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(Bar)The Hazy Moonlighter

| >it open mic night once again and the moonlighter is open for business once again
>the bar is mostly quiet tonight as it only opened up a few hours ago the only remarkable sounds to be heard are the idle chatter of some of the regulars and the squeaking sound of ol frank cleaning some glasses under the counter
>above him is a chalk board acting as a menu
>various drinks both traditional and BTC are listed down in pink chalk
>alongside some interesting house mixes

| >listed on the chalkboard to the pleasurable surprise of some is a list of new entries
>they seem to be food items, ranging from pasta to chicken
>a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

>behind the counter alongside frank is a boy with brown hair wearing a blue waistcoat and a..strange headset idly cleaning the counter

>as you enter they bow
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter"

| "Heyo."
>A man says in response, as he walks in, taking a seat at the counter, sliding a suitcase under his feet.
"What's up with the headset?"

| >>558686
"Oh uh...hmmm"
>the boy tilts his head
"I suppose to entertain myself and guests is the best way to put it?

So uh, wanna see a magic trick?"

"Anything i can get you sir?"
>the other bartender asks

| "...Ah what the hell, show me your trick."
>The guy takes his jacket off, revealing his shoulder holster. On one, is a handgun, on the other, a suppressor and a spare magazine.
"Oh, and house special, please."

| >>558690
"You got it."
>he presses Button on the headset
"Tell me an object"

"House special it is"
>he readies a shaker
"Favorite flavor?"

| >>558697
>The man answers the bartender first.
"Your choice."
>He turns back to the boy.
"uh... my gun."

| >>558702
"Aye aye"
>he puts some things in the mixers
>And soon will comes a drink of mystery
>oddly enough, it smells, but not bad, actually it smells quite nice
"Oh and before i forget, i need to see an ID before i serve any karmo.
We can still serve drinks, just no alcohol"

| "Gun eh?"
>he extends his hand
>you hear a pleasant ringing emanating from all around you
>slowly the sounds coalesce into his palm
>the soundwaves are somehow rendered visible
>and they slowly take form into your gun
>as well as suppressor and mag
>all made entirely out of soundwaves

| >>558708
>The guy bends over, in to his suitcase, and pulls out several identity cards, going throught them.
"Burnt, Expired, Oh! This one should do."
>He stuffs the other ones back in, and hands the bartender a driving license from some backwater country.

"Whoa, hey! Colour me impressed alright."
>The man smirks. Now that the gun is out, you can see that it is a Glock 43.

| >>558728
"Yep good enough"
>he gives you the "sorry its just protocol" look
"Anyway the house special is the bartenders choice for the patron"

>he pours a semi opaque dark brown drink in a beer mug and slides it over
"Take a sip!"
>he says with a grin

>he loads the sound gun
>and hands it to you
"Not done yet"
>some targets made of sound also manifest as the boy smirks

>you know what you must do

| >>558734
>The man takes a sip of the drink calmly, letting it mull in his mouth.
>The man shoots a curious glance at the boy, still smirking.

| >>558737
>the aroma stimulates your senses
>the drink meets your lips, its quite warm
>its flavour is deep with hints of Cinnamon and..is that butter?
>but...its also quite strong as if they mixed in a gut punch
>over all, its damn good

"No? Alrighty then..?"
>te boy snaps his fingers and all the sound objects disappear

| "Mmm... a good drink it is."
>The Man puts down a credstick.
"The gun won't fire either way. Fingerprint safety. Big Boss says it's for our safety."
"Say, keep those targets behind me up, let me show you one of my own tricks."

| (Whops, looks like I confused my charterers. Replace Big Boss sentence with "It's saved me plenty of times.")

| >>558746
>the boy turns to the tender

"Sorry, no firearms are allowed for obvious reasons.
Unless its for a show, in that case head to the stage.
Its open mic night."
>the bartender says

| "Make an exception for an old man, will ya?"
>The man grabs his gun and suppressor out of the air, screwing it on.

| "Personally i see no harm, but you see, there was an incident a while back annnnddd we installed some security around.

Like, fire a gun anywhere thats not that stage and the poor fool that made that mistake will be turned into swiss cheese via automatic 50cal turret fire on multiple angles.

Sooo...yeah sorry no..i would turn it off buuut i cant"
>he shrugs

| >The man looks around, and takes 2 stools up with him to the stage, and comes back, for his drink.
"Sorry, forgot this. Hey kiddo, can you set up some targets at the stage, behind my back?"
>The man says, before walking over to the stage, putting down his drink on one stool, and sits down on the other, back towards the bar, un-holstering his gun, and lets his gun hand hang.

| >>558779
"Aye aye"
>he taps a button on his headset
>the process reapeats
>some ringing and they turn into targets made of sound
>imagine a see through box, and every wave inside that hits a wall gets reflected
>some waves specially echo in just a way that it consistantly looks like a target ring

>the various other patrons watch

| >The man squints at his glass, then downs the drink putting it back on the stool.
>He takes a deep breath. Then another. Still looking at the glass, and begins his act.

>He moves his gun over and behind himself over his shoulder, and shoots the first target, and readjusts to the second taking another shot.

