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(Bar)The hazy moonlighter

| >it open mic night once again and the moonlighter is open for business
>the bar is mostly quiet tonight as it only opened up a few hours ago the only remarkable sounds to be heard are the idle chatter of some of the regulars and the squeaking sound of ol frank cleaning some glasses under the counter
>above him is a chalk board acting as a menu
>various drinks both traditional and BTC are listed down in pink chalk
>there are even some house mixes

| >perhaps it would be nice if someone was singing, it *is* open mic night after all
>the bell chimes as you walk in
"Oh hey, welcome to the moonlighter"
>the young tender bows

| >A firery redheaded girl wheels in on a wheelchair, a pernament angry look on her face. Despite obviously being too young, she rolls up to the counter
"Ay, ye got a sugar rush or somethin?

| >>548595
"Sure thing, got an ID?
Just a precaution and such know?"
>he begins mixing sugar rush preforming your typical but still entertaining bartender tricks while doing so
>perhaps in an attempt to calm the girl down?

| >The stares, blinks and grumbles, slightly blushing
"Damn Adults..."
"I Mean, i.. uh, lost it"

| >>548636
"Oh no.
Well thats all right, but unless i get some proof of age i cant serve you any karmotrine ok?
I can still serve you drinks, but only virgin"
>he slides over a virgin sugar rush

| >She grumbles, slightly upset and takes a sip of the drink, pleasantly surprised by the sweetness
"...So is this what adults drink?

| >>548651
"So you *are* underage"
>frank calls out rather surprised
"Not a lot of kids come over to the moonlighter.
Actually come to think about it, you like...the...im going to say third?
What are you doing here?"
>he says now trying to entertain the girl with even better bartenders tricks

| >She seems slightly bemused by the tricks, but shakes her head
"Ah'm tryna te find a friend of mine... a Blind lass. She just.... got up and left te orphanage"
>she sighs
"Well, ah'm so breaking her skull in when ah find her..."

"But er, ye, have ye seen 'er anywhere? she's blond, has bandeges ove 'er eyes and named Fennel... er something like that"

| >>548661
>he shakes his head
"Nope sorry to say but i haven't seen anybody like that around, but ill keep an eye out."
"However, this bar is frequented by some of the nicer shadow runner types. Mostly. Kinda.

If you want, i can pass the word around the grapevine a bit.
Who knows? Might get lucky!"
>he laughs

| >seeing you try so hard to entertain her, she stifles a laugh
"Pff... Y- ye really trying hard te entertain me aren't ye..."
>she glances at the empty stage, and kind of looks longfully

| >A young woman ducks into the bar, the click of high heels making her entrance known. Everything about her appearance screams "Look at me!!": low cut shirt displaying ample cleavage, thigh-high leather boots, shorts that look like they could've been painted on her, and a little too much jewelry. Her most striking feature, however, is the pair of massive horns that grow from her forehead, seemingly bowing under their own weight. She shifts the purse on her shoulder.

| >>548705
>Her demeanor, unsurprisingly, oozes "stuck-up fucking bitch."

| >>548687
"I have no idea what you are talking about~">he jokes
>with a impressive cup flip he asks
"Oh, you wanna sing something? Its open mic night"
"Whoa...IRL succubus...">he quietly mutters to himself before snapping back to reality
"Uh- Hello ma'am and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>he bows

| >She doesn't say anything, slowly making herway to the mic... She swallows, licks her lips and..
>sings quite frankly, awfully!

| >>548894
>not wanting to hurt their feelings frank puts on a supportive smile
>but behind it lies a large sum of regrets
>annnd you maaay or may not see him quickly take a shot of whatever drink he likes
>hide the pain frank

| >>548803
>The horned girl acknowledges the tender's greeting with a nod and begins to approach the bar counter, taking her time as she saunters to her seat. As she draws closer, it becomes clear that despite her manner of dress and the way she carries herself, she is relatively young.
>She finds a chair and sits. Looking at her horns, one can see that they are cracked in various places. These cracks appear to be filled in with veins of... gold?! No, that must be fake. She sighs.

| >>548910
"Something on your mind ma'am?">he says wiping a glass

| >>548913
>She puts one of her elbows on the bartop and rests the side of her face in her hand.
"No, nothing really. I guess that's the problem. I'm very bored."
>She glances at the nails of her other hand, as if finding the task of inspecting each of her french tips more interesting than the rest of her surroundings. Her gaze shifts to the girl on the stage for a second, then returns to Frank. She raises an eyebrow.
"Is... >>>that your entertainment?"

| >The red haired smol keeps singing! Getting progressively louder and she gets more and more into it! she doesn't even notice the uh, lukewarm reception

| >>548926
>he sighs
>in quite anexasperated manner might i add
"No its just open mic night...
Usually, thats a good thing..
Anyway, whats your poison"
>this is Probably one of those moments where sad music plays as the hypothetical camera zooms in on franks face
>said face, looks dead

| >she finally finishes, and takes a deep breath
"Ahh... That was fun..."
>she waves toward the 'tender, evidentally really happy

| >>548959
>on one hand, he doesn't want to do anything to ruin the kids fun
>for in his head, this is making a paraplegic orphan happy
>on the other hand, he dosen't want to experience the music equivalent of getting stabed any longer then necessary
>so he just stands there. Sweat on his brow
"U U U U H H H H M M M M"

| >>548954
>The girl looks over the drink menu carefully, silently contemplating her choice.
"A... A-a "Bad Touch."
>She hesitates just a second too long when telling the bartender her order, that "ice cold bitch" attitude she walked in with wavering for a moment before it quickly returns. Something's a little weird.
"What'd she have?"
>She points her thumb over her shoulder at the smol up on the stage who seems to think she's being begged for an encore.
"She's trashed."

| >>549055
>he begins mixing up a bad touch
"Oh uh sorry to ask but i need an ID or other proof of age, if not, i can still serve you drinks, just nothing with karmo.

