(Setting) Flooded District, Sewage Backwash Pools

>The sounds of Type-F lazers and dog barks litters the night.
>Long-imprisoned Shiba Inu terrorists, which haven't been seen in Glitch City for years, have returned, escaped from the hidden prison which held them!
>Clothed in orange prisoner jumpsuits and mostly unarmed besides the lazer-eyes mounted on each of them, the Shibas played in the murky sewer water adorably, and shot lazers into the air, in celebration of their newfound freedom.

| >A set of coordinates from Fuchsia Fedora's distress call leads to the center of this area. The water is dirty, backed-up sewage from a faulty sewage system which runs beneath the District. It seems, in order to reach the coordinates, one must need to go through the Shibas.

| >The crack of a jet engine splits the sky above as a red suit of powered armor lands.

| "Awwoof?"
>The Shibas look in confusion at the huge sudden splash of water from a large red projectile suddenly falling from the sky.
>There are 15 in the area in total, 6 in the water, 3 on the rooftops, and 6 inside of the flooded buildings near the area.

| >A group of three armed people in the same uniform reaches the scene. >They are all wearing a light grey fatigue, a multicam vest, a black one-hole balaclava, an olive green baseball cap, and a set of active headset.
>They all have their rifles at the ready, still composed and calm. You cannot tell them apart except from their rifles. One has an AK-105, other has an AS Val, the last one has a HK416A5. They all have a P226 holstered to their side.
"Alright, lads. This is the place"

| >The group stays in the shadow, away from the Shibas' sight. They slowly spot some of the Shibas.
"We've got Tangos in the water"

"Some on that building too"

>They whisper to each other
(Do I need to roll a d20 if I start attacking?)

| >a bit away making his way here
>there is a boy wearing a blue jacket and a strange headset parkouring across the rooftops to this location
>he is still a ways away However
(question if i may)

| >>553019 >>553058
>One easily forgets in this day and age, however, that dogs have senses which exceed that of humans, especially hearing.
>The chance of going undetected is lost as soon as a word is spoken, as the Shibas can hear you from 4 times the distance a human can...without augments.
>Please roll a D8 to answer which direction you assaulted the area from.

| >>553069 (What is your question?)

| >>553093
(may i use the Characters sound powers? The headset he has can do that, However i of Course will ask the acting DM permission first. Nothing OP mind you, like the most OP he has atm is the ability to rush himself and others at the speed o sound. If its a no then i got other stuff more friendly. I just wanna be sure you know?)

(Also 7 on roll)

| >>553093
>The group notice the change in expression of the shibas
"They noticed us. Bloody hell"

"These dogs, they have some nice hearing, don't they. They didn't even have ComTacs on"

>They move to get behind some cover

| >(Rolled a 2)

>The red powered armored person starts to stride forward toward the Shibas- no point in trying to hide if they already know they're there- this sewer echoes easily.

| >A man in a suit and tie arrives at the scene.
"I should get some other clothes for this.. job.."
>His left eye brigthens as he pulls out his stun pistol, it's augmented to increase efficiency.

| >>553095 (Limit its usage. Be fair with it, don't Godmod. Also, for the sake of time, we are no longer doing rolls. I will simply write the results.)

>The boy in the blue jacket is approaching the battlefield from the west, meaning he is headed directly towards two Shiba prisoners, which notice his presence immediately and begin firing their Type-F lazers!

| >>553100

>You have approached the battlefield from the northwest, through some alleyways. This provides you ample cover behind dumpsters and other trash, but very thin lanes of fire. Two Shibas are standing in cover behind the entrance to the alleyway, and they peek out to fire at you first!


>You landed in the center of the battlefield! Four Shibas immediately begin firing at you!

| >>553371

>You approached the battlefield from the south, and therefore, have little cover to hide behind besides one or two abandoned cars. The enemies in the water ahead are occupied with the red figurine, but the Shibas inside of the buildings see you quickly, and begin to fire at you from windows in a building to your northeast.

| >>553512
(Three question, 1: How far am I from the entrance, 2: Is there anymore cover besides the one I'm using, 3: Are flashbangs allowed/Does it work on Shibas)

| >>553511
(Aye aye captain. I was actually hoping you would say something along those lines)
>he attempts to take cover behind a chimney or something
"Wait are those dogs?!
I cant shoot dogs!"

| >>553514
(1: The entrance has yet to be found. ;)
2: Since there are three of you, and you're in a thin alleyway, the only other cover would require advancing forward.
3: Yes, Shibas would be affected by flashbangs.)

