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We need to build a PLANETARY SHIELD and make the REFUGEES pay for it!

| Eh? Eh?



... ok but seriously, what the hell is QUINCY doing about all these good for nothings?


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Pack up your hot take and fuck off, chummer.


| Yeah, don't- where else am I going to find cheap, uninsured, tax and regulation free labor? :D


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^ -CN

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Ok, ok, ok, humor me, why are you assholes so against taking the refugees... and moving them out?


It's because of assholes like you that the economy is so shitty.


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Okay then answer to all problem, if we were going to move them out, *where* to? Isn't it in our humanistic interests to help others in need? -CN

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Lol idk, that's not my problem. Maybe they can serve as test subjects for those stupid hospital corps so they can stop shooting each other for a change. Not like they're good for anything else anyway.

Besides, they ain't augged, so who's gonna hire them?

Besides that faggot above.


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Have you no emotions. They're still people like the both of us. -CN

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Of course I have emotions, why do you think I'd be happy if they fragged off?


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You don't care if that kind of action could lead to hundreds of people dying? -CN

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Mate,can you not be an arsehole and think about other human being for a goddamn second

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Bruh, come on.

Thousands of people die all the time, you just don't hear about 'em, and you don't care about 'em. You *really* going to miss some illegal aliens?


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Nope I can't, and I can't really do much of anything in those instances. But these refugees are in GC right now and I *can* do something about it. Just cause we can't do everything to help everyone doesnt mean we should just add to the problem by persecuting those we CAN help. -CN

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Love that 'make it someone else's problem' mentality you have. Does the term 'NIMBY' ring a bell?


| (not referring to you in my post btw, Impulse. agreeing with you and then responding to OP. should've clarified.)

| Death is just another part of life.
Whoever it is, it will always happen? So why should we concern ourselves with it? We should embrace it, allow it to happen.

If anything, you should be happy that they would die a painless death, after all, they would never think of saving a single one of us, sinful and tainted, blundered and broken by technology and our so called progress.

Dog eats dog, its how this land of confusion runs itself.


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