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(Setting) The Castle, Tech Clinic

| >Hospitals heals wounds of the flesh, but The Castle, a tiny clinic tucked in a dark alley of Neon, focused on the wounds that any techs and implants could incur.
>Whether it be augs, guns or anything in between, they could fix and often improve it, if you had the nuyen for it
>Tonight had been a quiet night, and the owner, Illya Steins, was having a smoke behind the counter while watching the news
"The same in every city, boring and uninteresting."


| >A blue haired smol girl with Augmented arms slowly opens the door, enters and looks around, unsure of who exactly she's supposed to talk to
>she raises her hand, which twitches randomly
"this is a clinic... right?"

| >The girl behind the counter lifts an eyebrow
"That it is. We fix faulty augs, mostly."

| >she breathes a sigh of relief
"Well, could you take a look at my arm, it's been a bit... buggy lately"

| >She invites the girl to sit down

| >as she sits, she glances at you with a slightly puzzled look on her face
"...Do you work on kids often?"

| >The women shakes her head
"Not really. But I doubt that should be a concern. Children augs aren't much different."
>She takes out a small tool kit and begins taking out a screwdriver
"Any idea why your arm went haywire?"
>She begins prodding the base of the aug with her fingers

| >she scratches her head sheepishly
"...Well, i haven't exactly got any tune ups or fixing ever since i got it..."
>The arm twitches whenever you prod it, and the more you examine it...
>the clearer it becomes that this is some shoddy old model that's notorius for being buggy

| >>550700
"I see. Good maintenance is a must on these older models. Frankly, I'd suggest replacing the whole thing... or the servos at the very least."
>She takes out a small device and plugs it into the arm
"This is mostly an OS problem, so a quick patch should fix most issues."
>Her voice is deadpan through the entire exchange, lacking any emotion

| >the smol nods
"Replacing it huh?"
>She mumbles to herself
"Er... What's your name miss?"

| >The women doesn't look up
"Illya. Illya Steins, just call me Dr.Steins."
>She fiddles with her device and then unplugs it before tapping the augged arm
"That should placate most of the issues, for now."

| >A yellow eyed Ginger Lilim approached the castle, stumbling as he did. The man's left arm was missing and the synthetic flesh on the left side of his face had been pulled off. Stepping into the front door he looked for a seat frantically to sit down.

| >>550751
>The women looks to the lilim with an unconcerned gaze before lifting an eyebrow
"Now, little lady, seems like someone needs help. Can you take a seat in the waiting room while I tend to him?"
>She then beckons the lilim closer
"Let me see those wounds."

| >>550731
>the smol gets up and thanks Illya, before nervously stateing
Do you think i could watch you work for a while?"

| >>550848
>You can see the faintest hint of a smile appear on her face
"Sure, I'm all for it, actually."

| >>550875
>she smiles widely, and jumps up and down, already taking a seat next to the ginger lilim and illya

| >>bb34b0
>The Lilim got up and spoke, his voice coming out as garbled noise. He reached into his pocket and brought out his phone typing into it and showing the screen to both Illya and the little girl.

<Hello I am Dice, I don't remember how I got these. But I know I can't redeploy. Please help me.>

| >>551006
>Illya nods along
"Older model, huh? I'll fix you right up, no worries. Got anything to tell me that I should know before starting? Model number and manufacturer, mostly."
>She takes out a large tool kit and begins prepping the table for repairs

| >>bb34b0
>The Lilim shook his head and typed once more into his phone.