| >>553516
>You manage to take cover behind a chimney, but the dogs run forward, one on each side of you! The one to the right begins to fire, while the one to the left pounces on you for a bite at the neck!

| >>553518
"Ah come on!">he sounds conflicted somewhat
>somehow taking advantage of the situation, he gaurds then turns so the dog attempting to maul him gets shot by his comrade

| >>553517
>The group wait in their cover for the laser barrage to die down
>AK guy push out, suppressing the shibas with his rifle, everyone else behind him, rifles at the ready. They continue until they find another cover, where they stop to take cover. The AK guy reload his rifle

| >>66cd4b
>The man in the suit deploys an energy shield and moves in to shield the others
"Behind me!! The only other thing i have is an electric shock which isn't ideal here.."

| >>553523

>The Shiba on your left takes a bite into your left arm, sinking its teeth in, but you manage to fling it to the right and use it to block the lazer beams from the shooting Shiba!
>After a few, the one on your arm drops, and the remaining Shiba growls, before also pouncing on you!


>Your group manages to push up behind another dumpster and an abandoned car. The suppressing fire managed to keep the Shibas down long enough to move safely before they fired again!

| >>553531

(I may not have made this clear, you are on the ground level with the group of three soldiers and the red figure, standing in the water. The blue teen is the only one on the rooftops.)

>The shield deploys, and manages to block lazers coming at you from windows in the right, but you are exposed from the left! Luckily, those Shibas are busy trying to fire on the red figure in the center of the battlefield. Your energy shield may not hold forever, though!

| (>>f228d6 You came in from the south, while the red figure is in the center and the three soldiers are in the northwest. You'd have to cross the battlefield to get to them.)

| >>553544
(Am I close to the entrance yet? If no, it's a rinse and repeat of what I did with a different guy on the front each time. If yes, HK guy toss a flashbang and rush in to shoot the Shibas with his friend right behind him in case he got shot)

| >>553544
"Oh you itty bitch">oh dear, he lost his patience
>with the limp dog still in hand, he uses the dogs corpse and swings at the other dog mid lunge
>the continues to batter it
>beat a mutherfkr with another mutherfcr

| >The man in the suit reconsiders
"Guess I'll go with plan B then.."
>He runs into the middle of the dogs blocking the lasers with his shield

| >>553547

(Do you mean the entrance to the alleyway?)


>This tactic is surprisingly effective. You managed to beat a Shiba to death with...with another Shiba. The Shibas on the rooftops to the east, across the battlefield, were too occupied with shooting down at the man in the suit to notice.


(Do you mean into the buildings, or into the battlefield?)

| >>553657
"Uff and here i was thinking these would be nice.fookin grisly.
Ah another one"
>he parkours his way to the shibas attacking the suited man as quickly as possible
>admittedly its not quiet. Not loud either but not quiet
>perhaps unnoticed as they are busy shooting

| >>66cd4b
(inside the building)

| >>553657
(That entrance with two Shibas were hiding behind)

| >>553661

>You manage to descale the building, descending quickly down into the battlefield, but as you are doing so, one Shiba on a rooftop to the east, across the battlefield, begins shooting at you!


>You run into the building to the east, where three Shibas are located, your energy shield taking the hits surprisingly well. As you enter the middle of the group, one scampers away to cover as the other two begin trying to circle you, finding a way to nip you from behind!

| >>553740

>You toss a flashbang, and it manages to explode in the air beside the Shibas, which quickly begin to cry and whimper in pain for a moment just long enough for your crew to run forward and neutralize both foes!
>You now stand, coverless besides the corners of the alley entrance, in the northwest of the open battlefield, with a clear view of the red figure in the center, a man in a suit running in a building to the east, and a teen descaling a building to your right.

| >>553512

>My powered armor is probably going to tank some of the lasers, but I remember what they were built from in the first place- unless they've been upgraded since then, I should be able to dissipate some of the damage by diving low, close to the sewage. (inb4 ignites)

>I lunge at one of the Shibas, hoping to grapple them. If successful, I'll be throwing them at another Shiba like a goddamned woofing javelin.

| >>553768
>The guy with the AS Val, who looks like he is the leader of the group, turns to his squadmates and does some hand signal to provide the suit guy covering fire. The rest of the group nod their heads.
>The AS Val guy lead his squad in a triangle formation. The AK guy deploys some smoke grenades to cover their advance. Together, all of them start opening fire on the Shiba that is trying to cover his friends.

