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Red text time!

| >Mfw going out drinking
>gcpd sirens
>o shit
>Ducks into random bar
>Bar owner cute af
>ask if shes single
>giant big man shows up
>mfw smashes me head in
>head bleeding, gets taken to secrer underground room
>Tied up and naked
>sees a giant dick statue, bigger then the tender
>Sees CN's signature on it

Guess ill get fucked by Geeknerd again

| What -CN

| >>550272
did you seriously lose track of how many people you fucked?

| >>550341
I only have sex with one person... -CN

| Metaphorical Fucked

| >>550357
That's still only one. -CN

| >>550346

fisherman jones -sh4de

| >>550267
What do you mean >>again? Do people get regularly fucked by CN in this city?

| >>550363 >>550387
No -CN

| >>550397

fishermanjones -sh4de

| >>550387
my ass still hasn't healed

| >Be me.
>Be working at a /burg/ brand burger place.
>Customers are pretty rare, we're in the middle of nowhere.
>Don't care, free money.
>Until a year ago.
>Every full moon, like two dozen kids arrive and their parents.
>The two dozen kids are all cosplayers.
>Like, all of them.
>All have little furry ears and tails and appetites to match.
>Some don't look like cat girls and just have paleface painted on all the time.
>Weird but whatever.
>Always a mess, throwing out /burgs/ like nobody's business.
>One day they arrive and there's one I've never seen before.
>Freaky contact lenses, looks like a demon out of hell.
>Acts like one too.
>She's sniffing around like a goddamn dog.
>"Can I help you g/u/rl." I ask.
>No response, continues sniffing.
>She ends up following the scent to the kitchen.
>Manager tries to stop her.
>Some tall kid grabs the girl as she tries to dive into a vat of deep frying fries.
>They mutter apologies.
>This keeps going on everytime they arrive.
>At least the money's good I guess.

Any other anon have strange stories like this?

| >Be me.
>Watching new tv show
>mad that andromeda was canceled
>want to hate show so bad
>dynoforce comes on
>wtf this is actually good
>holy shit i'm enjoying it more then the kids
>kids are jumping
>we're all cheering for kevin
>mfw dynoforce saved my marriage

| >Be me
>Go out for a drink with one of my runner
>He got wasted
>Got home
>He record and give me the recording,telling me to show him in the morning
>It was him roasting his "Sober self"
>Show him the recording in the morning
>He starts a war with his drunk self that continues to this day

| > be me
> leader of the illuminachos
> want to stab people
> and dip doritos on their blood
> but the chips factory is gone
> no doritos no blood dip
> no blood dip no reason to stab people
> tries to fix the old secret factory
> it explodes
> feelsbadman.doritos

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