Oh and the girl ordered a sugar rush"
>whaha! Her stuck up bitch aura has no affect on frank!
>huh! So this is the power of someone whos a member of the I.B.A!

>like for the smol. He does some tricks to entertain the guest

| >>549056
>A thinly veiled look of annoyance washes over the girl's face as she reaches for her chest and removes the phone that was, until now, nestled between her breasts. She takes the picture ID from one of the pockets on the back of the phone's case, and hands it to the tender. Unlike the smol before her, she has come prepared.
"Like I >>>said, a Bad Touch, please."
>The card looks pretty legit, emphasis on the word "looks". Under her portrait is the name "Kijo, Sayuri."

| >>549099
"Looks legit, one bat touch coming right up miss sayuri"
>he slides over a green glass
"Please enjoy!"

| >the smol starts to sing again, but coughs and wheels herself over to the counter
"Ahll that yelling is gonne kill my throat ah swear..."
>she looks towards the tender eagerly expecting something

| >>549100
>Happy to have easily obtained her prize, Sayuri puts her phone back whence it came, and takes a sip of her drink. The cocktail makes her mouth pucker and her tongue feel as if she just licked desert ground, but she seems very pleased nonetheless. It's time to get white-girl-wasted.
"Hmm. Good."
>As the girl in the wheelchair scoots towards the bar, Sayuri feels the need to ask:
"Is open mic night popular here? I need to know how much I'll be knocking back tonight."

| >>549157
>that look of relief when he finds out shes done
"Uhhhrrr...good job?"
>frank pats her on the head
"Kinda i guess. Like most of the people who sing sound nice, so the rest of the patrons enjoy listening"
>>he washes a glass
"Or something like that"

| >>549253
>Sayuri smirks and twists a lock of hair around her index finger, winding and unwinding it slowly.
"Let's hope those people you're talking about show up soon."
>The smol's comment about being parched does not go unheard. Sayuri takes another sip of her drink before offering it to the girl in the wheelchair. The smirk widens into a slightly wicked grin.
"You said you were thirsty? This is what you want, right?"
>You and me, we're not so different... I'm just a better liar.

| >>549365
(Le invisible roll)
>frank checks his watch
"They will be in...3...2..1"

>a boy wearing a blue jacket and an interesting headset walks in
"Hey frank, mimosa and fingers please">he takes a seat

"Sure thing cass. Wait wheres the other one?"

"Three,.. two,.. one.."
>followed by a girl with black and white hair
>she uh...oh dear she is wearing one of those ahegao hoodies with matching skirt and garterbelt thigh highs
"Strawberry mimosa frankie!"

"Coming right up gem"

| >>549368
>Sayuri is momentarily distracted by the entrance of the boy in the headset and girl in the... outift that is somehow more lewd than her own.
>She turns back to the smol and resumes tempting her with a taste of her drink.
"Go on~"
>She leans in towards the girl, lowering her voice. Her eyes sparkle with mischief.
"While the bartender isn't looking!"

| >>549377
>the bartender indeed does not notice for he is now distracted by the pther patrons
>the perfect opportunity...
>also is it just you or do you smell Chicken fingers being fried

| >>549253
>she smiles briefly as you pet her head,before snapping
"H-hey no headpetting! dun make me teach ye a lesson! Ay wanted a drink!"

| >>549430
"Oh! Hmm...something good for a kid..."
>He snaps his fingers then starts mixing
>he then slides an orange colored drink with a straw and butterfly wings
"Here you go! Virgin sunshine cloud!
Please enjoy!"

| >>549433
>As the tender presents the smol with her next mocktail, it dawns on Sayuri that as long as Frank keeps drowning this kid in sugar, she'll be forced to listen to any or all of the songs she chooses to mangle next.
"Oh, how cute! I didn't know that the BTC made drinks for >>>children!"
>Her tone seems very playful, but beneath the cheerful surface lies spite-- she has resolved to double her efforts in getting the smol to sip this concoction, just to see her reaction.

| >A faint glow of a cigarette hovered outside the window, that could only mean one thing. He's back and more uninterested than ever. The tall muscular nerd that kills gang members walked in placing his cigarette in the ashtray as he rubbed his forehead.

"Ahh, this place seems nice, better than that last one. I prefer not to have a live surgery happening in the booth next to me..."

| >>549377 >>549433
(derp sorry missed that the first time around)
>She sips her sunshine cloud happily, satisfied by the sugar, when she eyes your drink! hearing you call her a kid, she gets all fussy, and snatches it out of our hand, downing it almost instantly!...

>and almost instant are the effects! her face rapidly gets as red as her hair!

| >>549554
"Damm, a paraplegic orphan, a succubus, a girl with an ahegao fetish and now...*that*..feels like a set up for a bar joke">he mutters under his breath
>then the bartender turns to greet you
"Hello sir and welcome to the moonlighter"
>He bows

(Once again Invisible roll)
>after some chatting with the tender and her companion, the girl in ahegao clothes walks to the stage
>she might be one of the less shit singers..

| >>549575
>A spark of anger ignites within Sayuri as her plan backfires by way of being too successful, but it is quickly extinguished by the sense of schadenfreude she gets as she watches the smol's face flush.
"Oh, oh n-no~!"
>She stifles a giggle as she cries out in fake alarm.
"Oh, I thought you might be able to handle it! Here, wash the taste out of your mouth with your cute butterfly drink!"
>Sayuri pries her glass from the girl's hand, and replaces it with the girl's drink.

| >>549657
>She drinks her cute butterfly drink, completely spaced out at this point
>She stares blankly at the bartender before declaring outloud
"Alchohol is Good!

| >>549711
"Wait wat"
>the bartender just has that "oh shit" look
"Wait wait wait, you drank alcohol?!?! Who gave you alchohol?!?!"
>there is a look of genuine worry in his eyes

| >>549711 >>549713
>This is not the outcome Sayuri wanted, but it's the one she probably deserved. Even still, she's amused. She continues her facade of being distressed over her stolen drink.