>He then moves it to his other side, now shooting under his other shoulder, in to a third target, readjusts to the 4th target, but misses. He stops at that moment.

| "Well shit. I guess I am growing old."

| "Whooooo"
>the fellows behind the counter clap
>However its but a footnote compared to the wave of applause from the rest of the audience of patrons
"I dunno, that was pretty good"

| >The man puts his gun away, taking a stool and his glass with him back to the counter.
"Well, I used to be better. But I guess loosing a hand does that."
>He looks up to the menu, as if picking something.
"...uh can I get a burger, and another house special."

| >The door open as Impulse walks into the bar. He's carrying his usual light kit. His Val rifle, his P226 in a holster, an armored rig, a backpack, a baseball cap, and a headset.
>He walks up to one of the seats and sits down
"One gut punch, thanks"

| (And a balaclava, how could I forget)

| >>558787
"Coming right up"
>the boy in blue begins to grill a burg and some buns while the tender begins mixing a drink

>in only a minute they both finish
>they slide you a burger and a drink in a wine glass
>both are warm

"And for mister impulse-"
>he mixes up a drink and pours into a rocks glass
>still wondering why its served in a rocks glass when not on the rocks
>its slided over

| >>558957
>Impulse take off his baseball cap, headset, and balaclava. He then take a sip of the drink

| >>558961
>it taste good depending on ones taste
>but as the name suggests, it feels like you got clocked in the gut

| >>558979
>Impulse doesn't react to the feeling, instead downing the whole glass like drinking water
"Another one please"

| "Oh, Impulse, long time no see."
>Than man turns to Impulse.

"It's me John."

| >>559004
"Ah, long time no see, friend"
>Impulse turn to John
"How are you doing?"

| >>558986
"Coming right up!"
>he refills your drink

"Got an iron gut or something?"
>frank asks

>the boy in blues ear twiches a bit
"Funny...there was some arms dealer who put a bounty on a guy named john..."
>he shrugs it off

| >>559015
>John quietly eats his meal, as if he did not hear you.

| >>559015
"I think I just have high tolerance to alchohols, it's been like that for a while. And maybe I got hit a lot I just got numb to it"
>Impulse replies as he take another sip from his drink

| >>559060
>he returns to wiping the counter
>in the end, it wasn't any of his business

"Ehhh...? Hold on a sec.
Yo cass, buck says you cant down this without flinching"

>he gives the boy a gut punch

>he downs the drink in one gulp
>then curls up a bit
"Ooooowwww....feels like i got clocked..."


| >Suspecting that nobody knows her, a sleek brunette wearing a zipped-up black high-collar bomber jacket, dark blue jeans, and a small recon backpack struts through the door.
>Taking a few seconds to adjust her eyes and look around at people, she reassuredly spots the bar and approaches it

| >John finishes his meal, and downs the rest of his drink.
"A good meal that is."
>He takes out a calling card, sliding it on the counter to the boy.
"We could do with a person of your abilities, especially room clearing."

>John notices the stranger, and looks at her for a second, trying to see if he'd recognise her, before turning his attention to the bartender.
"Can I get a bill?"

| >>559252
"Leaving so soon?"
>Impulse ask John

>Impulse notice the newcomer and greets her
"Oh, greetings! Newcomer."

| >>559253
>Taking a seat, she turns to Impulse, giving his gear a nice ol' look before greeting him warmly.
>She turns to the bartender and slides an ID out from under her belt.
"Something tropical and sweet, preferably rum-based if you've got it!"
>She turns back to Impulse, noticing the comfortable gear.
"So, to whom does this lovely kit belong to?"

| >>559247
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter"
>the counter bois bow

"Of course, here it is"
>you are handed a bill

"Looks legit to me."
>frank peers in to the ID
"Hey Cassius you take this one."

"Aye aye"
>he mixes a drink a pours it into a sling punch
"Rum punch eh-served"

| >>559270
>She thanks the bartender, starts to sip on the drink, and mutters to herself pleased.
"Mm, very nice..."

| >>559278
>the drink meets your lips
>you detect multiple types of rum, ranging from coconut to pineapple
>yet also an assortment of fruits
>the sweet taste of apple and cherry fill your tastebuds in a fruity burst only amplified by the various rums
>all perfectly chilled

"So, how is it miss..?"
>he tilts his head
"Errrr....i dont know your name.."

| >>559279
>She continues to enjoy the punch, and looks go the bartender.
"It reminds me of the Caribbean, very lovely! I go by Reya, pleasure."

| >>559253
"Yeah, the client should be a few blocks away, by his schedule."
>He says, tapping his briefcase with his foot.

>John doesn't bother looking at the bill, just puts down the credstick.

| >>559286
"Ah, in that case, my name is Cassius, pleasure to meet you."
>he exhales and chuckles
"Nice to know i didnt fudge it."