| >>553765
>he is still holding the dead shiba from earlier

>noticing the sniper shiba
>he quickly dons a mask
>specifically a Japanese kitsune mask
>or rather a protective face mask that looks like a japanese kitsune mask
>gas masking included

>he then pulls the pin of a gas grenade
>a grey gas envelopes him

>then sprints to cover with the hopes that the gas makes him harder targer
>especially when moving

| >>553774

>You lunge forward at the closest Shiba, which was standing as it shot at you, from a low angle, which let you do a sort of double-leg takedown. It snapped at your back as you collided with it, but holding its bottom legs, you spin it around you in the air once before chucking it at another Shiba, with enough force to knock it off its feet and to the ground!
>The other two, however, continue to shoot you in the back as you do this, and they are still shooting now.

| >>553808

>Firing at the Shiba on the roof, you fill its torso with bullets, as it howls and falls to the ground, helping the teen descend safely, your own smoke grenades providing both him and the red figure cover!

>(5 foes remaining!)


>You cross the battlefield under the cover of smoke and gas, heading towards the building with the suit guy, but not before one of the Shibas fighting the red figurines notices you and begins to fire on your position blindly through gas!

| (Erm...Excuse that 5 foes remaining, that is incorrect. There are actually 8 foes left.)

| >>553854
>he takes cover behind something
>i dunno a car or the corner of a building
>he then throws a gas grenade at the shooters
"Sorry doggos"

>its mustard gas

| >>553854
>All three of them break formation to dodge the laser and aim at the source of the laser, then open fire

| (The laser aiming at the teen I mean)

| >>b0fde3
>The man in the suit pulls up his sleeves to reveal mechanical arms that charges up with electricity, with sparks flying around each punch is sure to be shocking
"The last thing I want to do is to murder a bunch of dogs.."
>The man reduces the barrier to the size of his arms only protecting them, while he rushes in grabbing the dogs by the head and frying their doggo brains

| >>553858

>You manage to roll behind a car, and toss mustard gas at the center where the red figure (>>553774) is fighting the other two Shibas! As it begins to pour out, three soldiers (>>553859) from the other side of the battlefield fire on one of them, taking them out!


>You reach out and grab one Shiba by the throat, shocking it to death, but as you do so the Shiba from behind lunges onto your back and begins biting at your neck while the one in cover shoots at you!

| >The group, after noticing the content inside the grenade, take their hat off and put on their S10 respirator
>They get back into formation and swap their target back to the Shiba shooting the suited guy

| >>553853

>I grunt as the lasers make contact, then fall to the ground and roll. Facing the remaining Shibas, I activate my propulsion systems and fly toward the Shibas with my fists forward!

| >>b0fde3
>The suited man grabs the shiba biting his neck pulling it off along with some cloth still stuck in its mouth revealing more mechanical parts
"Hah.. bold of you to assume that i wouldn't reinforce areas vulnerable to neck snapping!!"
>He shocks the shiba that was biting him before disabling his shock module and reactivating his energy shield, but not before taking a few shots to the back

| >>554596

>You run past the figure in red and begin to fire on the Shiba in the building with the suit guy, neutralizing it before it got too many shots off at him!


>You fly forwards and knock the dog out in one hard blow, smashing in its lazer eye! All Shibas in your area are down!


>You manage to shock the last Shiba in the building, since the three soldiers took out the other one near you!

>All of you then hear some dog whimpers from behind...

| >There are three Shibas standing there, looking at you all...

"Ruh-roh, let's get outta here guys!"

>They all run away, whimpering and whining with their tails tucked between their legs!


>The battlefield is now empty. The coordinates to Fuchsia Fedora's location lead to the center of the battlefield, but since this is flooded, all you see around you is murky sewer water...

| >The group reload their magazines as they look around trying to find something under the water
"Better sweep your sectors"
>They take off their mask and put back on their baseball cap as the gas dissipate
>They shine their rifle flashlight around in the water

| >The red suited person starts digging near the center of Fuchsia's coordinates, hoping to find a hidden passage of some kind.

| >>554616
"Sorry doggos"
>for the sake of flavor text, he uses a small sonic burst to get rid of the smoke enveloping him

>then, he calls in a drone containing his actual gear
"That was unpleasant...why am i talking to myself..?"