<I am a DT-01, manufactured in Dublin by Highlander industries. I cannot be redeployed due to important data I cannot risk losing.>

| >>551074
"Well that's a model I've barely ever seen. No worries, I'll fix you just fine."
>Illya pulls out a small cast and applies it over Dice's stump
"Imma' replace your arm with a sub, can swap it out with a genuine piece later on. For the face, I'm gonna need to actually re-piece... guess I should do some damage eval, then piece the interns, skin follows."
>She doesn't look like she's talking to anyone...
>Illya takes out a shabby metal arm from under the desk

| >>551122
>She then jams it into the cast and plugs a thin wire into Dice's arm
"Try moving it, one times for each cardinal direction, then a circle motion, tell me if anywhere feels off within your original arm."
>She then takes out a small screen and takes a good look at the facial damage
"Voice box, DT-01, so a CRI TT1 should fix it, gonna have to repiece... around the jaw, cheek, then it's checking the eyes. Don't move your face til' I tell ya' to, else you'd fuck the scan."

| >>bb34b0
>He nodded and complied, his arm having difficulty moving in any direction due to damaged servos in the joint. He spoke in garbled again as his voice box short circuited more.

| >>551314
>Illya puts down her tablet and nods a few times before beginning to open the arm joint
"Servos are damaged, not that severe, might need a little oil..."
>She begins fiddling with the servos after unplugging the wire
>After a minute, she plugs it back in
"Try again. Next is the voice box... should be easy, no repiece required."
>She takes a multitool and begins rapidly fiddling with Dice's voice box

| >She pulls a small kit and attaches it to the coice module, before nodding
"Talk slowly, it should stop malfunctioning after a minute or two."
>She then takes out a face cast and begins prepping it
"Kid, mind helping me out? There's a box under the counter labelled CRI TT1, fetch it, yeah?"
>Her voice is still deadpan and emotionless

| >>2e6bcb
> He started to make arn exercises, rolling the shoulder and moving his forearm like a hinge slowly.
"Do...re...mi fa...sol.."

| >>551337
>theblue haired smol watched intently, before blinking, realizing she was being talked to, and runing off to get the box!

| >Yet another person enters The Castle. He looks a little frazzled, but doesn't seem to have come here for aug repair seeing as he doesn't look to have anything wrong with him - Or any visible augs, for that matter.

| >>551358
>The women takes the box and gives the small a quick pat
>She then takes some sort of face mask from inside the box and puts it on Dice's face
"Give it a sec, it'll mold to your features and then I can put the skin back on."
>She sends the man a quick glance, but opts to wait a bit

| >>551523
>The man coughs and turns away from the entrance and takes a seat somewhere, anywhere. He wouldn't be suspicious looking if not for the fact he's wearing the hood of his jacket over his head and a medical mask over the lower portion of his face. Ah, and gloves too.. Suspicious, suspicious.

| >the smol smiles as she's pet, afterwards glancing at the incoming patients
"...So... uh... What's your story?"

| >>bb34b0
>Dice waited a bit before attempting to speak. When he did it came out in highs and lows, the Irish software adjusting to the CRI TT1.
"..wAs hIT...bY aN explosion."
> He clarified before giving it a bit more his stare becoming unfocused as he processed the add-on.

| >>551565
"An explosion? where? is anyone (other then you) hurt?!" >the smols exclaims

| >Illya takes out a small machine and applies it over the mask, before injecting something inside
"This'll regrow the skin on your face, the inside should naturally heal because of the repiece I installed... it might itch for a day or two, might hurt, it's normal, don't take it off, it'll peel off on it's own once it's done."
>She puts away her tools and takes off the machine from Dice's face
"Well, ain't you looking better? Next up... that arm of yours."

| >She finishes her smoke and tosses it into the trash
"We got two options, I install a replacement part that you can then swap out at a later date with one of your own, or I can give you a permanent replacement. Of course, option 2 is much more pricey."
>She lights a new smoke and exhales the smoke away from the kid
"Well, either way, you should be operational to 100% in under a day or two. My nanomachines were made for autonomous repairs."

| >>bb34b0
"I need..option 2, money is no object. I need a concealed compartment inside it so I can install a mod."
>The Lilim spoke gravely.

| >>551639
>Once again, the faintest hint of a grin can be seen on Illya's inexpressive face
"Concealement, huh? Then I have a good model for you. Give me a sec."
>She gets up and heads to the back
"Make sure not to touch anything while I'm gone, all of you."