"Just a moment"
>frank scans the credstick
>if one were to look, ot would have been a fair or even cheap price

"Oh and before you go, whats this about room cleaning?"

| >>559268
"This kit? I crafted it myself. I'm a weaponsmith"
>Impulse reply to the question
"Are you by any chance that person who ordered an engraved berreta?"

| >>559290
"Well, cleaning, more clearing."
>John smiles, and takes his credstick back, picking up his briefcase.

| >>559299
>Reya perks her brows up, having connected the dots.
"Ah, you must be Impulse! Why, yes I did -- wasn't expecting to see you so soon!"

| >>559313
"That is indeed me. I really didn't expect to see one of my clients here either"
>Impulse take a drink from his gut punch, then take a tablet out of his assault backpack
"Want me take your pistol here?"

| >>559317
"That's your discretion. I wouldn't mind."
>Reya glances at the tablet, recognizing it as a certain model, then takes another sip of rum punch.
"You made sure that thing doesn't have its stock firmware, right?"

| >>559352
>Impulse click some buttons on the tablet and disappear out the bar door for a few minutes, and later return with a small box. He put it on the counter next to Reya. He open it.
"There you go, an Engraved Berreta 92FS, a box of 9x19mm ammunition, and three engraved magazine"

| >>559445
>Disregarding the tablet, Reya watches as Impulse disappears and then returns with the box.
>She opens the box and picks up the pistol, quickly cycling, field-stripping, reassembling, and holstering it.
"A work of art, many thanks! Amazon be damned..."
>Reya sips on more rum punch, looking around.
"Say, how do ya keep yourself occupied on the daily?"

| >>559301
>he tilts his head
>whatever message you were trying to send seems to have gone over his head
"Well, thanks for visiting please come again"
>he bows as you leave

"I reccomend going to the alley out back if you want to test that."
>frank interrupts

| >>559465
>Reya first makes a "huh?" face at Frank, but then realizes and gives him an assuring glance.
"Don't worry -- I heard a story or three from a guy outside about some dude getting riddled like a graphene net by folks after he made a bad move, or somethin'."

| >>559459
>Impulse take another sip of his drink before answering
"Not much, waiting for customers in the workshop, fix and crafting stuffs, contract runners and weapon factories here and there, and giving runners something to do"

| >>559487
>Reya raises a brow, replying
"Ah, I see. You must see a wide variety of faces then, at least the ones who show 'round these parts?"

| >>559655
"I do know some people, if I may say so"
>Impulse reply as he take out his pistol, a P226 MK25, not as engraved as the one he gave to Reya, but much more modded. You can see an Osprey Suppressor, an X400 Flashlight, and a FF3 Micro reflex on the gun. He unload and disassemble the gun to clean it.

| >A tall man enters the bar, his skin is pale as death and his eyes are narrow. His long trenchcoat hides a pristine suit and a red tie.
>He looks shady

| >>559694
>shady or not these guys are professionals
>or at least frank is

>the counter boys bow as you enter
"Hello sir and welcome to the moonlighter"

| >>559695
>The man takes a seat
"I'll have the cheapest option on the menu"
>He says with a low voice

| >>559698
"Coming right up"
>frank mixes up a drink and pours into a rocks glass
>despite the drink not calling for rocks
>this continues to confuse frank to this day

>but never the less, he slides over the drink

| >>559678
>Reya grins, eyeing the P226 and recognizing its attachments.
>She notices the man, but looks to Impulse and replies
"That's certainly one way to greet them, heheh... now that I think about it, you do look *slightly* familiar, no clue wherefore. Spend much time in Flooded?"

| >The young man pass into the bar and stops around the counter.
>With heavy sigh he wipe his face with palm.
Good day, sir. I need to drink something. Can i rely on your choice?

| >>559805
>Impulse finish cleaning his gun and assemble it back together. He load the gun and chamber the round. He put it on safety and put it back in his holster
"Mostly my runners do the jobs, but I do go there a few times yeah"

| >>559969
>Reya, keeping a peripheral on the guys coming in, replies to Impulse
"Fair. Did ya hear about the latest haul? Rag-tag team nested themselves quite a payday with some Matrix tech from near the Abyssal border. I'm actually trying to find whomever obtained that post-facto."
>She finishes the glass of rum juice, expressing satisfaction.

| >>559948
"Welcome sir, just a moment then"
>the counter bois bow as you enter
>he begins mixing a drink
"Forgive me but i must ask for an ID or means of confirming your age.
We can still serve drinks if you dont, just nothing with karmo"

| >>559975
"No, actually, I didn't know anything about that, tell me more"
>Impulse replies, mostly ignoring the newcomer

| >>559699
>The shady man takes the drink and eyes the newcomer, before drinking it slowly

| >>559986
>Reya gathers her thoughts, and then replies
"I was watching transactions in the district, so to speak, and one of the regular scav groups to Abyssal came across a lucky find."

| >>559986
>She does a double-take of the room, before continuing
"Back when all of the cyberspaces were being developed, there were special modules created for the supercomputing clusters that were meant for debugging. Matrix, QuirkeNet, you name it. Nowadays, those might be usable for more than that -- I need to find out."

| >>559990
>as its name implies, the taste is strong
>it is over all a nice taste
>but it feels like you got punched in the gut

"We have an abyssal district?
I swear i keep hearing about it but ive never gotten a good response"
>the blue boi interrupts
"Err...sorry for interrupting"

| >>560013
"Lucky them, then. Abyssal do have a hell lot of nice stuffs beneath those water. Raided a harbor once, found some nifty loot"
>Impulse reply, he is now loading magazines for his rifle and pistol. You can notice that the ammo in the pistol magazine has a black sharp tip, unlike normal 9mm rounds.

| >>559978
Of course, a moment please...
>He searching all space of his pockets and sigh another one time.
Well, it seems that I will sober today. How about a nonalchogolic drinks? Anything refreshing will nice.

| >>560016
>Reya turns to the blue boi and replies
"Null sweat! Some people say it hosts whatever caused the Flooded District."
>Waiting for the man to finish, she interjects with a credstick
"I'd be happy to cover a drink for you, good sir."

| >>560083
"Hmmm...you know it dosent have to be a physical ID or such
I can be a drivers license or a digital one"
>he finishes mixing your drink
>he pours a dark brown liquid into a glass beer mug and slides it over
>its warm to the touch
"Hot butter rum.
No alcohol, buuut it tastes exactly like it does."