>in the eyes of everyone else, a figure in a kitsune mask walks to the middle of the area holding up a drone beacon

| >Two out of three people in the group aim their rifle at the masked figure, the laser right on his mask, but the middle guy simply hold up his fist.
"Hold your fire, lower your weapons"
>The middle guy tell the others and they obey
"Sorry about that"

| >>554603 >>554622 >>554626 >>554627
>Due to the water covering the ground, it makes it a little hard to go under where the coordinates are, but precisely where the coordinates are is a closed sewer manhole, under the water. It seems only big enough for one person to go down at once.

| >>554636
>the drone drops in a small crate
>inside is an pistol of unknown make
>a cane?
>and a jacket, Completely identical to the one he is wearing but protective
"Hey pulse, cover me for a moment eh"
>he takes of the mask
>if this is infact impulse, then he can recognize the boy
>its Cassius

| >>554639
(FAMAS is not manufactured by FN mate, it's not even Belgian)
"Sure Cass"
>The two other guy seems a little confused
"You know him?"
"As a matter of fact, yes, I do know him Ivanov, that's Cassius, I just attend his barbeque before coming here"
"Oh, that guy? Alright then"
>They cover Cassius

| >>b0fde3
>The suited man checks around the area the coordinate leads to with his optic scanner hoping to find either manholes or secret entrances

| >>554690
(Whops i was thinking of the fal)
"Thanks just a moment while i calibrate my stuff"
>he changes his jacket first and formost
>there are a few other things, donning holsters ,filling said holsters
>and calibrating some techy bits in his gear
>over all, it only took a minute
"If you need a resupply, now would be the time, pretty sure this mess will lead somewhere in the sewers"
>he says while raising his jackets hood
>then finishing off by donning the mask again

| "Good point"
>The guy with the AK, Ivanov, as Impulse said, take out a tablet from the tactical sling bag on his back. He press some buttons on the tablets and list the supplies
"Two HK caskets, Two Val thirty rounders, Two 105 caskets, one flashbangs, and four smokes. Anything else?"
"Get a few frags and EMPs too, we forgot those."
>He press a few more buttons
>Few minutes the drone arrive to drop a case.
>They take turn to rearm as everyone else cover.

| >>554636 >>554696
"Now then, into the breach"
>he finds the manhole cover (if i may be so presumptuous)
>then opens it up via metal cane
>throws in a flashbang
>then jumps down after the bang

| "Oi, Red! Why don't you go down first"
"Yeah, yeah, no balls eh, Ivanov?"
"Stop it you two, I'm going down, cover me"
>Impulse climbs down the manhole. Once he reaches the bottom he pull out his pistol and put on both flashlight and laser mode on his Pistol's laser

| >>554692
>The only way down, it seems, is through the manhole.

>However, it wouldn't be so easy. Opening the manhole underwater only seems to let the water from the surrounding area into it, so a flashbang would just get soaked anyway. There is, however, a ladder down. (Which, you should probably take, since you don't know how far of a drop it is.

>You begin to descend down the ladder, but the way down is seemingly much farther than any sewer entrance would be.

| >>554937
>he stands there thinking for a moment
"Wait no thats dumb"
>then slides down the ladder
(So is it open?)

| >>554738

>"Red" joins soon after, but before they can enter the manhole, one of you insists. They follow at the soonest possible moment.

| >>554738 >>554942 >>554949 >>554692

>First to begin descending is Impulse and his crew, followed by Cassius, then "Red", and finally by the man in the blue suit. The ladder, however, is excessively long, far longer than any ladder down to a sewer system would be, so long in fact that all of you are descending in order on the ladder at once, and yet none of you have reached the bottom yet.

>You are descending down a large dark chamber, which looks like a sewer would, just far larger.

| >>554962
"Sweet jesus no wonder the signal was cracked
Yo pulse, you see a bottom yet?"
>mid rail slide ie he is using one hand
>he uses his free hand to reach into his pocket, and takes out a glow stick
>he bites it to turn it on then simply drops it in an attempt to gauge out the depth

| >>554966

>The glowstick begins to drop, and drop, and drop, and drop...until it finally reaches the bottom, a good mile down at least. This was going to be a long climb.

>However, you noticed something...odd. The glowstick seemed to land in running water, and flow down the chamber with a current of said water, leading through a tunnel to...somewhere.

