in a not-so-subtle change of topic I'm sure y'all've heard 'bout this awful show called er.." - X
"Thanks Cali, now I know everyone out there loves some freakin' drama, so keep on tuned because today we're gonna show y'all the dirt quidtrid is hidin' behind this show" -X

| "Now that we go you hooked, please listen to some relaxing music, some talk with the audience and some sponsorship.. If we had some" - X

>'A. Rene' Begins playing

"Someone take Neil's line the noise is drivin' me ins--oh fuck I'm still live" -X

| >>560372

>'?' Picks up line '555'
"Hello and welcome to 'Radio why' you're now talking with the one and only assistant this lovely place could afford, unfortanely Neil is not available so you're now talking with moi.. That's French for 'me' by the way"
>The voice was feminine and rather sarcastic.

| >>560378
"Mmmmmhhhhh haaa...haaa~"
>a feminine voice...er..."says"
>the the background the sound of something moist can be heard sliding

>up and down and up and down
"Mmmmpppphhh haaahhh~..h-hello..?
Is this sausage surprise pizza..?

>she breaths in slowly
"I want to order a mega meat pizza.
With the biggest, thickest, hardest meat stick you have..~"

| >>560379

"..Wait.. I--"

"--Aw no fucking way guys where is we the hang-up button?? YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER YOU FREAK!" -?

"Welcome to your first day" -X

| >>560386
"Ahh!~Yeah!~ yesssss?~ dirtier!~ im so close!~
Ahhh~ hah~ hah~!
Talk dirtier to me daddy~!"
>the sliding growns faster

| >>560391
"Nononono stop this right fucking now-jesus Christ"
>The noise of something hitting the interrupts
"You need Jesus and your parents are probably very ashamed of you" -?

| >>560420
"Ah yeah~ juuusssstt like that!~ oh! Ah~ Ah! Ahhhhhhhhh!~"
>the sound of a thick liquid bursting out of something can be heard
"Hahhhh~ hahhh~

C-call me again...~"
>she says exhausted

| .

| >>560424
"I swear to God if I recognize you you sick fuck on the street I'll--" -?
"--Alright alright let's just.."-X

>Click on line '555'

"There we go that was not awkward at all and definetly not threatin' our audience" - X

| >there is a ring on line 555

| "Ladies and gentlemen our lovely assistant.. please abstain from doin' that ever again, Radio Wire is not a sex hotline and I honestly feel like takin' a shower after this, thoughs?" -X

| "Cali could--No, nevermind.." -X
>"Father's gonna delete this from my memory will he?"

>Xii picks up line '555'
"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire, you're talkin' with Xii and honestly I'm still out of words right now" - X

| >>560447
"Errrmmm...hello there, i originally intended a polite hello.
Is this a bad time..?"
>he male voice calls out
>one might detect a tinge of class and another droplet of french in his voice
>it sounds smooth and..oddly hypnotic
>quite attractive
>unless you are European
>in that case, the first thought that springs to mind is "he is speaking in the accent of gays"
>either or really

| “Aw now that's not fair" -?

>>560450 (lmfao)
"No no it's cool, ah' just though ya' were the same person of before.. Now sir what brings ya' to this humble place we call work? Not tryin' to disrespect ya' but I feel like I'm spendin' money by just talkin' with ya'" - X

| >>560453
(Not me, but i was laughing the whole time it happened)
>he chuckles a bit
"Dear me how flattering,

Forgive me, but wasn't this line to be tended to by a fellow named neil?

Or am i getting something wrong again...?"

| >>560454
"No no, Neil is currently unavailable so we are takin' his line meanwhile, or at least we had someone in charge of that.." - X

"I never signed up for phone sex" -?

"Hell we can leave him a message if ya' want, but either way all calls are live and such" -X

| >>560463
"non c'est tout à fait bien
j'étais simplement curieux.

Now then, i called bearing a question.

So if i may ask, wh-"
>the boy cuts off
"Oh merde-"
>its hard to make out but you hear what sounds like someone getting tackled
>soon after the sound of a young girl can be heard
"Cassius how could you call them without me!"
>her voice is soft yet, quite energetic

"Ooowwww, was that part truly necessary gem?
Its not like they were going anywhere.."


| >>560467
"Now that's just plain cute, I'm usually bad at guessin' but I'll give it a try, yer' daughter?" - X

"Je seuis l'espoir oui oui" -?
"Please be professional" - R

| >>560470
>the girl asks, then giggles
"Of Course not"

"But you might as well be given all the things i have to do.