"Heh trippy, tell you what,
You entertain my curiosity and your drinks for the night are on me.
Whadda ya say?"

| >>560021
>Reya turns back to Impulse, noticing the spec
"Sorry, but yeah, they had a run. Harbor, eh? That part of town has a lighthouse too, doesn't it?"

| >>560090
>Impulse finishes his gut punch before continuing
"Lighthouse? Yeah"
>He then calls to frank
"Frank! Another Gut Punch please"

| >>560245
"Coming right up"
>5 Bronson,1 flanergide, 3 karmo to taste,
>aaannnnddd some of franks confusion for the glass choice

>put that all together and pulu sei-sama has a gutpunch
>frank slides it over

| >>560245
>Reya thinks for a second, then replies
"I've heard some stories from inland however, the big store and the like. Got any stories from there?"

| >>560248
>Impulse take a sip from the new glass of gut punch, then replies.
"Just raided one of the PMC office the other day. But not much else."

| >>560623
>Reya replies
"Fair. It amazes me that you will *always* find loot out that way, no matter when or what."

| "Hi."
>A young lilim woman replies. She's dressed in a suit waistcoat with a green tie behind it, a long sleeved dress shirt, and slacks. She approaches the bar and sits.
"I'll take the strongest drink you have."
>She glances over at the boy
"That sure is a cool headset you have on"

| >>560946
"Hello ma'am and welcome to the moonlighter"
>they bow
"Cassius's, this ones on you"

"Aye aye frankie"
>he begins to mix a drink
>you smell hints of..cocoa?
"I suppose it is somewhat interesting,
Wanna see a magic trick?"
>his eyes glow blue

| >>560947
>She looks over to Cassius
"Quick question while you're fixing that up for me. Is this drink flammable at all?"
>After asking her question she looks at the boy with a big grin on her face.
"I would love to see a magic trick. Let's see what you've got!"

| >>560949
"Well, it can be assuming i can confirm your over drinking age, soo yeah i need an ID.
Sorry it just protocol."
>he then grins and taps a button on the headset
>then extending his hand he asks a question
"Hmmm pick aaaa...flower.
any flower"

| >>560950
>She slides her ID over the counter
"Ah feel like a kid again. I haven't been asked for ID in so long. And it's okay. It never hurts to be too careful about things."
>She looks back over to the boy.
"How about a big sunflower. Will that work?"

| >>560956
"Looks legit"
>he finishes mixing and pours the mix into a martini glass
>the sweet smell of chocolate and cream fills the air as he sprinkles a bit of powder
>is that nutmeg?
"One Alexander for the demoƬ"
>he slides over your ID and the drink
"Now then, a sunflower eh?
Thats an interesting pick"

| >he extends his hand
>you hear a pleasant ringing emanating from all around you
>slowly the sounds coalesce into his palm
>the soundwaves are somehow rendered visible
>and they slowly take form into the head of sunflower

>he places it near your drink

| >>560963
"Oh my. What a wonderful trick!"
>She says, beaming. She picks up her drink and takes a few sips, being careful to not disturb the sunflower head.
"May I show you a magic trick in return?"

| >>560965
>the drink meets your lips
>it taste sweet like candy and incredibly easy to drink
>you can taste the obvious cocoa liqueur as it is amplified by the perfect smoothness of fresh cream
>all perfectly rounded together with that pinch of nutmeg

>he tilts his head
"Oh? Well then by all means"

| >>560966
"Excellent. I was hoping you would say yes. I've been working on fine tuning this for a year. And there couldn't be a more perfect place for its debut than a place with one of the best drinks I've ever had."
>She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a deck of cards. She removes the cards from the box and fans them out in her right hand.
"Choose a card!"

| >>560967
"I wouldn't say they are *that* good"
>he closes his eyes, partially of embarrassment from a compliment
>then takes a card frommmm theee
>left ish corner

>Meanwhile the other tender looks down in shame upon overhearing you say "best drinks"
>its ok frank, your still a good tender

| >>560968
"They're certainly up there with the best I've had. And I've been around. My name is Elizabeth by the way. You guys can call me Liz"
>She pulls a marker seemingly out of her eye and holds it out to you
"Could you sign your card for me real big on the front?"
>She sets the rest of the deck down on the counter next to the sunflower head and rolls her sleeves up. As she does this you notice the cuffs are charred. Afterwards she picks her drink up and takes a sip.

| >>560970
>well huh
>heres a rare sight
>Cassius Robuchon Vanderbilt *blushing*!?!?
>what strange devil magic did you use?!?
>he inhales for a moment and snaps out of it

"Oh here i got my own"
>he pulls out a pen
"Wouldn't be the first to ask for my signature"
>he jokes
>then scribbles down IA

| >Rame enters the bar and slightly adjusts the hood looks at the bartender.
Good day. Can a have one glass of orange juice?