>Then, you all begin to hear it: a faint scuttling sound, like nails tapping on the cement walls.

| >>554969


>"Red" will leap off the ladder if there's room, and hover there, using their night vision to scan for where this scuttling noise is.

| >>554969
>Alright, first use of the sound headset in the session

"Anyone else get that...?"
>he activates the headset and attempts to use echolocation
>he could actually do that without thanks to practice but the headset helps
>a lot
>like it goes from rough idea to mental image with outlines of everything
(Is that too OP or is it fine?)

| >Water continued to drip from the manhole cover above, due to the water from the battlefield, dripping down on the group.

>The sound seems to be coming from all around the chamber. They sounded like rats, but quieter. It was a strange sound, and you couldn't really see what was making it due to the darkness of the chamber. Whatever was, though, was definitely all around you.

>Then, suddenly, the water seemed to stop dripping...

>Looking up, you see...

>Oh dear Gods.

| >A hulking, cybernetic monstrosity that could only be described as...a CYBER-XENOMORPH-ZOMBIE!

>A cybernetically-augmented xenomorph with rotting flesh, that glared down at the group, barring sharp teeth and a long metal tail! It begins to growl at you with its internal mouth, now made of chrome, but before it gets the chance to attack-

>The ladder gives way to the weight of the group, and you all begin to freefall down, down into the water below with a SPLASH!


| >>554970

>You were not able to jump off before the ladder broke, and so you fall intk the water with the rest of the group! It is a strong flowing current, flowing down into the sewers!


>Your echolocation reveals the terrifying horror: The chamber was FILLED with these monstrosities, all climbing the walls, all with rotting flesh and chrome-augmented weaponry!

| >>554974
>he starts shooting them while making his way to literally anywhere else
>because quite frankly F U C K THAT

| >All:

>When you fall into the water below, you are all caught into the current. Debris from trash above litters the water, so much so that there are actually miniature floating trash islands littering the current, which one could theoretically climb onto.

>The cyber-xenomorph-zombie which was on the ladder above was seemingly not the only one on the ladder though, as 9 more which were climbing up from below also took the plunge into the water with you all!

| >>554976

>The water is too deep to stand, and though you have no idea how deep it is, you know that standing to run would be impossible as you go through a large sewer tunnel with seemingly no walkway. It is *flooded* (pun totally intended) with running sewer water!

| >>554978
>gah! His one weakness! Puns!
>WAH! His actual weakness! Limited mobility!
"Wait i said something stupid again,
>he leans on a trash island and starts unloading on the CXZs with the FAMAS

| (Oh, and I forgot to mention: Any strictly-speaking cybernetic equipment you have that isn't, like, 100% sealed or waterproof, or not directly 100% reliant on the cyber aspect to work, are all fried, since you all just plunged and submerged into water for the fall.)

| >>b0fde3
>The suited man activates his energy shield, setting it to the size of an oversized riot shield holding it up while running away from the CXZs and blocking any projectiles it might spit or throw at the group
"I might be able to napalm them.. but it sure is going to burn most of the trash here and the tunnel might collapse.. any suggestions on how to get rid of these things..?
(yes, my tech are water proof)

| (My attachments are waterproof, and everything else do not rely on cybernetic tech, my crew also does not have any augmentation)
>Impulse and his crew get together and stabilize themselves on a pile of trash
"Switch to thermal"
"Copy that"
>They all put their custom HHS-1 sight on thermal mode and turn their flashlight off.
>They start unloading their magazines into the nearest CXZ.
"I have EMPs, but that would fry everybody else techs too"

| >Thankfully, "Red's" suit is waterproof, and they hover slightly out of the water as they survey the encroaching horde of xenomorph bullshit. If anyone's struggling in the water, they attempt to help them out.

| >>554983 >>555101

>Cassius manages to scamper onto a trash pile, the same one as Impulse's crew, and you begin to fire at the CZX's which are crawling on the sides and top of the tunnel to get to you, scampering as fast as the current is fast, which should be a testament to how turbulent of a ride this was. Where could all of this water be going? Meanwhile, the CZX's are continuing to try and get you, and they occasionally jump at your trash pile, but you hold them off for now.

| >>555094

(The water is too deep for you to run or stand, you'd have to climb onto a trash pile or swim.)


