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| Haven't pulled a stunt like this in years, so forgive me if I'm rusty as hell on the protocol. But here goes:

For those keeping an ear out: there's been shootout downtown. That on its own isn't news; not in this damned city. BUT, what is news is that it ISN'T!

Let me try to explain...

Major news stations are outright ignoring what is going on. Giving up the sensationalism of yet anouther downtown fire fight for asanine reruns of "Who's Got the Cherry?"


| ...

QUIDTRID is the brand attached to all of it. They are the ones trying to make this go quiet. But, our good friends of the NNN managed to get some footage of what is really going on before they got turned around at a managment or executive level. Lucky for us, they graciously donated the footage to some well-meaning denizens of the shadows. No hate at the reporters, they are wage-slaves like anyone else.

I'm still looking at who precisely pulled the trigger on the blackout...

| >Attached is a file of an ongoing battle in the downtown area along with relevant files and reports linking QUIDTRID to the coverup

| -NeoC

| If anyone else has more info are knows how to dive deeper digitally than I have. I have a running account open to anyone who cracks this open and shares it to as wide an audience as possible. 10k each, I just need a copy of the data, corroboration, and evidence its been shared. If you think I'm not good for it, you haven't been running long.


| >correction
"or knows" not "are knows"
forgive me, in a bit of rush.

| >>554701
Good find, based off of what I've been researching before this, QUIDTRID has been doing this for awhile too. Lisa found some metadata a while back showing that they've been using that stupid Dynaforce show to cover up coverage of the VT/VL Corp war before this as well. I'll repost the data here... it's pretty garbled cause I think Lisa got a little overzealous "eating" the protective exterior, but theres enough there that you can fill in the lines. -CN

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| In addition, since I was in Downtown at the time of the blackout, I ran across another VT clinic on fire, a common occurrence of things during the Corp war, which I'm sure won't be talked about on the news, I got some footage of that on the way out. Keep in mind this can be a little graphics for others. -CN
> The recording begins from what appears to be the passenger side window of a vehicle. The recording features a focus on a raging firestorm that is in the midst of consuming not just a clinic it began at, but a nearby apartment complex and any vegetation that were nearby. VeriaTech signage outlines the blaze. As the vehicle drive by, you notice a few bodies splayed outside on the ground. They vanish as the vehicle weaves through a small crowd of civilians, sitting out on the curb, watching their lives go up in smoke, before the recording ends.

| Finally as for the blackout, I dont have anything concrete or anything on it, but I have strong suspicions it was an unrelated incident, at the very least with the attack on my hideout. They just werent properly coordinated for a group to have a plan focused on using the blackout to their advantage. Not to mention, given that the coup on VT occured *first*, in an area where the blackout didnt even occur at the time, adds evidence to my theory. Vita Life probably were planning the attack for awhile, but they got hasty with this blackout and thought they could use it. Honestly if it wasn't for that I doubt we would had ended up as lucky as we did with the aftermath... -CN

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So the next step is a combination of dissemination and digging up more dirt, right? Think we can fish more info out by using the existing information as a lure? They wanna keep this quiet, so if we make it difficult for them we might be able to catch a backdoor in the middle of one of their communication events if we try.


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That shouldnt be hard to do, neither VT or VL are exactly the quiet sort, we'll hear something if we keep an ear to the matrix. -CN

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Somehow that doesn't surprise me. There's got to be a level of severe disconnection from the world around them in the first place for all this to have happened.

You about to topple a Megacorporation, CN? Cause that's what I'm seeing in my tea leaves.

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Mmm... maybe eventually but not yet. Now that the internal in VT are a mess, a lot of intel is probably out of date. I need time to get reestablished and gather info again. Don't want to make the same mistake VL did with us after all. Thankfully something tells me a *lot* of the VT execs will suddenly have looser lips after the coup. -CN

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