| >>560974
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter"
>frank bows
"Just a moment-"
>he pours you some of that OJ

| >>560973
"Are you famous? I'm relatively new and trying to get to know the city.
>She puts her marker in her pocket and flips the card and takes a look at it.
"Now I'm sure you would agree that there is no other three of spades like yours in existence, yes?"

| >>560979
"Who knows~"
>he gives a cheeky smile
"Now then, there most certainly is not"

| >>560977
How about a little talk? This place looks pretty cozy. What interesting things happening lately mister...
>Rame takes the glass and drinks half of it.
Mmm...thats quiet nice juice you have there.

| >>560981
"Hmmm..not much to say really."
>he refills the glass
"Aside from rumours about whatever, you would Probably find better chatter with the other patrons"

| >>560980
"I couldn't imagine being famous. It seems like more stress than what it's worth."
>She steps back from the bar a bit with your card in hand and takes a breath. Then she starts blowing towards the card and a small fireball comes from her mouth, causing the card to catch fire.
>She steps back up to the counter with the card slowly burning in hand
"Could I get 2 more drinks with no alcohol please?"

| >>560983
"Coming right up"
>he slides over two cups
>some orangw juice
>And some grape juice

| >>560984
"Wonderful. Thank you."
>She takes the ashes up the burnt up card and divides it up into two parts and puts them in both drinks.
"Here you go. Drink this.
>She slides the orange juice with the mixed ashes towards you and gulps down the grape juice.

| >>560986
>he tilts his head for a moment before shrugging
"Bottoms up"
>then downs it

| >>560987
>After being lost in thought, Reya snaps out of it and notices Liz and Frank.
>She chooses to remain silent, observing the card trick with a hint of reserve.

| >>560987
"Now that we've both have finished our drinks, would you say there's no way that the card can be recovered?"
>She picks up the rest of the deck and riffles through them
"One of the most interesting things about a pack of cards is that even if you remove one or two, the memory still remains of those cards. And sometimes if you're lucky..."
>She throws the rest of the deck up in the air and snatches one out from the rain of cards
"That memory can be made real again."

| >>561102
>he tilts his head intrigued
>simply watching and enjoying the show

| >Liz steps back up to the counter and sits, flipping the card on the counter. It's the signed three of clubs.
"I'm still working on the ending monologue. I'm sure I can come up with something better in the future."
>She picks the cards up off the floor and goes back to sipping her first drink

| >>561104
"Ohhhh close but no cigar demoiselle.
The original card was three of spades."
>he opens his mouth and pulls out the signed three of spades
"I believe this is it~"
>wha wha wha?!!?
>how did he do that!?

| >>561104
>Reya lightheartedly claps, responding
"It was nice! Such ferocity with which you held that card in your gaze."
>Seeing Frank pull the signed 3 of Spades, Reya can't help but chuckle and grin.

| >>561106
>She smiles and picks the three of clubs up off the counter and blows another small fireball at it. The signature on frank's card fades away and it appears on the card that was once the three of clubs, but now is the signed three of spades
"Of course the trick is still just in testing so its not without it's kinks. When someone first told me the trick was too ambitious i argued otherwise. Now, a year later i see his point."

| >>561108
>he laughs
"Haha yep that was fun.
Nice trick"
>he claps

(Not frank, its the blue boi)

| >>561109
"Thanks. I've been thinking about taking my full act on the road since the whole 'freelance waitress' thing doesn't really work out a lot of the time to pay the bills. Speaking of which, do you guys need a waitress or anything?"
>She puts the remaining cards in her pocket and rolls her sleeves back down

| >>561112
"Yeah actually,
Yo frank come over here"

>he walks over

"Are you interested in working here?
Frank just put out a new menu so they need some to work tables.
I personally dont even work here, im just helping out untill they find someone"
>he sighs

"Ahehe sorry cass"
>Frank looks down

| >>561113
"I'm definitely interested. The atmosphere in here is really nice. Is there an application process?"

| >>561114
"Not by much
Just need you to sign some papers and we're golden.
The owner needs to keep track of any hires and such.
Pay is negotiable but start at 75n an hour"
>75 an hour?!
>given that minimum wage is 13 an hour thats insane
>he places down a set of papers

>after reading through it, its quite the fair contract
>you dont even need a uniform, so long as what you are wearing looks 'serviceable'

| >>561115
"That's a lot more reasonable than other places I've worked for. One of them had me juggling knives next to tables. The pay is quite nice as well."
>She pulls a pen out from her pocket and signs "Elizabeth A. Singer"
"Is a name tag required? I have spare here in my pocket if so"
>She puts a name tag on the counter. It reads '80'

| >>561117
"Nope we can handle that"
>frank scans the name
"Uno momento"
>he dissapear into the back office for a moment then returns with a rather stylish nametag
"We like to keep it classy here.
Feel free to start whenever"

>a girl with black and white hair walks in
>she is wearing a maid outfit and holding a bag of groceries
"Immm baaaacckkkk!"