"Oh!! I leaned in to talk about her singing, and she yanked it out of my hand!"

>The horned girl holds her glass closer to her body, as if she's worried the smol will snatch it from her again.

"Rude... Can I get a refill?"

>She bats her eyelashes at Frank, a sullen look on her face.

| "Umm... What IS happening?"

>The newcomer said as he observed the strange going ons.

"Just must be a hectic night huh?"

>He would mutter as he took a seat at a stool, observing the drink menu.

"Den Svenska Bjornstammen! Ah I haven't seen that drink in a long time! I'll have one of those, I know that they had a bunch of them in the bay area... I guess the roots just became scarce huh?"

| >>549750
"O-oh, yeah one sec.."
(Roll a d20 for deception please)

"Swedish bear tribe? Also i know its obvious your of age but i still need an ID or proof of age before i can serve you any karmotrine or alcohol"
>he begins mixing a drink

| >>549759

| >>549762
(Alright now then, to pass i need to roll lower then that...
And i got 17. Oof)

>He begins to pour while looking at a monitor under the counter
>then his eyes light up in surprise
>it looks like you betrayed his trust

| >>549764
"I just offered her a taste! Parents do it with their kids all the time. Isn't it better if she learns about it in a controlled setting?"

>Sayuri tosses her head indignantly and runs a hand through her long, strawberry blonde hair. Those horns look menacing, all of a sudden. She glares daggers at Frank, her pupils narrowing to slits.

"How could I know she'd grab it and down the whole thing?!"

| >>549771
"Its a paraplegic orphan! And-"
>he cuts off and begins laughing
"Hahaha dude that really works"

"See, i dont know how but pretending to freak out always reveals their true thoughts"

"Cass my man, you are evil."
>he chats with one of the other patrons before turning back to sayuri

"Aha sorry sorry, its fine, of anything that calmed her down."
>he begins to wipe a glass laughing
"But seriously, its Probably best not to do that next time. Who know what could happen?"

| >>549771 >>549764
>the kid smiles widely if a tad sleepily
"Ah dun worry it's fine... Besides, ah had worse..."
>she rests her head on the counter, yawning and calm fer once

| >>549759
"Shit um, let's see..."

>He ruffled through his wallet pulling out multiple cards.

"This is the only one I have on me currently..."

>The card showed a picture of him which wasn't a hologram indicating that it was old, the picture looked like him when he was 16 or something with his birthdate 12/23/20XX. The name appeared to be Graham with the last name scribbled out in magic marker.
"This was my ATC card, had to hide the last name..."

| >>549777
"Good night little smol"
>he gently lifts up her head and puts a pillow between her face and the counter then rests it on said pillow
>then pats her head and turns to the other guest
"Good enough">he shrugs and slides Graham his drink
"So what brings you to the moonlighter mister Graham"
>he asks

| "Boredom, I've been to about ninety percent of the bars here, normally I go to deep bars so I can see the dark alleys and if any creepy robbers are stealing purses. I'm like uh, superhero with out the laser eyes..."

>He took a sip, his face scrunching at the bitter tase

| >As the smol sleeps, a tall gentleman in a labcoat enters, imediately spotting the redhead and moving over to pick her up in her sleep!

| >>549774
>Sayuri isn't sure how to handle the tender's reaction being part of an act, which is ironic since... most of her interactions with the tender thus far have been fake as hell. She's definitely not happy with being the victim of his little prank, though. She scowls, very much unamused, and jerks her head towards Cassius.

"He taught you to fuck with people like that?"

>She squints at Cassius, sizing him up.

| >>549821
"Wait does that mean the moonlighter looks shady...?"
>sad frank is sad
"I thought people thought we were a respectable establishment..."
>looks like you somewhat insulted him
"Uuuhhh hello there are you her guardian sir?"
>he cautiously questions

| >>549858
"Yep, i haven't met anyone better at mischief then him so far."

>cassius looks plain, keyword looks
>he looks young with a average-light ish build and brown hair
>he is weaing a blue jacket and strange headset
>there is a monotone gaze in his eyes that he seems to carry all the damn time
>theres something about that headset However...that...is just feels...horrifying...
>but you cant say for sure so you may just dismiss it

| >A man,his age unknown due to a one-hole balaclava and a black helmet concealing his face,walks into the bar. His body is covered with camouflaged clothing and a military backpack on his back,his two rifles slinged and his pistol holstered,your guts tell you that you wouldn't want to end up in a gunfight with him. His armored vest has some traces of bullets hitting it,but no holes are present.
"One Gutpunch,thanks"
>He sit down at one of the stools

| >>549918
"Hello sir and welcome to the moonlighter"
>the bar bows as you enter
"One gutpunch Coming right up, However i will need some ID or other proof of age or i am unable to serve you any karmotrine"
>he begins to mix a gutpunch

| >>549955
>He seems a little confused at first,but after a little shuffling around he take his ID from gis wallet,which shows he is 28 years old,and hand it to you
"Here it is,didn't know you need that"
>He put his backpack and rifle next to him

| >>549972
"Just a precaution, dont want any lawsuits you know."
>he pours an amber liquid in a rocks glass and slides it over
"One gutpunch, please enjoy"
>kinda dumb that a drink in a rocks glass isnt actually on the rocks

| >>549977
"I understand,lawsuits are... undesirable,to say the least"
>The man take off his helmet and balaclava to put them on the counter next to the glass and proceed to take a sip from the glass

| >>549978
"Preach on..
Anyway- what brings you to the moonlighter?"
>he asks

| >>549892
"Oh, I mean it's nice on the inside it's just outside there was a lilim offering to perform oral activities with me in exchange for my money. That's all.