Also on a side note, who is the demoiselle that spoke French if i may ask?
Il est toujours agréable de parler à quelqu'un qui connaît sa langue maternelle."

"Mister radio person! I need some advice"
>the girl asks rather sheepishly
>also awwww

| >>560475
"Aw of course ya' can lil' one, ah'll just warn ya' I'm full of bad advice" - X

"Oi lemme talk the monseniur understood mon français!" -?
"R for the love of God just open both mics she's almost on top of me" - X

| >>560505
"Pfff little one..heh

Oui demòi
j'ai certainement fait"
>he chuckes

"Well uh...i, i am uh.."
>for a moment, she stutter
"I wanted to become an idol but when i start singing in front of others i get all shaky, Cassius tells me that i always do great but i never really know...

How are you so good a public speaking mister?
It must be nerve wracking to be a radio host, i could never imagine"
>throughout all that exposition she was all nervous
>it was actually kinda cute..

| >>560508
"Well pardon my literal French but Je sais sulement un petit~" -?
>She tried to chuckle, coming out in a nervous tone

"Well ah' know it's kinda sad when put this way but.. The technique is to assume no one is interested, if ya' know the words just tell 'em like no one is listenin' and only when you're done ya'll see how wrong ya' were" - X

| >"NEWS!"
>"A new leak on the danger/u/ forums reveal a private interview between the known CN and an executive of QUIDTRIP, revealing "shocking" details of the attitude they have as a company and the intentional plagarism of real events used for their show, sources of this information remain hidden for the protecion of the same, is Radio Wire involved in the release of said information? You betcha~"

| >>560536
"Ah, well even if it was but a small modicum demoì, your french was not that bad.
même les plus petits fragments de cristal peuvent être beaux after all"

>the girl pauses for a moment, thinking
"Just assume nobody is interested..

I think i get it...kinda..?
Yeah, yeah! Probably! I dont know but i feel like putting it i to action!

Would you like to hear me sing?"
>still ever sheepish

| >>560670
>"This is still just the tip of the iceberg, keep tuned to Radio Wire as more information will be coming trough the week"

| >>560671
"Oh Mr keep saying things like that and you'll have me going trough the phone to find where such tone is coming from, si je n'étais pas avec mon frère right now~" -?

"Oh who am I to say no when ya' ask like that, y'know this is still a radio so we can put some background music if ya' want" -X

| >>560679
"et qu'impliqueriez-vous ici madame..?
osez-vous me demander de vous souhaiter une rêverie douce au clair de lune."
>thats all i got, just damn

"I can!?! Really?!! Eeeeeeeeeekkk"
>you can imagine her face lighting up
"Yeaaaaaayyyyyyy! Uh wait uh er, what somg should i sing?
do you have any requests?"

| >>560687
"Oh monseniur vous avez un tel talent avec le mots, I know le langage de l'amor goes fine with wine at supper" -?

>Xii laughs at the excitement of the little(?) girl.
"Well Kira Miki is very popular among GC, ah' could easily find a background music of one of her songs if ya' wanna give it a try" -X

| >>560695
"si c'est ce que la jeune madame désire, alors à qui dois-je refuser?"

"Hmmm...*kira* miki huh...but i dont know any lyrics to her songs..
Oh! But that gives me an Idea!
How about last night good night!
Yeah!that'll do i hope!
But what language do i sing..?
>the girl obviously still sounds like she only barely knows what she is doing
>thus she seems to defer to your answer

| >>560698
"oh Je connais un endroit with dark boissons and strong Lumières.. Wait no, it was backwards or? Er.. Oui?" -?

"Honestly girl the only place ah' hear people speak not english is right here and right now, and it's kinda botherin' after the first hundred words if I'm honest with ya'! But...
>And this is a long post-but pause
"There's a lot of people called 'weebs' who enjoy Japanese singin' despite not knowin' any Japanese" -X

| >>560907
>he laughs a bit
"You said that you 'know a place with dark drinks and strong lights'
Close but but no cigar"

| "Alrighty then!"
>you hear her take deep breath
(Incase i need to roll, i got 17)
"suyasuya yume o mite’ru~
kimi no.. yokogao~
kidzukazu koboreta namida~
hoho o tsutau~"
>her voice is as soft and delicate as a midnight breeze
>yet no less impactful
>even through a call it is suprisingly clear
>perhaps it echos through the studio
>a beautiful siren call, perhaps even bringing tears to ones eyes
>one need simply let the melody take them away

| >Call on 535

| >>560911
"Well damn me I probably suggested the less comfortable place possible, say, what is a monsieur like you doing here in GC?"

