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I have found something--!

| Its a good day for bargains today apparently! I just bought some crazy old computers from the 1900's yep, you heard me right!
They're the kind that only have two digits of ram!!!

I also found some REALLY old wiztech! Its called an IBM5100!! Its heavy as hell and everything I thought I would die carrying it home-de arimasu!

Man I love techie stuff!!
What about you fellow /Deck/lads found anything good lately??

| There was a really nice old game console on sale today, death! Only cost one coin, death!

| Where did you even find something that ancient? -CN

| >>560087
I cannot speak for whom you are quoting, but I tend to find typewriters where I live. All of them have degraded in quality, but they're easily repairable.

| I did find some weird chrome plated discs the other day. Supposedly people used to stick memory on them using tiny ass mining lasers, but that's hard to believe when you consider the kind of shit we run nowadays.


| >>560108
Wait... those things aren't coasters?

... Well, this is embarrassing.


| >>560108 >>560111
You mean DvDs and CDs?

Dont they still use those?

| >>560108
My gramps said that him and my 'ma used to have those sent to them in the mail all the time.

Who the fuck told you those were coasters??


| >>560112
No hehe, not anymore...just like floppy discs back in the day.

Who else remembers what a "floppy disc" is, except for CN? . . . and no, it's not actually floppy.

| >>560119
My roommate. Thank god we haven't had any houseguests yet. I'll have to ask her what other things she's having me misuse on a day to day basis...


| >>560134
She sounds like a riot. You lucky chummer, you.

Are you talking about those big plastic crackers?


| >>560132
Floppy *disks*. They were spelled that way.

Source: am a collector.

| >>560136
You dont know what a floppy disk is?

Think of them like those memory chips.
Except the size of a tea platter.
And were really bad at holding data
(Also little side question, whats with the same ID stuff?>>dd8d23

| >>560143
(same /u/ser, two different characters. when posting on non-setting threads, I prefer to have them post separately since it's not like they're always in the same place)

| >>560143
So... like a microSD, but... multiplied by 100? In physical size, at least.


| >>560157
Yep, size ×100 but data storage ÷100

They really weren't all that good.

(Ahhh organization i see.
Ok thanks, sorry to bother, i jus got curious)

| >>560158
... I think I have an old hoodie from college that has one of those on it, actually...


(no worries! sorry for any confusion. earlier on I was making a point to switch my wifi on and off to change IDs, but that's a little too much effort lmao)

| >>560158
100? How small of an SD do you have? Floppies were at least 1000 times smaller in capacity than those ancient SDs.

| >>560157

What's a microSD? Micro side-dick? :p


| >>560190
Any of the "experts" or "collectors" here want to explain to this chuuni something he can easily find with a simple matrix search?

'Ggrks', omae.


| I found a floppy disc the other day, thinking of scrapping it, anyone want it?

| >>560087
In the flooded-De arimasu!
I happened upon a huge cache filled with stuff, most of it was crumbled down though!!

Its a lucky find-ssu!

Also forget my name didnt I?
-Kikushi Dancho

| >>560220
やれやれ, you rite. I'm good.

| >>560231
Heh, "やれ"/"レヤ"… Cute.


| >>560171
Might i ask for elaboration?

I cant not look at that without the first thing that comes to mind being jojos.


| >>560341
Disagree? Wir kann auch Deutsch sprechen, aber ich wolle nicht.
You mean ブブブ? Not surprised, honest.
Sounds like a good time, if there's stuff worthy of the find.

| >>560380
The internet has ruined me.
But also not really

du kannst Deutsch?!?

| >>560356
I, uh... used to dress like a real tool when I was in uni. Had some old clothes with weird patterns and stuff that I'd pick up from odd shops... apparently this look was real popular like, 60 years ago. I'll dig it out and see if I can take a pic.

Sorry g/u/rl, only bilingual over here. Thought that was an intentional pun.


| >>560224
'Danchou'? Danchou of... >>>what, exactly?


| >>560381
Oh hehe, valid...

| >>560382
Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!

Nothing better then embarrassing stories to pass time

• ̫ •) does that mean you are German?

| >>560559
I am the Lumiel order's Danchou--De arimasu!
We're but a small group dedicated to old tech, a so-called decker circle!!

I am its founding memeber and thus its danchou--de arimasu!
-Kikushi Danchou

| >>560721
Out right now; so this isn't the genuine article but... it has a pattern that's kind of like this:


It was really huge on me, too. Luckily I came around a bit after I graduated... fashion really isn't for me.


| >>560802
i intend to draw a pic of this I just haven't found time yet orz

| >>560764
Danchou san danchou san
Can i call you kishi danchou san?

I dunno man, put that on a jacket and itll just look like a jacket.

I fail to understand how that would be considered strange in any way

| >>560721
Pretty sure there are atleast three nationalities that use German as their language, not counting the possibility that people can actually learn German. Not all speaking German are German, if that make sense.

| >>561381
You can call me anything, just don't call me short--dearimasu!
-Kikushi Danchou

| >>561417
I wuz just asking mister impulse!
No need to get nitpicky


| >>561687
Just putting it out there, in case next time you would ask "Does that means you are Austrian"

| >>561687
Never actually answered, but no I am not.

| >>561381
It's... less the pattern alone and more... everything combined along with it. Like... a gestalt of douchebaggery.


| >>561777
So you were considered an asshole during your time in university?

| >>561787
Chummer, I said I >>>dressed like an asshole, not that I>>>was one.