"Its about time gem"
>the blue boi calls out

"Ahehe..there was a long line"
>she then heads behind the counter

| >>561118
"Oh cool. This one is way better than my old one. It even says '80' on it."
>She spins it on the counter
"Do you guys need some help now? I could help out now if you want"

| >>561119
"If you want then yeah, it would be appreciated"
>the girl sets down the groceries
>and the blue boi begins cooking
>a mouthwatering smell drifts through the room

| >>561120
"Alright. I can help out then. What do you want me to do?"
>She finishes her drink and puts the nametag on.
"Oh, right. Can't forget about this."
>She fishes some money out of her pocket and puts it on the counter. There's a very generous tip along with the cost of all the drinks

| >>561121
"Just bus the tables i guess, gem just got back so Cassius can finally cook.

Also im calling you liz"

"Im calling you lizzy.
Is fun that way">cassius calls out from the stove

"Oh no need to pay, you work here now so drinks are free"
>Frank hands back the money

| >>561122
"That's another perk added to the list then."
>She puts the money back in her pocket
"You guys can call me whatever you want. I only have my nametag say that so i don't get mixed up while I'm not working. Last time it happened i accidentally lit a table on fire"

| >Rame wakes up near a glass of juice and dropping the hood looked at the bar trough long curly hair.
>He looks at bartender
Well that was a nice juice. Maybe another one? How can I call you?

| >>561123
"Anything eh?
How about i call you darling"
>Cassius teases

"Come on man she just started!"

"Relax i was kidding"
>he laughs
But I wanna hear the story behind the table thing later.
But itll have to wait"
>he sets down some plates full of various foods
>and the many mouthwatering aromas overtake your senses
"Shrimp for table 4 , fried chicken for 17, beer and onion rings for 10 and the bacon chili dog for 11.
Got all that?"

| >>561180
>after getting that business all sorted frank turns to you
"You can call me frank miss">as his nametags suggests
>he refills your orange juice

| >>561194
>After the business is taken care of, Reya smiles and turns to Frank and the gang.
"Speaking of stories, I'm sure you guys have quite a few interesting ones, eh?"

| >>561195
"A few i suppose.
Nothing interesting"

"Or real">the blue boi calls out from the stove"

(Funnily enough https://allthetropes.org/wiki/Blog:/cyb/#Figures_of_rumor_and_myth
Interpret that as you wish ;p )

>you see a girls head peek out from the counter in a rather cute fashion
"Hallo ^-^"

| >>561194
>Rame takes juice and slowly sips looking down at his jaket.
Well, ok Frank. Can I get the bill?

| >>561202
"Just a moment then"
>he hands over the bill
>7 buck for 2 glasses of OJ?
>thats pretty cheap!

| >>561203
>Rame uses his credit stick and hoods back.
>He bowed slightly and left the bar
Farewell Frank. Later I'll be back for another one glass of that yummy OJ.

| >>561193
"Be careful. Last person who called me darling wound up with a very burnt tongue"
>She replies smugly while picking up the 4 plates
"Shrimp at 4, chicken at 17, beer and rings at 10, and dog at 11. Got it"
>She repeats while walking off to the tables

| >>561204
"Thank you for your patronage"
>the now counter *crew* bow
"Please come again"

"Whatever you say, dar~ling"
>he chuckles

>you ho around the bar dropping off meals as necessary
"Hey its a new girl!"

"Always nice to see a new face"

"Cheers to the new girl!"

"Cheers!">some of the lads raise their drinks
>the moonlighter got that much more merry

| >>561211
>As Liz walks away, she hears you and looks back and wink and spits out a larger fireball than you've seen her use before
>She scoots around among the cheers with a smile and walks back up to the counter
"Never knew anyone would be so happy to see me"

| >>561215
"Well, its pretty much been frank for a loooong time.
Thus, its quite the event when the bar staff has new blood.

That and im pretty sure those guys will take any excuses to call for cheers"
>cassius responds

"Hey! These onion rings are really good!"

"Cheers for good food"

>some of the lads raise their drinks

"Just like that"
>he chuckles

| >>561217
"Maybe they're drunk?"
>Liz turns toward the crowd
"Out of curiosity, why haven't you guys hired more folks?"

| >>561219
"There was no need before.
You dont need to bus tables when there isnt food being served after all."

"cheers!">the lads raise their drinks
>for your non existent broken ankle?

>te counter bois just laugh at this
"Pppffff Nice one"

"Maybe they are drunk haha!"

| >>561221
"Then it seems like I came in just in time."
>She looks over to them while they cheer
"I wonder what would happen if someone actually did break an ankle. Would they cheer?. I wonder how loud they can get as well. Anyway, do we have any more orders to take out?"

| >>561223
"Nope that should be it.
For now at least"
>frank responds

"Huh. Now you got me curious."
>cass tilts his head thinking

| >>561382
"Awesome. I thought there would be more but that wasnt much at all"
>She sits at the counter again
"Are there normally this many people here around this time?"

| >>561408
"More or less.

Last open mic night there was a paraplegic orphan, twin redhead androids, pulse over there
And a succubus lady that i swear was underage."
>cass replies

"One of the more interesting nights Definitely"
>Frank follows up

| (I thought I would get forgotten considering I haven't replied in, like what?, 2 or 3 days? Also, sorry, I got caught up in some stuffs so I couldn't reply, also partialy because I don't know what to reply)
>Impulse, who was sitting quietly, hear Cassius's reply and ask:
"Wait, hold on, that girl was underaged? Bloody hell, mate."

| >>561416
(Daijobu des pulu sei sama)
"I know right?
Still, couldn't say for sure.

Its just that the way she acted, the tone of her voice, the way she god slightly defensive about my question but not to much as to arouse suspicion.