>>560912 (Alrighty)
>A long pause remains after the girl is done singing
".. Goddamn girl and ya' were nervous about singin', if ah' could sing like that I'd probably not be doing radio" - X
"you'd probably be a trap" -?

| >>560913
>California picks up line '535'

>"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire! We got the news they don't want you the know and the voices you definetly want to hear!"

| >>560940
"Oh uh, i teach robotics at one of the local universities.

Got a formal request to do so and everything, so here i am
Essentially considering my age..."
>he responds after a silence as if to comprehend the girls singing

>from the performance, it was clear she isnt a kid
"Wait really! I did good!?!"
>once again you can imagine her face light up
"Yaaaaaayyyyy ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ!

Also whus a trap"

"Dont tell her"
>the boy interrupts

| >>560941
"Radio Wire, yes."
>The voice is familiar

| >>560944
"Man I don't think I ever heard someone so cute who also doesn't know what a trap is.. Now how old is she? why is no one asking that??" -?

"Girl ya' did amazin' I swear ya' got more talent than all of us combined, and I'm sure we're about 75% chrome between all, first time singin' for an audience?" -X

| >>560969

>Her cheerful tone quickly dropped to a cold one.

>"I recognize this mood, or this voice.. Can I have a name too along with that?"

| >>561003
"Names are good, yes? I love names... All joking aside. My name is Reiko Isuoe, Hii!"
>The voice changes drastically as she introduces herself
"How are you today, Ms.Cali?"

| >>561007
>"Well first I'm surprised because you sounded a lot less friendly at the start! Second I'm not sure if I remember you but I'm good overall!"

| >>561027
"So cute!"
>The women squeals
"I hope all you guys are okay with the collapsed roads and all that..."

| >>561045
>"Oh we haven't encountered with the first one yet, but thanks for worrying! We don't go out much but still avoid mainn roads when doing so“
“Cali no-“ -R

| >>560998
"Actually wait yeah, how old *are* you gem?"

"Don't you know its rude to ask a girl her age?
I am ([18-2Xish] i like to keep it ambiguous)"

"You don't act like it though"

>you hear her sigh
"I did sing a few times before this, i streamed once or twice, but they never got a lot of viewers.
So this is my first time singing for a large audience.."
>that nervous crackle can only be described as awwww

| >>561087
"That's good to hear, my wife kept complaining about it... I hope everyone out there are recovering properly!"
>You can practically feel her beaming smile through her voice

| (apologies for delay)

| >>561088
"See? And it was as easy as it was beautiful, the advice worked! Now if ya come out of this call being all famous or somethin' remember ya' started at Radio Wire, we gotta suck some of that sweet fame we so need" -X

"y'all she sounds like a child again to me“ -?
"y'all?" -R
"Oops, old habits" -?

| >>561097
>"Thanks you are so nice! We had some setbacks after the recent blackout but nothing too harsh to stop us from broadcasting! Are you gals also alright??"

| >>561368
"Will do mister radio person!
Thank you for the help!"

"Well she seems happy.
Thanks for having us radio wire"
>click on line 555
>its a shame
>you never got to ask their names

| >>561369
"We're all good, although I'm quite bummed out that my fridge lost power... I had some good meat saved up."
>She sighs
"Even in the midst of whatever happened, corp war or whatever, being involved as a bystander really makes me feel down. I wish they kept their squabbling to behind the curtains..."
>She sighs again
"But that's just life, all I can do is hope to not get caught in more proverbial and literal crossfires."

| >>561388
>"Oh I know how it can be, I too hope one day we can all live in peace and have non-evil corporations controlling everything going around.."

"Oi but where's the fun in that? " -?