| >>bb34b0
"And...If at all possible I need an augment to raise my combat capabilities....For protective purposes. As I said before Money's no object."
>He called out staying perfectly still.

| >>551735
>the smol stares intensely
"...Augments... can be weapons?"
>she mumbles, as if this is a completely foreign concept

| >>176933
"No...at least not what I'm intending, I need harder skin. Armor would be great actually."

| >Illya steps back into the room
"You can always strap guns to your arms, augs or not, and so long as you live in GC, you'll need a gun close... well, if you can't pay for a bodyguard."
>She takes out a shiny arm from within the box she was holding
"Well, defense should be no concern if you can pay for it."

| >Illya looks around for a second, but then sits back down
"Well then, let's get this attached, I'll explain the functions afterwards."
>She begins attaching the arm to Dice's stump

| >The lights overhead flicker ominously.

| >>bb34b0
"Well...I used to have a double barreled tucked in here for protection. I'm thinking I might need something more efficient in the future considering that shotty exploded."
>Dice sat down with her, letting the good doctor work on him.
"Just out of curiosity, I know I said money is no object but how much will this set me back?"

| >>552242
>Illya tilts her head, thinking for a bit
"The actual cost of this piece is around... and then there's the payment for my work... all in all, around 2.5k Nuyen or twice the zenny would do the trick, of course, that's tax included. I run a legal operation here."
>She keeps fiddling with the arm
"But this specific model was designed by me, if nothing else, I can guarantee that it'll do any job efficiently."

| >>552262
"For the actual things it can do... this here model 33Rt is covered with electrical dispersing coating, even lightning would probably scatter harmlessly from it... just watch out that you don't dip your hand in acid, else the coat will melt clean off."
>She takes out a small paint gun and places it aside
"In terms of defense, I armed it with a CRI PDW magazine and receiver. It has around 25 bullets, fired from the palm at around 900 RPM."

| >>552263
"To actually shoot it, just point the palm forward and shoot it as you'd do any aug-mounted gun. The trap has a two layer conceal, so it should fool anyone who isn't aware."
>She finishes attaching the arm and begins prepping her paint gun, repainting the arm to match Dice's 'skin' color
"Changing the mag is done by pulling out the receiver, I'll hand you the manual for the actual procedure. Cartridge is FN 5.7x28mm. Any questions?"

| >>bb34b0
"Not really, thank you doc. You've really helped a chap out."
> Dice said allowing his accent to slip just a bit. With his other hand he reached for his wallet pulling it out.
"Do you accept credit?"

| >The building shakes as something rumbles in the distance outside.

| >>552849
"I do."
>She directs Dice to the register before sending a new glance to her third visitor
"About done here, you wanna talk, buddy?"
>The girl can see Illya taking out a small device from under the table... it looks like a small knife
"If you don't got an issue, I can't help ya' much now can I."

| >The building shakes- outside, some street lamps pop. The lights in the building remain on.

| >The blue hared smol looks distantly out the window
"...Hope everything's alright out there"

| >>553242
"Power's going out... I'mma have to start backup... nah, might be unnatural. Going dark, huh?"
>Illya shakes her head and turns to the kid
"Might be a bad time to walk outside alone, young miss."
>Her voice is void of worry

| >>553103
>He looks up.
"Oh, you're done? Alright-"
>The shaking startles him, but he doesn't let it show for long.
"Okay, uh.. Are you still hiring? I saw job offers on a board I use."

| >>553245
>Illya puts down the knife
"Yeah. Need an assistant and someone to take care of my desk."
>She huffs smoke
"Ya' got any experience with this stuff?"

| >>553246
"Both, actually."
>He settles down and goes through what he can recall.
"Cashier and receptionist at an auto shop, office assistant at that fabric and sewing supply place next to that hobby shop downtown, helped out at my gramp's oldie video game store.. Unofficially."
>He sounds annoyed about that one.

