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[Fractured Audio] ECHO-231

| >The audio is heavily distorted, even without the broken encryption that melts away as you clean up the file. Eventually, you get it to a somewhat playable state...

"Command HQ, we got a situation in the operating area!" >Followed by yelling and gunshots.

"Watch your back, ECHO Three!" >Whooping noise, like an old Earth "hyena" alerting others to their presence.

"Command HQ, we got a situation here! >The distinct noise of a minigun firing ripping the ground apart follows, along with a loud blast which cuts out the audio.

>A minute or three later-

"Move out, Move out!" >A man screams, followed by the sound of something being violently squished.

>A howl that suggests a wolf, but sounds... gurgled. Uncanny.

"Lay down suppressive fire! >The noise of several rifles going off at once follows, but then...

"Gods... They're gone, Strike One is gone, I- I don't know where to go! GUAAAAAAAHHH!"

>Static.... then the recording continues.

"Mike, behind you! Get everyone back to the APC! Now! Now! NOW!" >Simultaneous shots, interspersed by screams and explosions.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE THINGS!?" >Someone shoots a pistol but then falls silent.

"They're all around us! What do we do!?" >The machine gun fire continues...

"Just shoot!"

>Whining, like a wolf had been shot-

"Now, now, now!" >Another explosion, the roars of jet engines...

"Where are you? I can't see anything!"

"They killed the birds! Fall back!" >Additional pistol shooting...

"HQ, ECHO Six, abandoning positions!" >Suppressive fire...

"Go on my signal!"

"They're breaking through the ground!"

"I'm bit! Goddamn it!" >Loud snarling noises.

"Code red, we got a code red! Ulk!"

>You hear something snap loudly, followed by the radio falling to the ground. A violenty static feedback noise pops through, as if they had been stepped on.

"Major structural damage to the roads, we can-. I'm in-- We're --- Ahhhhh!"

>The line cuts off shortly...

>Unholy roaring noise from three or four sources...

"Help! Help please, help! Help! Help! HELP ME!"

"We're overrun!"

"Help! Help me!"

"They're coming from the sk-"

>The audio file ends.

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