>"But Neil says sometimes we gotta fight to change things instead of sitting down and wait for them to change on their own.. Though he also said something about not enough suicidal people, I didn't want to ask about that.."

| >>561383
"alright so that was.. Er.. God damn ah' had somethin' for this, but y'all heard her here first people! Exclusively at Radio Wire!" -X

| "Up next, stay tuned for we got a resume of the last corporation war that struck our city, ever felt like Ya' don't know what's going on? Radio Wire will help ya' out in words you'll understand" -X

| "So why are you guys talking about stuff that already happened?" -?
"'Cause It's pretty hard to talk about stuff that hasn't happened yet" -X
"Aw screw you" -?

| >Call on 454

| >>561794
(Huh shit, 545*)

| >>561794
"damn this almost never happens" -X

>Xii picks up line '545'

"Hello hello and welcome to Radio Wire at 645.75 I think. You're talking with Xii and I should follow this up with a funny line or somethin', but ah' won't, who or what am I be speakin' with now?" - X

| >>561447
"Hmm... that's some good advice!"
>She chuckles
"How about we talk about happier things? How was your week so far? Explosions notwithstanding."

| >>561875
>"Well, putting aside the bad stuff this week has gone great!"
"No shit" -?
>"I'm pretty much fully functional again and father lets me work with him outside of the radio now!"

| >>561851
"Hello yes is this the candy store? I swear if it isn't I'll be mad!!"
>It's her, *Again*

| >>562156
"It almost breaks my heart to tell ya' this is still a radio place, it also seems no one ever taught you how to use a phone" - X

| >>562225
"Why does this keep happening to me!!!"
>She's fuming now, you can even hear her stomping around on the floor
"Did you rewire my phone or something??"
>She suddenly gasps
"I can arrest you for that!"

| >>562244
"Yes, ah' just can't get enough calls of people screwin' around and grown up kids asking for Candy, tell you what, try callin' a lawyer and ah' bet you'll end up callin' here again" -X

| >>562465
>The call clicks
>...And rings again

| >>562471
>Xii picks up line '545'
"Yes hello welcome to RW law firm and all-you-can-eat buffet what can ah' help ya' with?" - X

| >>562477
"... This is the radioman again"
>She's sniffling now

| >>562479
"Aw c'mom don't cry on me now, it's bad adve-I mean is not a big deal, phones are just so difficult to use ah' know that" -X

"So all you guys do is get weird calls and make little girls cry" -?
"..No comments" - R

| >>562065
"That's super nice to here! You must be really close to your dad... that sounds nice... I was like that with my grandpa."
>She sighs
"My wife and him got into an argument and now it's kinda awkward..."

| >>562501
>"Oh is it that bad? I once read that time heal all wounds so maybe that's what the three of you need!"

| >A quick ring takes up the line, but it seems to stop on its own


"Heeey it's blonde jerk on the phone" -?

"Oh God and it had to be her you guys suck so much.." - N

| "Neil please come to the station she's only temporary and you're way overdue" - R
"She's doing my job!!“ - N
"You're not doing your job!" -?

| "Look I want her out of my seat now that's out of the question" -N
"We can do that, are you on your way?" - R
“Well, no. . " -N
"..Are you coming soon?“ - R
"N-No, you know I was invited to another party and--“ -N

| >Click
"Cali please block that number until he's back" - R
"You guys really need to tell me how to hang up on people with this thing" -?

| >>562577
"I sure hope it will... I'm not a big fan of family drama."
>She sighs deeply
"I always wondered, how is being a radio announcer? As a job, I mean."

| >>563738
>"Well I think I have less radio time than the rest of the crew but.. it's beautiful! it's like no matter how meaningless is what you say, there will always be people on the other side interested in what you have to say"

| >Call on line 545

| >>562485
"Well lil' one not to be rude but we're gettin' calls from one side and silence from yer side sooo..

| >>564119
>Xii picks up line '545'
"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire, where half the time we don't know what we're doin' and the other half we barely know, you're Speakin' with Xii, the only responsible one here" - X

| >>564226
>The sounds of a clearly depressed man trying very hard to sounds entuastic
"Er. Hello! Radio man, I hope you are having a wonderful day, unlike me, having a depression over here. I called you here today so I can share my last moments with you. I bought a grenade and I'm going to pull the pin off... Right Now"
>A few seconds later, a loud bang go off, follow by a scream
>Click on line 545

| >>564229
"I swear y'all are makin' my therapist a rich man pullin' shit like that, remember to check yer grenades people" -X

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