>You hover down the tunnel over the water, but this makes you even more of a target, as CZX's continue to try and leap onto you from the roof of the tunnel!

| >>555112

"Tch..." >Red curses as the product of a bad mushroom trip and too many scifi horror marathons leap onto them! Red punches one in the face and grabs another's internal mouth/tongue and uses that to bash the creature's head against another creature. They see the others struggling on a small island of trash and attempts to make their way over.

| >>68ef36
(ah, I just assumed I was already on one)

| >>68ef36
(cross out that last part then)
>The suited man takes off his wet outer coat and swims through the murky water, following the current

| >>555110

>Cassius keeps spraying for a moment
>then de decides to swimm with the current to the next trash pile
>effectively he shoots, puts some distance by swimming to another trash pile
>and repeat

| >Ivanov throws a frag into one of the CXZ's mouth as it opens. The crew quickly swim out of the blast range before it exploded
"This one's finished!"
>They got on another trash pile nearby and continue shooting

| >>555113
>Bashing in the heads of the CXZ's and dropping them into the water, Red hovers over to the trash island the rest of the group are on, but not before another monster leaps on her back, chomping at their helmet!

>By swimming, instead of hopping on a trash pile, you make it so the CXZ's can't get you, but the current is so strong that it is almost as dangerous as the monsters, which you are finding out as the water sloshes you around and tries to pull you under!

| >>555132
>Cassius continues to pop rounds off at CXZ's as they leap at you from the walls of the chamber. As you hop into the water to swim to another trash pile, one of the monsters hops onto your pile and grabs your ankle with its mouth, leaving your upper half in the water as it tries to eat your leg!

| >>555160
>The monster swallows the grenade and quickly explodes, shooting metal shrapnel and green-black blood everywhere! Swimming in full gear, however, is extremely hard, and your added weight begins to pull two of your crew under the current of sewage water!

| >>555352
>wahah! A...painfully sized serated blade emerges from his shoe
>fuckmothering boot blade
>he kick slashes the CXZs throat
>or at least where he thinks the throat is

>then follows up with a FAMAS spray

| >>68ef36
>The suited man (Arable) tries and swim to the side hoping to find a wall to grapple onto

| >>555353
(Not full gear, mind you, we don't even have a helmet or an armored rig on)
>The crew stabilize eachother and together they make their way to the nearest land

| >>555354
>You kick at the CXZ's head and manage to stab it in the face, causing it to drop you into the water! You fall off the trash island, as the CXZ bleed out on the trash pile! You begin to drop with sudden drops ahead in the current!

>You don't manage to find anything to hold onto, and the water bashes you against the wall as it begins to twist and wind, and sudden drops start coming ahead!

| >>555437
>You make your way once more onto a trash pile, but as you climb on it, a sudden drop comes and sends it over, which sends you back into the water!

| >All:
>Suddenly, after a sudden drop, the chamber opens up into a large platform, with a cement dock sticking out of the water leading up to a pathway by ladder! The drop is slick, and falls directly into the water, so any CXZ's which attempt to follow quickly fall into the water!

| >The crew climbs up the ladder onto the platform

| >>555850
>cassius takes out his cane
>he holds it by the end using the handle to hook onto the cement dock when he passes it by

| >>68ef36
>The suited man shoots a grappling hook up as he falls, the hook catching on the cement
>He proceeds to pull himself up

| >>555350

>The monster nearly manages to clamp its grisly teeth around Red's neck, when the hapless hero elbows them hard in the chest! Er, somewhere thereabouts!

>The helmet manages to hold off the worst of the creature's jaws but starts to rupture slightly as Red gives up trying to elbow them off and instead raises their gauntlets to the critter's face- followed by firing the afterburners in said gauntlets.

| >>555879 >>555892

>Impulse's three soldiers and Cassius manage to climb up the ladder onto the dock, despite the rushing current making that extremely hard to do.

>Arable fires a grappling hook up to the dock, and uses that to climb up.

>Red burns the CXZ's face to a crisp and tosses the defeated foe, before hovering over to the cement dock platform.


>You all turn to see the hole which you all came from suddenly closed tight...


| >The water stopped flowing as hard, as the tunnel which you all came from was blocked off by large metal containment doors. The CXZ's are stuck, left to drown on the other side. Seemingly, this is a sort of airlock, where the water continues on down a tunnel out to somewhere, and where the dock exists as a platform to monitor the tunnel.
>The dock, however, also has a small, normal-sized metal door on the other si-BAM!
>Not anymore it doesn't, as an armored figure is sent flying!

| >Through the metal door came the body of a fuchsia-colored hero, thrown with a massive amount of force, as it tumbles like a ragdoll across the concrete platform, before flopping to a stop on Fuchsia's stomach.
>You've found Fuchsia Fedora, or that is, what remained of her battered body!
>However, you're not out of the woodwork yet, as whatever sent her flying began to walk through the door...
>The figure looked like a modified mockery of an old Wardrober...one lost to time.

