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oh no

| >The only content in the the thread is a picture. Clearly taken in the Flooded district, it shows a figure the size and general shape of a xenomorph... But with goldfish traits, such as a dorsal fin and fish tail. The figure has two laser eyes, which it uses to stare right at the camera

| Oh dear Gods...
-Fuchsia Fedora


| Not a problem, they have tough scales but they go down with a well placed 9mm. Use AP rounds of you need to be sure.


| >>551367

that's how you can tell someone has never fought an alien -tenno

| >>7304cb
Don't you have robots to take care of?

| >>551370

haven't had to deal with them for like a year now, all i do is eat /burg/ and wait for the lotus to realize i'm missing -tenno

| >>1fb42b
Never heard of one of your kind shirking duties.
What drove you out of that monastery, or...order. Not sure what you are collectively.


| Should i be concerned
Or is this some movie trailer?

| 9x19mm doesn't do the trick? Try 9x39mm

| >>551379
Dude screw 9x

Can i introduce you to our lord and savior 5.56?

| >>551382
I have nothing against 5.56x45,but I prefer subsonic 9x39mm for stealhiness.

| >>551374
buddy i don't know either but ordis says i'm in a completely different dimension than my normal one so fuck it what can i do anyway -tenno

| If it bleeds, you can kill it. If a gun don't work, try more gun

| >>551413
If convinced this is what cause Flooded to have its name.

| >>33f00f
Even so, they can be killed, and we have killed several. Why is this a problem?


| I am both horrified and aroused at the prospect of mutant xenogoldfish with lasers.

| Same lol

| update: yo some fucking magical girl-looking kid with six gatlings just tore through one of these holy shit -tenno

| >>551633
G/u/rl, that sounds highly unlikely.

| >>551636
stranger things have happened.
Except for, like, the magic part.
That is strange.

| >>551637
I mean yeah, like i can believe lazer ete xenophish and just a while back ik pretty sure i saw a dude beat up a crocodile with a dildo in flooded.

But magic gatling girl is a bit much.

Bet shes names akemi homura or something

| >>551641
lol look at that oldtaku.
You can make guns into drones.
I can dress like a magical girl too and fire six gatling guns as well, just need some preptime ;)
It really isn't all that strange, as long actual magic isn't involved.

| >>551643
Huh...pfff...that gives me an idea...
Hey gem come over here for a sec


okokok i need you to hold this and wear your hoodie.
Dont forget to pose


Oh dear lord this is hilarious
Thanks gem haha!

No problem music boi

| >gemthemagicgurl.JPX
>it is a picture taken just now. In the center of the frame stands a girl with black and white hair
>she is wearing..oh dear..
She is wearing one of those ahegao hoodies with matching skirt and garterbelt thigh highs
>floating around her are some drones holding gatling guns
>she is holding a wand shaped drone controler above her head doing a magical girl pose

| >>551647
(Whoops i missed a>)
I still cant believe she is ok with doing that

| From all I have seen and read about you two, I am not surprised at all...

| >>551652
W-wait what..!
Since when did *we* have a reputation?!?!

☆kyaaah!☆ really!?
Whoho!one step closer to being an idol!

| It seems like the bar is closed right now so my dayjob is on ice for now and I don't have any jobs to run, so I lurk a lot on /u/ the last couple of days.
You two have been active. And at least I have taken note of that.

| >>551659
Oh-oh thank god its not any actual attention..


Alright then miss tomato, what exactly have you heard about us while lurking?

| You make Gemini do dumb shit and laugh about it. Or Gemini gets real and you still laugh... as seen in the Panty Queen Thread.
I'm still waiting on people that want to raid that girl btw.
Panty thieving is a crime that should not be forgiven

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