| >>550019
>frank laughs at that
"Was it the one with the blue hair and big tits or the one that looks like *kira* miki?
You know what i dont wanna know"
>he laughs a bit more
"Yeahhh i think they know that some more...'financially well endowed' runners and the like frequent the place. So here they come to prey on them."
>he shrugs
"That or its just where their pimp posts them. I just wish they would stop harassing customers"

| >>549892
>the man turns to stare at you briefly, but simply turns to leave without saying a word with the smol over his shoulder

| >>550024
"Sir? Sir!"
>he walks over and puts his hand on the mans shoulder
"Sir im afraid that unless you can prove that you are this childs parent or guardian i cannot allow you to take her out of the premises"

| >he squints
"She's an orphan right? then can't i just claim ownership of her now?

| >>550054
"Thats not how it wo-"
>then he steps back now in front of the door and his gaze sharpens ever so slightly
"How did you know she is an orphan...?"

| >>550022
"No she had blond hair, and small boobs... She definitely wasn't underage though, Atleast not that I know of..."

| >>550060
>he sighs, and sits down, putting the smol back down on her pillow
"Fine, just hit me up with a fringe weave, this *is* a bar, isn't it?"
>He eyes the person, and smirks
"Heh, good thing she was of age, you were getting Dangerously close to someone i was looking for..."

| >>549982
"Ah,nothing,I'm just passing by and want a drink or two after a job. Nothing like a couple of drink after a successful run"
>The man looks down at his drink,then manage to have another sip from the glass

| >>549893
>Sayuri decides that there is nothing about Cassius she finds particularly interesting, and returns to badgering Frank for more alcohol.

"Tender, about that refill...?"

>She's still trying to chill herself out a bit after her outburst at Frank. The little bit of oni in her nearly showed its fangs, and Sayuri only likes that to happen when she's in control of it, not when someone is eliciting that response from her.

| >>550107
"Coming right up"
>he begins to mix a fringe weaver
"I am required to ask for an ID or other means of age confirmation otherwise i am not permitted to serve any karmotrine"
"Duuude i said i dont wanna know"
>frank covers his ears
"Lalala lalala cant hear you!"
"Huh. Well make yourself at home my giy"
"Hahe sure thing"
>he pours in a refill

"Quite easy to tease arent you?"
>the patron asks

| "Oh, hello. It's this place again." >Three girls walk in. The first two- crimson-haired twins identical in everything but their hairstyles and clothing -should be familiar to the bartender; it's Chisa and Yukiko!
>The third girl, who follows them to the counter, isn't as recognizable though; she's donning an oversized hoodie, with its "Gearless Joe" design marking it as an import, and the hood's up so most of her face is concealed.

| >>550180
"Hey there you two welcome back to the moonlighter.
I see you bought a friend.
Anyway, what can i get cha?"
>frank seems happy to have a familiar customer tonight with all the new clientele

| "Gem can you pick a song yet? Your taking forever!"
>a patron calls out to the girl on stage

"Uh i dont know how to turn it on!
Wait, nevermind!"

>the mics blare up and the girl speaks
"Uh, hello everybody, m-my name i Gemini and im trying to become an idol
S-so i thought it would be nice to practice here!"
>she looks nervous
"I was hoping you all could pick what i should sing!
A-anyway, p-p-please treat me well!"
>she bows

| >>550183

"A Cobalt Fairy for her," >Yukiko gestures to her sister, "and a Sugar Rush for me. As for her..." She gestures to the girl in the hoodie, "She says alcohol screws with her voice, so she'll just have water."

| >>550190
"Cobalt fairy? What is that? Cobalt velvet mixed with a blue fairy?
Oh well coming right up"
>your drinks are served!
>he gazes at the stage...
"Hmmm there might be an opportunity here...do any of you have a request for her?"
>he gestures to the girl on the stage
"Im yet to hear it but cass over there assured me that she is good."

| >>550192

"Funny you should mention that..." >Yukiko smiles. In unison, she and her sister reach out and remove their companion's hood with a flourish.
>Underneath the hood is a face that, with its coral pink hair and signature horn-like curls, should be familiar with all its appearances on local TV screens recently- It's Maria Cadenzavna Eve herself!

| "We've got an idol of our own right here!" >All three of them laugh, Yukiko giving the counter a little thump with her fist.

| >>550206 >>550207
"Ammmm i supposed to know who she is
...?">frank tilts his head confused

| >>550158
"Alright then,thanks"
>The man answer as he sip from his glass,he then take a moment to eye the girl on the stage up and down
"I'll be damned,is that Gemini?"

| >>550213
"Yeah, you know her?"
>frank start cleaning a glass again
>the girl is still waiting for a request

| >>550215
"Not many girl wear ahegao top. I've met her a couple times,yeah"
>The man answer,his eye looking around the bar,at last resting on Cassius
"There's Cassius,wonder if those two ever separate"

| >>550208

"Nope, that's why we're here. This is Maria Cadenzavna Eve. She's... A pretty big deal, actually. An idol singer on her own and one half of the Queens of Music- you've probably not heard of them either, but that's okay."

>Yukiko pauses, letting Chisa speak.

"Good thing it's open mic- you're probably going to get to see her perform."


"...I'm right here, you know." >Maria sounds a little annoyed.

| >>550217
"G-good question.."
>he looks up for a moment thinking
"Come to think of it...ive never seen them lke that either..like they come in separately sometimes...but the counterpart is always soon to follow.

Mind giving her a request? Feels weird just letting her stand there"

"Sounds interesting i guess"
>he still looks confused
>he then turns to maria
"Im sorry are you supposed to be famous or something?"

| >>550221
"Why don't we let those three request,I just listen to Electronic,so I'm a little lacking in this field"
>He turn to the group of three
"Why don't you request something,then do the request yourself later. So you can compare,a little friendly competition"

| >>550158
>Sayuri holds her tongue, opting instead to take a healthy swig of her Bad Touch. She begins to feel that nice headrush that comes with the karmo, and relaxes a bit. Time to get to business disappointing her upper crust bastard of a father.