It made me think that she was some rich kid out to prove something.
As if disappointing her father out of spite for some reason."

>he shrugs and wipes the counter
"At least thats what i think"

| >>561415
"Sounds to me like it was a good time. Any interesting acts last time?"
>Liz shifts a bit in her seat
"Anything like fire eating or chainsaw juggling?

| >>561425
"Asside from Cassius's sound magic whatever"


"Gem over here"
>he refers to the girl with black and white hair in the maid outfit.
"sang, as well as the succubus lady and a few others"
>frank responds

"They say i did pretty good!">said girl says from behind the counter

| >>561426
"I think the sound magic is really interesting and cool, honestly. I've never seen anything like it."
>She turns to Gem
"What song did you sing when you were up there? I've heard singing in front of people is nerve wracking"

| >>561428
>you see cass put his hand to his mouth
>then breath fire

"Oh uh er.."
>your question caught her off guard
"I,it was something by *kira* miki."

| >>561430
>The fire breathing catches Liz's attention
"Oh! Do you have heated teeth like me? I had mine installed to breathe fire for an act"
>She smiles and her teeth begin to glow bright red
>She turns back to Gem
"What song was it? I listen to her every so often"

| >>561442
"Nope, just did it old school, with a mouthful of hard liquor and a secret lighter"
>he breaths out a purple mist
>then a pink mist

"Oh uh it was your love is a drug.
I dont really listen to her all that much so it was the only one i knew ahehe"
>she responds

| >>561445
"Not listening to her that much, better than me then, I don't know her at all"
>Impulse replies

(Yes I tagged you twice, your fault for having more than one character in a single post)
"Can I ask where that white, ehem, "Magical Sounds" Glock pistol is now?"

| >>561445
"That method is what led to me lighting the table on fire, like i mentioned earlier. I'm pretty clumsy and dropping things happens to me a lot. Moral of the story is dont drop lighters i guess"
>She turns to Gem
"This song is my favorite of hers. I'd love to hear you sing it sometime"
>After a a small smile, she begins to hum Your Love is a Drug

| >>561448
"A magician never reveals their secrets pulu sei sama.
Although i will say this, it was never real"
>he laughs

"Ahhh, so thats what happened"
>that look of satisfaction

"Gladly. Ohhh but not now,im on my shift!"

"Gem what shift? Were here just helping out"

"Ohhh right"

| >Rame returns to the bar
Good day. Orange juice please.

| >>561457
"Yep. Being clumsy seems to come naturally to me. I would think that it was one of those "quirks" they give us, if I didn't already know what mine was."
>She pulls an old coin out from her pocket, looks at it for a moment, and puts it back and suddenly seems lost in thought

| >>561489
"Uhhh miss, you were just here a few minutes ago..">frank says
>he serves some OJ

"Huh, i can find out if you want.
I am a lilim engineer you see, or at least something along those lines.",
>cass offers

| >>561498
>She snaps out of whatever trance like state she was in
"Oh, I'm already sure of what mine is. It's just a matter if I want to consume enough caffeine to keep it in check. If you want to see if that is, indeed, the case, I'd be more than happy to let you do a test or something"

| >>561511
"No its quite Alright.
Dont let me bother you from your war flashbacks"
>he jokes

| >>561513
"If war flashbacks means a memory of rolling a coin in my fingers while walking past a vending machine and being tased by it because "fake money" then sure I guess"
>She says with a chuckle

| >>561515
>then the clock strikes XX
>and a small bell rings
>he literally tears off his clothing
>revealing a blue jacket
>ok what? How did he even do that without it showing
"See you around lizzy!"
>a small sonic pulse detonates at his feet rushing him out the door in a blue

"Cassius wait for meeee"
>gem then walks out

| >>561519
"Ciao everyone."
>Liz gets up out of her seat and walks out the door

| >>561498
>Rame looks at Frank with surprise
You probably took me for another...and I'm not miss.
>He takes juice and drink a little.

| >>561527
"Tale care liz"
>frank waves you off

"Oh uh...Alright..?">he tilts his head
"Then whats your name? Sorry i would usually know but you didn't order any alcohol"
>with the blue bois absence it falls to frank to clean the counter
>was this information necessary? Not really

| >>561553
>Liz walks back in looking slightly embarassed
"That bell wasn't for everyone was it?"

| >>561519
>Impulse looks a little surprised
>He continues drinking

| >>561519 >>561567
>Reya swirls what's left of the drink in her glass, nonchalantly looking at Liz and grinning
"That *is* a good question..."

| >>561567
"No your free to go"

>you think that perhaps it was magic after all...

