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(OOC) Hige here, Hiatus time

| Heya for all of you who remember me, the name is Hige, and I play Emily and Falschen, as well as run a part of the KiOS ARG.

Times have been rough on me, so rough in fact that this was originally going to be a farewell message (That's how bad it's been) But upon seeing a full front page, and all the activity... I decided i'd give it another shot, or well, I will when I get any sort of time.

I have a lot of things planned for my return, but I have no idea when it'll happen.

| So I'll see you all around, and I hope this activity persists until I can come back and properly finish things, I at least owe that.

-Hige, with much love


| o7

| o7

| Welcome back!

| Welcome back hige.

Ummm, mind if i ask you a question?

| >>551365
Go ahead

| >>551388
were you the OP of the flora workshop thread from a while ago?

| >>551392
Wasnt that Parralax? I myself was present, but I don't remember ever running it.

| >>551394
Ah ok sorry
Figured as much when they were talking about veriatas stuff.

A Character i run received a present in the form of a doll.
I never got around to asking if parra was going to be controlling it as the thread ended before i could ask

Sorry to bother you

| >>551397
Don't worry about it

| I miss you boss!!

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This thread is permanently archived