| >Wearing a full-bodied, indigo, red and black colored power armor, this figure had a large pistol of some kind in their left hand, and an abnormally large construct on their right arm that looked like an arm cannon of some sort.
>Their boots, a large pair of them, also allowed this figure to hover and float, so they must be some sort of booster-boots.
>A large set of white wings, with their own boosters, were protruding from the back of the suit, which quickly retracted themselves.

| >However, the shocking truth of the identity of this person was revealed through the visor of this person's helmet: Even with a large X over her left eye, now replaced with a large red eye of some kind, the face of the former Blue Shoes, a long-lost Wardrober, remained dark and emotionless, as a grating, robotic voice spoke:
>"Property of Dark Bay Triple-Max Prison" read across her chest, along with:

| >"INDIGO BOOTS!" painted on the helmet!
>She brandished her pistol, and began to charge her arm cannon, ready to attack the group!


| "Oh, you've got to be kidding me"
>The group take turn to reload while the rest cover fire
"Bloody hell"
>All of them focus fire on the ex-wardrober after they are done reloading

| "Ass.
Somebody cover me!"
>cassius does that trick where he gasses himself as cover then rushes to FF

| >Impulse's group put on their gas masks
"Back to thermal"
>They put the thermal magnifier back on

| "B-blue Shoes?!" >"Red" says, dumbfounded. She removes her crushed helmet to get a better view of the horror in front of her.

"...No. No, this is impossible!" >She says, her voice faltering. She slaps herself in the face and then jets forward, aiming for Fuchsia's fallen form!

| >>6a80c3
>Arable switches all energy output to defense systems and activates his energy shields protecting his torso and arms, setting the ones on his arms to the size of a riot shield
>>970505 >>850a06 >>91383e
"You should use my shileds as cover.."

| (typo) shields*

| >>556615 >>556811
>Impulse's crew begins to fire on Indigo Boots, using Arable's shields as cover, but Indigo Boots quickly scans the shield being used by Arable with her augmented eye, and the arm which was an arm cannon quickly morphed into a mimicked version of Arable's energy shield, and she hides behind it to reflect the bullets fired by Impulse's crew back at them!

>>556626 >>556751
>Cassius and Red head over to FF's battered body. She is completely unconscious in her armor.

| >FF doesn't seem to be dead, but she is not responsive. Her power armor looks to be shorted out, as if its voltage was disabled, and the static energy club she used seemed to be depleted of charge and heavily damaged.

| >The group dodge the bullets. Impulse take out a frag and throw it over both the Arable's and Indigo's shield. He cooked the frag just enough for it to explode as soon as it land behind the shield
>They then take cover

| >>557009 >>557011
>cass attempts to get a proper look at her wounds before pulling out a medkit and attempting to patch her up
>at least enough to get her stable, or even better, conscious

>he turns to "red" while doing so
"Hey, your red mask right? Look not enough time, ill patch up FF,you seem to be familiar with it, so perhaps you just take care of whatever that thing is, buy me some time?"

| >Arable turns to the people taking cover behind his shields
"Get ready.. I'm going to minimize my shields and rush in and lock indigo down.. then you shoot.."
(I'll do it next turn, you guys just be ready for it)


| >>557034
>The grenade flies through the air, but Indigo Boots flies up into the air using her jet boots, and smacks the grenade back down at the group before it explodes, as it was intercepted in air before it landed!

>It is tough to get to FF's wounds, as she was still in her power-armor suit, but you could tell from some cracks in the armor that you're dealing with a lilim here, not a human. Her wounds, seemingly, are more internal than external.

| >>557334
>Impulse spray the frag before it reach the ground, it exploded just out of blast range from everybody
>Ivanov throw another frag, this time an Impact Grenade

| >>557337
>Indigo hovered out of the way of the second grenade, and made the size of the shield small enough to cover her from frontal assaults as she began to fire down on the group from above with her machine pistol in the other hand!

| >>557340
>The group weave and dodge out of the way of the barrage. Each separating into different angles
"Is this your warfare? 'Cause you should try better!"
>Ivanov taunts as he deploy smoke grenades over the gas cover

| >>557334
"A lilim eh? That makes things easier and harder.."
>he looks around for anything that can open the suit
>lucky for FF, this guy makes lilim frames for a living

>from his jacket and pulls out something
>its a small spherical drone roughly 1 third a human head, bit smaller then a basketball
>propellers emerge from the middle allowing it to take flight slightly
>the propellers turn out to be blades and it rushes to harass indigo boots!

