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(OOC)Insert typical "I'm back" title

| Hey guys, Pirat3 here.

So, a while back I left every /cyb/ Discord I was in, and decided to take a break from /cyb/ as a whole to try and prioritize my life.

Well, that all failed, and I got bored, so here I am again (on my owwwwwnnnnnn, going dowwn the onnly roooad I've ever knoooown-) Ahem, sorry.

But this time, I'm gonna do things a little differently.

I am >not joining any /cyb/ Discord this time, nor am I going to do any /cyb/ related activity outside of /cyb/.


| >pats

| Also, on top of this, >all of my old ARGs and any characters I was the author of before my break, IDK retiring.

I'm done trying to catch up and make sense of half-started ARG ideas that I kept around for way too long and didn't do anything with. I'm starting fresh, and I'm going to be making all new content from here on out.

Hope I see you guys out there on the forums! :)


| *I'm retiring


| What about Fuchsia Fedora?

| >>551244 *nuzzles*

| Welcome back mate

| >>551247
>>551247 Well, I still haven't decided, but I didn't have any plans on bringing her back at this moment. I suppose that would be the one character I'd really feel inclined to revive. Maybe her and Marston, and everyone else I'm done with.

| >>551249 thank you!


| >>551251

Oki doki.

| We prpbably haven't officially met yet,but hey,welcome back!

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