| "And.. I've made a hobby of making aug props on the side - Stuff you see people use for their cosplays or costumes 'n stuff, show it off at the cons. Has limited functionality and is mostly just for show but is durable, easy to understand for the newbs, and easy to swap out and replace."

| >He grabs at his jacket a bit. "Oh yeah, I can send you the files with my resume and stuff - Just gotta.."

| >>553243
"yeah, guess i'll just have wait..."
>She sits on a chair and swings her legs listening to the adults talk about Jobs or something

| >Illya yawns

| >A 6 foot some odd man in a scratched leather jacket pushes the door open with his foot. Seems kind of rude until the pissed expression on his face shoots a look at his mangled fingers. Augs of course, completely broken. He readjusts his glasses with the back of his wrist.
"Steins? It's me, RaIn. Kick my ass next time I try something heroic."
>He somehow has a lit cigarette in his mouth and is attempting a drag off it.

| >>cf1127
>Dice was at the register in a few steps. Urgency was in his expression.
"Thanks for the arm."
> He had his card ready to pay but looked like he was about to sprint out the door.

| >>553641
>Illya takes a good look before shrugging
"Another day in GC. Take a seat, I'll fix that up right quick."
>Illya puts the payment terminal in front of you and then kicks back to throw away her smoke and light a third one
"If you're grateful, make sure not to blow up again. Keep ya'self safe."

| >The man finally gets what he needs from one of the pockets on his person, though a little bit late. "..Damn it,"
>He mumbles tiredly and presses the device between index and thumb, a holo projection fanning out before him.
>He flicks through the menu and hovers a finger over the share button, looking back and forth between Illya and it.

| "Sweet, thanks. Tried to help someone stuck under something. Whatever's going on out there is fucking wild."
>He takes a drag off his cigarette. Eyeing the guy looking at his holo projection.
"Saw your ad by the way, small world. I'd like to think I'm overqualified... At least when my digits aren't crushed."
>He smirks, attempting to do something with his fingers but they obviously don't move.

| >>553694
>Illya gives a short nod and turns on her pad
"Just share it locally on the network. I'll catch it and then I can interview ya'... once I don't have patients to deal with."
>Illya's face, normally deadpan and emotionless, blooms into a soft smile
"I see... so you too are a technician like me. Quite the curiosity..."
>She invites RaIn closer to examine the damages

| >Hearing the patient's words, he's visually and audibly relieved.
>He was really here for the other opening anyway. >>553754
>And then.. >>553758
"Yeah, sure. Of course."
>The man does as asked, waiting until it says it's finished loading to let go and have the projector go into sleeping mode. He clips it onto his jacket front afterward.

| >>553758
"As a matter of fact, I am! I used to be the security technician for the White Knights back when they were around. I do a lot of AUG work on the side, and if you happen to know a dude named Falschen, I fix up their armor all the damn time."
>RaIn talked his way up to the reception desk. Then holds both his hands up. Some fingers are busted messes of wires and metal, others look like they got severed clean off.
"I'd fix it myself, but uh..."
>He shrugs.

| >>553850
>Illya gives a nod and begins checking the aug
"That's a pretty good model, had to be a rough spot ya' got into."
>She takes out her multi-tool and begins to evaluate the damages
"Still, WK tech, huh? I used to do some contracts for their optical augs, never actually got the job proper. Was busy with my research at the time. That and CRI kept pestering me to come back, even though I'd retired."
>Her smile seems a bit nostalgic

| "Chunk of rubble I was trying to lift gave out, person under it got out fine. My fingers, not so much."
>RaIn sighs.
"I got in with the knights because of my late girlfriend. We worked on a custom suit of armor together for a long while as a sort of passion project. I finished it only recently, I'd show you some pictures and the schematics but I don't have fingers currently."
>He turns his hands palm up to show the damage better.

| >>554955
>Illya checks it out and begins fiddling with the multi-tool
"Yeah, I can fix this. Might even have a few spare parts for this model."
>She states

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