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g/u/rls i have a thread that cannot fail

| ITT: we discuss local waifus in the greater Glitch area.

kirafags need not apply because there's too many of you

where are all my /burg/er girl lovers


| Didnt someone get dump shocked trying to hack into a commercial of her? -CN

| >>551168

lmao a few did, one got so burned that they claimed she came to life and started beating him over the head with that magic frypan of hers. Pretty wiz...


| There was this one girl i think she was called gemin
She was pretty cute

| >>551173
Woah look at that
Think they're talking about you gem?

AAAAAAAAAAAA (ノ・д・)ノ(ノ・д・)ノ

| >>551182
Isnt that the whole point of being an idol? -CN

| >>551185
Y-yeah...but its still really exciting when your not well known yet

| I might be a thirsty lesbo but I know we need more husbando in GC. The gender ratio is broken in this damned town.

| The best Waifu is Marie You
And no, i'm not sharing.

| >>551298
Isn't that a guy?

| >>551349
Did I stutter?

| >>551195
Why not take the geekboy as your husbando

| -Impulse
(Forgot to tag lol)

| >>551401
Naw. He's cute and all, but I like my boys a bit tougher. Physically. Gun instead of stungun. That one's metaphorically.

| Give me a cute lilim girl and my pants are already off

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This thread is permanently archived