| >>557360
(Wait no i was off on size, its actually slightly bigger then a human fist.
https://cddawiki.chezzo.com/cdda_wiki/index.php?title=Manhack )

| >>4f508d >>834d78 >>4efe08
>Arable minimized his shields to a size just big enough to protect his arms and uses his grappling hook to pull at indigo and sends a shocking electrical current through the cable, shocking indigo

| >>557360
>Impulse's group unite and cover Cassius, because pistol calibers would not do shit against armor and armored gasmask they are wearing, but would do some damage against Cass

| "Freya, stop this!" >Red yells, blocking some of the machine pistol fire from reaching her head. A few errant slugs slice past her cheek, drawing blood.

>She turns to Cassius:

"Take care of her," >She says, as she activates her jet boots and tries to rush Indigo Boots!

| >>557865
"Ill protect her with my life"

>not wanting to fail everyones expectations, he looks harder
>for anything to open the suit, a latch, a button, >>>anything
>if he could just open it, he could fix her


| >>557346 >>557360 >>557410 >>557865
>With the gunfire beginning to split up and the drone incoming from the back, Indigo begins to get overwhelmed from the amount of targets in different area, and the confusion opens up the room for Arable to connect with the grappling hook from behind, it hooking her in the leg and administering a rough shock! A scream escapes from Indigo's voice as she lowers her shields, and just as she does so, Red jets up and collides with Indigo, tackling her!

| >>557360 >>557983
>Cassius manages to find a button under the right side of the mask which causes the face plate of the mask to open up, revealing a pink haired Lilim, unconscious. This allows you to remove the helmet and get better access to an internal release latch in the internal upper chest, which cracks the armor open from behind and looses the rest of it, and with a "Chshhh" of air, the armor unlocks and removes itself, leaving FF in her underweave, a thin shirt and shorts.

| >>559221
>Impulse order a cease fire for fear of shooting Red in the crossfire. The crew reload their weapons, they still has their weapons aimed at the target, wauting for an opportunity to shoot without friendly fires

| >>559222
"pardonne moi demói
mais cela semble être nécessaire"
>he gets to work

>pulling out a set of tools from his jacket
>he scans and repairs any wounds and damage on the surface
>then opening the internals and doing the same

>depending on the damage, this should be akin to childs play to him
>being a robotics engineer and all

| >Arable pulls himself up grappling onto indigo's leg and proceeds to sabotage the suit



| >>559221

>Red grabs Indigo Boots' arm cannon and attempts to smash it open- she uses her weight and her suit's gravity-controlling devices to try and keep the other woman pinned!

"Snap out of it Blue Shoes!"

| >>559274
>Cassius detects a large electrical shock was administered to the upper abdomen area, as if she was hit with a large electric club of some kind, which seemingly damaged and fried a lot of internal components, causing her program to malfunction and shut down. Her own program seems to be on diagnostic mode, slowly repairing itself, but it cannot get past the obvious hardware damage. That would be where repairs would need to start.

| >>559441
(Indigo was tackled out of the air, sorry I didn't clarify that.)
>Seemingly not recognizing Red at all, Indigo struggles against her foe, with her struggling to free her arm cannon, but she quickly scans Red's suit with her red eye, and before long, the arm cannon transformed into a counter-gravity device, and began to push back against Red's gravity devices with an opposing force, allowing her to overpower Red and reverse the grapple until Indigo was on top!

| >>559441
>The grappling hook, however, was still attached to Indigo's legs, and somehow she did not notice this until now, at which point she rips it out and turns to fire at Arable with her pistol while she holds Red down with her own gravitational force!

| >Impulse deploy smoke again now that Indigo is back on the ground
>The crew open fire on indigo through the smoke as Red is no longer blocking their line of sight

| >>560616
>Indigo sees the group firing on her, and uses the arm currently pinning Red down to form a shield to block the bullets, but this means Red is no longer pinned down by anything other than Indigo's body! It seems whatever is controlling her is overwhelmed by the amount of targets!

| >>560581
>he sighs and thinks for a moment

>he then takes a wire welder and various others tools and begins to weld any back any wires that came undone via short circuiting

>then displaces any hardware back to their original position and repair them to the best of his abilities

>at the moment, it is all he can do without replacement parts

| >>976177
>Arable quickly blocks the projectiles shot at him with his shield then Grabs his shock pistol and fires multiple rounds onto indigo








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