Also, isn't everyone an asshole at that age, uni or not?

... but yeah, uh, I'm sure there are people that thought I was. I know there are plenty of people that think that now, but that's whatever and they can go piss up a rope for all I care.


| >>561788
Yeah and i said *considered* not *was*

Still thats actually pretty relatable

Back in uni we had this one group of asses that fancied themselves shadowruners just because one had a pistol from their dads safe and another knew how to >>>barely hack websites

Not even high sec sites too.
Like he thought he was the shit from rewriting the banner on the school website

| >>561898
Which uni? That group sounds familiar...

| >>561898
Can I ask what he put on the banner?


| >>561900
One of the Sorbonnes.
Er to those not french, its basically one of the universities that succeeded the paris university.

What one might expect from kids at the time.
A phallus, most likely traced

| >>562069
Some things never change.

Traced, though... that's like, a double disappointment.


| >>562071
Was not even that bit if i may add.

If memory serves, assuming it was erect.
It was only like 3 inches.

Poor fool regretted it afterwards.

Like, the girls had a list of people with tiny dongers, that way they knew who to avoid as a one nighter.

Guess what happened

| >>562073
The... girls at your uni had a burn book full of dudes with small dicks??

... fucking wild, holy shit. What was their criteria??

Wait... How would >>>you know about this list?


| >>562076
I know right!?
Anything that was smaller then 8 inches was gone.

As to how i know.
Well..when your a robotics student, you have less free time then an engineer.

Which means you dont have time to get into any romantic relationships.

Thus all the girls thought i was the one quote: "really nice guy who is asexual."
One told be about it after a or two beer

Kinda hurt...

| >>562077
Whew lad, those are some hard rules there. They getting out measuring tapes in the bedroom or some shit?

The burning question here is: once you had the power this info gave you, did you use it for good... or at the expense of others-- like banner kid?


| >>562080
Thats a secret.
But ill tease ya with this tidbit

Apparently knowing the list meant that i could edit it

| >>562084
wwwww fucking... adapt and survive, chummer!! Terrific.

I was in clinical pharm before I dropped-- all the static there was just people trying to sabotage their classmates' rank instead of actually amusing shit like that.


| >>562088
I feel as if thats not the best thing for a school and society as a whole if the med students and future life savers are all backstabbing each other


| >>562097
I was (and am) inclined to agree with you, hence the dropping out part. Medicine as a field of study is really just a big pissing contest tbh.

It, like the earlier parts of this thread, also happens to be full of archaic tech that no one fucking uses anymore.


| >>562099

Wait, speaking of earlier in the thread-

Oh uh oops. I think we derailed the thread a bit.

Sorry miss (mister?) Kishi

| >>562102
Uh, yeah-- ほんまごめん,キシ団長さん。


| >>562102
I don't mind Dearimasu!
Its fun seeing people talk on here!

Have you all ever done Offline meets as well-ssu?

| >>560721 >>561360

Gem and IA asked for it, so... I finally deliver:


It... wasn't a cutoff when I bought it; my dumb college kid ass decided to take a pair of scissors to it because I thought that'd >>>somehow make it>>>better. Learn from my juvie mistakes, chummers.


hopefully the link works; apologies for a not so fantastic quality scan and bleeding markers orz

| >>562159
Not usually it seems.
Still, your bound to find someone from here when you go to a bar somehow.

Never knew why or how, its kinda strange no?

Thats pretty hipster i suppose.
Still, we all had out stranger years.

My curiosity is satisfied yey
(damn, you drew a char just because someone on the board got curious. Absolute legend)[/spoiled]

| >>562159
IA is right about the bar thing. I don't think he and I have actually met in person yet, but I'm sure it'll happen at some point...

The important part is that we've all reformed... right? What was this aesthetic called, anyway? Weren't those things on my shirt... the disks, aren't those like 100 years old?


i could use the practice, and i like to think it brings the character to life a little bit more-- im sure it'll happen again

| Steins;Gate anybody?

| >>562183
I think its called vaporwave or something.
Or maybe its called 60s. I dunno

| >>562207
Whose gate?


| >>562627
I think they're referring to a really old sci-fi visual novel about time travel and such. Dunno how it relates, but oh well.

| >>560224
Hey Dancho, I've been wanting to do some business with you. Think we can talk about buying that IBM off your hands? -CN

| ...what would you guys even do with such old tech? Those things are huge, heavy, and takes up space. I can't think of any use for them other than space waster.

| >>567442
They can be made as a resilient means of communication or medium. Security through obscurity and stuff.

| >>567367
You aiming for my old PC?
Sorry but I ain't selling it Dearimasu!

Now, if its just to use it; well I'm sure we can get a deal going arimasu!

| >>567522
That works for me, I just need to read through some old files. What's your poison? -CN

| >>567534
That's something you can look forward to Dearimasu!

I'll send you the location, I hope you don't mind the public or are adverse to crowds!

| >>567535
I'll be fine. -CN

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