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To Yubari King and Odysseus

| Congratulations! I guess I can can say this little VeriaTech and Vita Life Corp war is over now, given that your little coup over at VT HQ is over now.... but theres something you forgot to take into account. Every injustice, every crime against humanity you commit to gain more "power". That just means theres more people willing to work against everything you try to accomplish. You think you're hot drek, but you accomplished less then a retired surgeon I know. So all im going to say is this: Side not with the enemy that makes a pacifist go to war. -CN

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| ...Holy shit, CN is still alive.


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WE'RE all still alive. -CN

| Very well put CN.
These people should be careful about whose garden they tread in. Might get bitten by a snake who happens to be there.

| Getting called out by the Adversary...

...you deserve that and more, traitor.


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Ah not a fan of the coup? Perhaps we should talk about working together? I will admit I did not agree with Hera but no one deserve a death in cold blood like that. -CN

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These spineless, fratricidal fools will rue the day that they thought they could stop the coming Ascendency-


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Well I cant say anything to the Ascendency, but I will say I'll stop Odysseus. By the way, which one of your "siblings" helped him out in the coup? Kind of want to know who to shoot or not you know. -CN

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