>When did she get up on stage? Oh well; hope she's a better singer than the smol snoozing quietly next to her. Sayuri hasn't made up her mind yet as to whether she'll sing herself.

| >>550241
"No response huh? Guess you *are* easy to tease!"
>he laughs
>and again, gem is still waiting for a request

| >>550270
>Sayuri attempts to turn the topic of discussion to Frank in an attempt to get even. The corner of her mouth twitches.

"What's got you so interested, huh? Is it the horns? Think if you tease me enough I'll suck the life out of you?"

>She bites her lower lip seductively, and raises her chin so she's looking down her nose at him. In the most ojou-sama voice she can muster, she says:

"As if you could actually be so lucky..."

| >>550335
"Nothing at all demoiselle.
I merely find you to be interesting."
>he laughs

>frank just totally nonchalantly whistles while looking the other way

| >>550158
>The man squints
"Do i look like i need to produce an ID?"

>He glances over at the person waiting for a request
"...Look, this silence is really starting to get on my nerves, so why don'cha sing... i dunno, some Kira*miki song or something"

| >>550359
>frank looks at the man momentarily
"Yeah fair point. Ill make an exception just this once"
>he slides over a fringe weaver
"Please enjoy!"

"You got it labcoat guy!
Here is *kira* miki's your love is drug!"
>she begins singing
>sadly, sukeban didn't release any lyrics for it so i cant type anything down
(18 on performance)
>oh holy crap, she is good
>her singing voice is soft and elegant yet no less cute
>people listen may find themselves enraptured by her siren call

| >>550360

>Chisa, useless lesbian that she is, is utterly enraptured by Gemini's performance. Maria and Yukiko are unfazed, however, with the latter tugging at the strap of her bolter.

"Say, did ya tighten security around here, or is she gonna end up like the last one- Violet, right?" >The android drums the fingers of her free hand on the table while Maria puts her hood back up and stuffs her hands in her pockets.

| >>550362
>Gemini being the tease that she os may or may not wink at chisa
>she reaches the point in the song where the dance number kicks in and of Course, being thorough in her performance begins to dance
(You know what, imma roll separately for the dance.
Annnd i got another 18?)
>her dance is well...almost perfect!
>the way she moves her hips, the lightness in her steps
>ant better and it would have been just like *kira* miki!

| >franks expression darkens ever so slightly
"Oh you mean the incident with velvet?
Yeah, lets just say...precautions have been made.."
>he tilts his head and smiles with closed eyes

| >>550366

>Chisa blushes, attempting to return the wink. Yukiko notices this, a small chuckle escaping her as she nods in acknowledgement of Frank's answer.

"Good. She's... Well, it looks like my sister's taken a shine to her, and I don't want her getting upset like last time." >She sips her drink.

| >The man smiles, and raises his glass
"You sure you aren't some sorto f secret idol? cause you sure can dance"

| >>550375
"Meh im not worried personally.
So long as cass is around she is pretty much untouchable."
>he laughs
"So, i assume miss maria wants the next song?"

"Not an idol yet mister but i hope i will be!"> that smile she gave can melt ice

| >>550377

>Maria nods, putting her hood down and making her way to the stage. Yukiko nods too, but firmly stays in place.
"Cass, huh? Tell me more."

| >>550381
>looks like gem isn't done with her performance yet
"Oh uh its just what i call cassius over there"
>he gestures to the boy in the blue jacket wearing a strange headset
"I swear i never see those two separated."
>he shakes his head
"Cant say i know much but i know that they are roommates and i think hes the one giving her Idol training.
Voice lessons and all, yet ive never heard him sing...
And i swear theres something off with that headset..."

| >>550383

>Maria takes a stageside seat, then. Chisa sits next to the idol, grateful for the excuse to watch Gem up close. Yukiko watches this- despite not actually facing the two -with amusement on her face.

"I hear ya, I hear ya. Speaking of, you wanna know what came of that whole painting thing?"

| >>550384
>frank recoils a bit at that
"Damn with the police investigation causing the bar to close for a while i honestly forgot about that!

Well..lets hear it"
>he refills your drink

>huh...chisa may have caught a glimps of her panties
>like her clothes, her panties are ahegao print as well.
>real classy gem *headdesk* real classy...

| >>550386

>Chisa turns as red as her hair. Maria's too busy doing... Something... To notice Gem's panties.

>Yukiko blushes too, bringing a hand to her mouth.
"...oh, my. Anyway, painting. Some psycho called me to these alleyways... Turns out he had a whole-ass art gallery, all the same as that painting. There was supposed to be some sort of meeting too, but... We scouted the docks for a week and saw nothing."

>She sighs.
"...poor Violet."

| >>550388
A uh...source tells me that a few years back there was this serial killer that had a memo with using their victim's parts as painting tools..

Recorded sightings run from neo fresco to berlin and paris."
>he shivers

"Red artist?"
>a patron interjects
"Red who?"

"The red artist, im telling you frankie, those are just urban legends"

"Wait cass there are *more* of them?!?"

| "Yeah, fire starting bug, feline philosopher, and my personal favourite, the silent orchestra"

"Ok one, what?
Two, who thought of those dumb names?"

"One, various urban legends of various degrees of truth
And two, i dunno some old news outlets from fresco.

So i will repeat myself.
That red artists of yours isnt real frank"

| >>550395

"Urban legends?" >Yukiko raises a brow.
"I know someone who'd be interested in those..." >Another sip of the drink.