"Care for a refill or a new drink miss reya?"
>and so begins franks magic bartender power of somehow being able to hold a ridiculous amount of conversations at the same time

| >>561688
>Reya, amused by the same number, replies
"Sure, why not? Something light and airy, let's float for a while..."

| >>561688
>Impulse puts back on his face cover, headset, and baseball cap. Then he stands up
"Anyways, I think I will be going now"
>Impulse leave his credstick on the counter and leave

| >>561705
"Got it, i think i know just the thing"
>he begins to mix a drink
>the smell of peaches roam the air as he pours and orangey peach drink in a tulip glass
>it foams a bit after pouring
"One bellini for miss reya"
>he slides it over

| >>561710
"Thank you for your patronage"
>he bows
"Please come again"

| >>561710
>Reya waves Impulse off, saying
"See ya round! I'll be in touch."
>The peachy smell immediately catches Reya
"Oh, I already love that -- thank you."
>She eagerly takes a hearty sip.

| >>561723
>the drink meets your lips
>ah yes this is bliss
>the light slightly fluffy taste
>paired with the peach imbued rose sparkling wine
>it makes you feel like a celebrity leisurely sipping on a luxurious high quality peach juice

| >>561656
"I thought that maybe the bell meant everyone. Whoops. I guess not."
>Liz walks back over to the counter and has a seat again and turns a bit so she's half facing frank, due to a bit of embarrassment

"I think I'm going to stick around for a bit and help out if you need me to. It's not like I have anywhere else to be"

| >>561789
"Alright, it would be appreciated then"
>he chuckles a bit
"You know if Cassius was here he would Probably be teasing you with that face your making"

"I am here and i will tease her."
>cassius says from behind the counter
>still in his blue waistcoat
>waitwait what?!
>how did he do that?!?
>literally everyone saw him leave!
>and nobody saw or heard him walk back in!
>just there like he never left

"How did we even dooo that!!"
>shouts the also magically appearing gemini

| >>561792
"Eh. I'm very used to getting teased. It comes with the territory of my other skillset"
>She places her elbow on the counter and rests her head in it while shifting her gaze to cassius and gem
"Trapdoor or?"

| >>561799
>when you look over to them, they aren't there
>so you peer over the counter
>and are probably surprised to see there is no trap door

| >>561804
"Hmmm. Stealth field unit then?"
>She taps her index finger under her eye and an audible click can be heard as she vanishes from sight
"I own one, but never get to use it as cardistry is more my forte"

| >>561808
>frank is confused
>they genuinely seem to be gone

| >>561810
>Another click can be heard as Liz reappears in the same position she was in before
"Hmm. I've got nothing then."
>Her eyes shift to Frank
"Do you happen to have ginger ale back there?"

| >>561811
"Yeah one moment"
>he hands over a can of ginger ale

>a manta ray made of visible sound waves manifests and begins floating around the room along with a plethora of other fish
>imagine a see through box shaped like the designated object, and every wave inside that hits a wall gets reflected

"What the hell is going on..?"
>frank gets even more confused

| >>561813
"Thanks. I've been wanting one of these for a few days now"
>She opens the can and takes a drink
"Just like how i remember"
>Upon seeing the fish she chuckles
"Looks like the bar is an aquarium now"

| >>561813
>Reya blinks to then see the sound manta ray, and remarks
"Ok, I've either had too much of a day or I'm starting to see things, hehe..."

| >>561827
"Seriously what the fuuuuk"
>the manta ray circles you
>then it twims right towards you, phasing through like a ghost
>leaving a nice feeling

"Hey its like an a aquarium in here!"

"Cheers for the fishes!"

>they're drunk

>you think for a moment..
>yep, this Definitely isnt alcohol at work
>you only had like, 2 glasses
>and they were pretty light to

>a pack of sound sea horses pass by and circle you

| >>561892
>Its a break for Reya from the usual, in any event.
>Reya admires the display, remarking
"Exotic places call for exotic moments, I guess they say!"

| >>561892
"Interesting. I wonder if they had fishing rods, if they would try to catch the fish"
>Liz shifts in her chair and checks a very beaten up watch that she pulls from her pocket

| >>561901 >>562120
"None of you are bothered by this?!?"
>he shakes his head
>you can imagine his brain melting slightly
"Well nevermind, im sorry to bother, but we'll be closing soon.
This day was suprisingly trippy by the end"

| >>562182
>Reya looks to Frank, finishing the drink and replying
"Oh, no worries! Many thanks for holding the place up n all...will definitely stop by again soon."
>Reya looks to Liz, and hands her a small chip
"My contact -- you never know, I guess."

| >>562182
"Nah. I've seen weirder stuff happen before. It is neat though. Could I get another ginger ale for the road?"

>Liz put the chip in her pocket
"Thanks. Mine is already in your pocket"

| >>562221
>frank bows as you leave
"Thanks for visiting please come again"

"I got it from here,
Oh uh but that reminds me, before you go-"
>he fishes something from his pocket
>and throws it to you
>its a set of keys and a card containing some phone numbers
"Just in case"
>you assume its a copy of the key
>and its obvious that the numbers are frank, cass and gems
"Call ahead if your late or unable to work"

| >a sound turtle then delivers you a ginger ale on its back
>then phases through you
>much to franks confusion
"...i need to lie down.."

| >>562296
>She catches it with her left hand, takes a brief look at them, and puts them in her pocket
"Alright, perfect.I'm almost never busy so there's no real reason why I ever wouldn't be able to come in"
>Liz retrieves the ginger ale and pops the top as she begins to walk towards the door
"Maybe tomorrow won't be as confusing"
>She says while looking back with a slight grin on her face
"See you tomorrow Frank"

| >>562301
"See ya next time liz"
>he waves you off
>then a sound fish rubs against him in a cute fashion
"You guys aren't permanent are you

| >>562301
"See ya, Liz!"
>Reya laughs, turning away from the bar
"I'd hope not! Thanks for the lot Frank, I'll be back."
>Reya turns to leave the bar

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