"...anyway, red artists. Tell me more about them. And about the girl on the stage, too. Chisa's request."

| >A young man in a blue trenchcoat comes in, carrying a deck on his back as he looks around
"Now where is Rose..."
>He mumbles

| >>550399
"No clue."
>cassius replies
"What frank said is literally everything.
Cops from new Washington to saint Laurent have been investigating this guy to no avail.

Actually come to think of it, i only know about silent orchestra..

| And as for gem?
Not much to tell about my dear roommate really,
As you can already see ,she has black and white hair and usually wears...*that*"
>she is wearing one of those ahegao hoodies with matching skirt and garterbelt thigh highs

"Yet despite her choice of apparel, she is unrealistically innocent.
Seriously just the other day her singing somehow managed to attract enough birds to the house that i literally couldn't get out.
Cant tell of thats a good thing or not.."

| >>550402
"Yo CN over here!"
>a boy calls out

| >>550407
>when you enter the bar, lemme tell you fink, you have no idea how to react
>a Probably PMC, redheaded androids, a girl Completely covered in ahegao clothing singing like an angel, an unconscious paraplegic readhead and...is that a succubus? And more

>damn son this be wild

| >>550408
>CN sighs
"I swear there isn't a normal bar in this city."
>CN approaches the boy
"Hello? IA?"

| >>550409
"Yes, that would be me."
>the bartender bows
"Hello sir and welcome to the moonlighter"

| >>550404

"One last question, on Chisa's behalf- is she free tonight?" >Yukiko suppresses the urge to laugh, while Chisa buries her head in her hands. Maria is unfazed.

"...back to the main topic..." >She produces a blue bolter round from her pocket, biting into it and using it as it it were a cigar. "Tell me about this 'Silent Orchestra.'"

| >>550411
>He nods a the bartender, then turns back to IA
"So what's the situation?"

| >>550414
"As i said, Completely calm.
No gunshots, no kidnappings no nothing.
And i doubt it'll come to such things.
Rose in question is right over there"
>he gestures to the unconscious paraplegic redhead you saw earlier then sips his drink and takes a bite of his food
"Still, you might get more from Frank or the girl herself whenever she make wake.">he shrugs
"So yeah, thats about it.
Might as well make yourself comfortable."

| >>550413
"That is something you must ask mon la pucelle herself no~?">ooo french accent

"As for the silent orchestra;
Its quite the tale.
Originating from france. paris, marseille and lyons to be exact.
Stuff about the sounds of a symphony in the depths of the night.
Witnesses reported that they saw some strange flying figures with glowing blue eyes covered in a strange cloud seething in electricity.
A horrid eardrum rupturing sound following them"

| >>550415
"Who's Frank?"

| >>550418
"That would be me"
>the bartender calls out
>on his standard issue bartenders waistcoat you see a I.B.A pin reading the name frank

| >>550416
>Chisa sighs, receiving a pat on the back from Maria for her troubles just before the pink-haired girl swivels to face the counter.

"Excuse me, what?" >Both she and Yukiko sound incredulous, with Maria reaching for the necklace she's wearing.

| >>550421
>he looks confused
"Im sorry did i say something to offend..?"

| >>550420
>He looks over at the bartender
"Oh... what about the guy in the lab coat?"

| >>550402
>Rose is currently...
>Still sleeping on the bar counter, with her pillow, now drooling... a Lot.

| >>550424
>frank points over to said fellow then mouths out the word'he didnt give me an ID'

| >>550422

"No, it's..." >Yukiko pauses.

"... glowing eyes are usually a sign of..." >Both girls start simultaneously,
"...phonic sickness," >Maria concludes.
"...a DNI virus," >is how Yukiko finishes talking.

| >>550427
>he tilts his head in confusion
"Then i must be infected ooooOOOooo"
>he jokes but his eyes glow bright blue
>frank sighs and replaces her pillow this time putting a paper towel in between her face and the pillow

| >>550428

>Yukiko shakes her head.
"Nice try, but it's not convincing enough. Try acting more... Schizophrenic, I wanna say."

| >>550433
>he laughs and the eyes revert
>looks like gem finally finished singing
(Oh if your Character sings, roll d20 for performance)

"How did i do music boy!"

"18 out of 20. Your improving every day now."

"Wooo">she sips her strawberry mimosa

| >>550435
>Yukiko joins in laughter. All thought of singing vanishes from Maria's head, replaced with interest in the ongoing conversation. In the meantime, Chisa works up the courage to approach Gemini and greet here with a quiet "Umm... Hi..."

| >>550438
"Wait....what were we talking about...? Oh right.
Well thats all the info i have in the silent orchestra.">he sips his drink
>but it ran out a while ago so frank gave him a cobalt velvet

>Gem turns to chisa and smiles a smile that can bring summer
>she seems pretty upbeat

| >>550426
>CN walks over to the guy in the lab coat
"So... what's your story buddy?"

| >>550439

>This energy infects Chisa, and she finds her fears assuaged.
"You were awesome out there!" >She raises her hand, offering Gemini a high five.

| >>550442
>her eyes light up and she begins shaking
"P-praise?! A-actual praise! AAAAAAAA">she literally jumps with joy
"I was good enough to be praised!"
>in the heat of the moment she hugs chisa
"Thhhaaaannnnkkkk youuuuu"
>then lets go and celebrate by asking that sweet sweet victory sip
"Congratulations gem first successful live performance"


>...her chest was soft...

| >>550441
>the man in the labcoat sips his fringe,
"Not a very interesting one, don't see why you'd bother with me"

| >>550461
"Well I think one that involves going into a bar after a kid is interesting enough for me."

| >Sayuri's head swims a little as her drink really starts to take effect. There's a lot going on around her right now. She questions whether or not this was a good idea, then immediately shakes off her doubt.

>Of course it was a good idea, I'm the one who came up with it!

>She smiles to herself, and watches Gem and Chisa fawn over one another. How cute.

| >>550443
>The man with the gut punch watch as Gemini perform,downing the rest of the gut punch while doing so.
"Guess Cassius's training paid off huh?"
"Uh,'Tender can I have a refill"
>The man ask as his drink run out

| >>550443

>Chisa returns the hug, an action directed more by her sister than by the Popola unit herself.

"Ahhh, you're going to get a celebratory drink...?" >She tilts her head, letting go with a small smile.

| >>550465
>He raises an eyebrow
"And who exactly told you that?"

>he glances at Gem and Chisa

| >>550500
"So you don't deny it then?"

| >>550477
"Refil coming right up"
>Frank refills your drink

"The training dosent pay off until she is an idol...."

"I was about to orde-"
>she then falls flat on her face unconscious on the counter

"...huh..what was the last straw this time...?"
>frank sighs and gives her a pillow

| >>550504
"True,what's your name by the way,I'm Impulse"
>The man say as he recieve the refill from the bartender

| >>550501
"Does it matter if I deny it or not?"
>He glances over a frank, and orders another Fringe
"but don't worry, i promise i have their best interests at heart"

>Rose slowly wakes up from her alchoholic stupor, groaning loudly

| >>550507
"Dont you see the nametag? Names frank my guy">he tilts his head

(Sorry missed this one)
>somebody snaps their fingers
>although the alcohol may be interfering with your ability to recognize who
"Hey..you ok? Drank to much?"

"Yo Frank, shes waking up

Hello there."

"Hey had a good nap?">he jokes

| >>550560
>Sayuri breaks out of her daze as she hears Frank snap his fingers, and turns to look at him, face still a little blank.

"Oh... No, I'm fine. It just got really busy in here all of a sudden."

>She gestures around the room to no one in particular.

"Are they all regulars?"

>She looks at the stage, for want of something to do. She doesn't know if Maria is planning on singing, so she waits-- if she's so good, Sayuri wants to see her do her thing.

| >>550563
>lol it was Cassius
"Oh good. Huh it *did* get busy"
>looks like he didn't notice

"Nope, actually only like 4 people at the moment are actually familiar"
>frank responds

| >>550559
"That doesn't at all sound suspicious from someone who's not revealing anything about what they're up to..."

| >>550564
>Once Sayuri realizes it wasn't Frank who was talking to her, she flushes and turns her barstool to face Cassius, a little flustered.

"Ahaha... Used to more crowded venues?"

>She looks over her shoulder at Gem.

"She certainly seems to be enjoying herself. Are you her handler?"

| >>550568
"To the first question, its kinda yes and no.

To the second, no im just her roommate.

Also why are you dressed like a succubus?"
>he tilts his head

| >>550560
"As a matter of fact,Frank,no. I didn't saw your nametag before you point it out"
>Impulse reply
"Anyways,thanks for the drink,mate. Cheers"
>He take the glass and continue drinking

| >>550570
>Sayuri folds her arms across her chest, causing her bust to look even more prominent... if that's actually possible.

"I'm an oni. You're not the first to mistake me for a succubus, though. As for my style of dress... It suits me, and I like the attention I get from it. If you have something nice, you should show it off."

>She grins coyly.

"Especially if it's something other people want for themselves. Seeing the envy on people's faces gives me life~"

| >>550571
"Cheers!">he smiles

>this just confuses him a bit
"So why seek validation from other people...?

Besides- i think you look better when flustered"
>oh no, french teasing
>the worst kind!

| >>550574
>Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... Sayuri isn't becoming someone's plaything to tease and embarrass again. She throws one leg over the other and cocks her head to the side.

"Validation? It's a little different than that~"

>Something serious lurks behind her haughty tone. Despite this, she continues spouting off.

"As for your opinion, well... you're in the minority. Those like you tend to change their minds about that pretty quickly."

| >>550578
>he stares into her eyes for a moment before a look of realization comes across his face
"...your not actually of age to drink aren't you..?"
>his eyes glow bright blue as opposed to their normal amber haze

| >>550581
>Sayuri laughs off Cassius' question-- as if the answer makes any real difference now. She's already got what she wanted, and there's no way to take it back.

"What is this, an interrogation? That gimmick of yours supposed to make it look like you're gazing into my soul?"

>She hops off her stool and gives Cassius a wicked grin before heading towards the stage. Catch me if you can, frenchie.

"Good luck finding anything in there."

>She waves a hand as she walks off.

| >>550583
"Au revoir">he shrugs and waves
(Was i hot or cold? You know what, dont tell me)
"Corp heiress perhaps...?">he silently mutters

"Huh. Guess this place might be high class looking after all frank"
>he shugs and returns to his drink
>in the end, it wasn't his business

| >>550585
(if you're asking if you read her correctly, you're definitely more than warm)

>Sayuri approaches the stage and waves hello to any of those sitting nearby. She points to the mic stand.

"Has anyone got dibs on this right now? I wouldn't want to steal the spotlight of anyone who was planning on performing next."

>Even if I didn't want to, I still would... Watch and learn, girls and boys~

| >>550504

"!!!" >Chisa reaches out, but isn't entirely sure what to do. Her shocked expression is echoed on Yukiko's face- Sairento's weakened its partition just a little too much. Yukiko recovers, though, and after Sairento ascertains the partition is green, asks a question for no one in particular.

"Is... That a thing that normally happens...?"

| >>550591
>you were talking to nothing as nobody is on stage at the moment
>nor the chairs near the stage
(If your Character performs, roll a d20)
>you briefly consider of you had to much to drink

"Yyyeeaaaah she does that sometimes.
I cant say for certain but i think it triggers due to an influx of positive emotions."
>Cassius responds
"I wonder what was the trigger..?
Happiness from her first performance maybe?"
(Also who is sairento?)

| >>550597
>(I briefly consider that it is very difficult to ascertain whether everyone is at the counter or floating somewhere else in the vast expanse of this bar.) It is true, however, that Sayuri may not be as good at holding her liquor as she thinks she is. It may also be true that her excessive confidence makes this even more exaggerated.


>She steps up and takes the mic, tapping it gently.

| >>550597

"Positive emotions, huh..." >Sairento- the AI controlling both androids -adds this to its notes; best to keep both girls aware of this, just in case. Yukiko turns to Chisa, who pre-empts her question by shaking her head vigorously.

| >>550601
(I like to think that all bars in GC just have some kinda of non euclidean bar counter where everyone sits and dosen't sit at unless specified)
>a little poof comes from the speaker(s?)
>perfect volume, not too loud but not quiet either

"...n-noo tia thats my pudding..."
>she murmurs in her sleep

"Geeze she even has dreams of her..!?!?
Actually....that makes sense.."
>he mutters to himself

| >>550606 >>550601
>(Rolled a 15. My assumption here is that the performance would be better than mediocre but definitely not a show stopper. Is that about right?)

| >>550560
>The smol yawns, looks at frank sleepily
>she then glances towards the currenly occupied stage
"... That was a pretty good performance, but ah bet ah did ye one better"
>She suddenly notices the man in the labcoat and freezes, a terrified look on her face!
>The man downs his next drink, and sighs, getting and and starting to walk off, simple stating

"Don't stay out too late Rose, you'll miss your dinner"

| >>550606

"Tia?" >Yukiko asks in tandem with her sister.

"Who's that?"

| >>550607
(i guess so?
Hold up i have a table for this from one of my old dnd games...
Yeah pretty much on the money)

"Y-yeah, also do you know a girl with blue hair, augmented arms and named iris?">frank asks

"Interesting question"
>cassius totally nonchalantly does the 'dodging that question drink sip'

| >>550614

>Sayuri takes a few minutes to scroll through the songs available, and gets stuck on choosing between two. Neither of them are really current.

"Well, if they want an encore, I can always do the other later..."

>She murmurs, abundantly self-assured. Sayuri then takes center stage. To give an introduction, or not to give an introduction...

"Good evening~"

>She leans on the mic stand a bit and gives the bar patrons a sultry look.

"I'm Sayuri."

| >>550610
>CN waits for the man to leave before approaching Rose
"Hello, sorry to bother you as soon as you wake up but you're Rose right?"

| >>550629
"This song is called... St. Walker."

>As soon as the opening chord of the song plays, it's apparent that Sayuri is... really into it. She taps her foot and sways as she waits to sing the song's first verse.

"Oh... street walker in cloves,
tell me where you go... tell me where you goooo~"

>Her enthusiasm makes up for what she lacks in technical skill, to a minor degree. She never stops dancing around the stage; her movements often wild enough to trip her up.

| >>550640
>Her voice cracks a few times throughout the song, and she isn't able to save the notes by making it sound harsh and intentional like some vocalists can. Some of the lyrics are changed a bit-- be it by the effects of the alcohol or generally foggy memory. As the song comes to a close, she strikes a dramatic pose at the edge of the stage.

| >>550614

>Yukiko is not impressed. She makes this clear by biting down on the bolt in her mouth in such a way that it explodes. Curiously, though, this explosion is very... It's very small, for one, and weak. The shell doesn't even move or anything, it's basically a firecracker but much louder.

| >>550640 >>550643
>the two boys i named and some other NPC patrons that i cant be bothered fleshing out clap
>mostly just out of pleasantries but there are those who think that it was pretty good given the circumstances

"dosen't that hurt?">he looks concerned hoping to move that away from the question

| >>550653
>She responds by detonating the shell again. The flash this time is brilliant crimson, instead of electric blue like last time. Just like last time, though, she doesn't flinch. That should make it pretty clear it doesn't hurt.

| >>550614
>Rose drowsily rubs her eyes, and shakes her head, before pausing and suddenly lunging at them angrily!
"Who wants te know!? If ye think yer gonna capture ME AH'll SHOE YE WHAT THIS CRIPPLE CAN DO!"

| >>550693
"Are you a cranky sleeper or something?"
>CN sighs

| >>550643
>Impulse is not impressed,and put on his headset to listen to his own music,although you probably didn't notice it

| >>550693
"Waaah! H-he told me to ask you!"
>he points to Cassius
"P-please clam down!">frank says in a panic

"woah. Thats pretty awesome.">he says while talking another sip

"...mwahhh...tiiiaaaa...lets steal cassies parfaits...hehe...">she sleeptalks again

"Of all the things to be dreaming about...">he audibly sighs

| >>550741
>she falls over shorti n her lunge, kinda resting halfway on the bartable before slowly sliding back into her wheelchair
"I see"

| >>550745
>frank recomposes himself
"You see?">he says while readjusting his bow tie

| >>550745
>CN clears his throat
"Uh Rose... sorry to interrupt, but I'm here on behalf of Fennel."

| >>550741

"Thanks." >Yukiko nods, detonating the shell a third time- blue again -when Gemini speaks.

"Oh, right, I almost forgot- I still have no idea who the hell Tia is. She like, her little sister or something?"

| >>550755
"Uuuuhhhhmmmmm">he looks around averting his gaze fromthe two
>he taps a button on his headset
>his eyes and the headset glow blue
"「Vox fatuum longe」"
>...odd...his voice echoed somehow...?

"Gggeeeeeemmmm where are youuu"
>a feminine voice calls from the door

| >>550746
>She simple states that
"... Nothing, just..."
>She mumbles, glaring at cassius for a few moments

"Eh? so ye tellin me that te coward couldn't face me 'erself so she sent an *adult*?"

| >>550813
"What exactly happened between all of you kids? I know the whole thing about the cult already but I'm still lost on a lot of the details."

| >>550757

>The chanting catches the twins off guard. Both draw their bolters and aim them at the door, while Maria grabs the necklace underneath her hoodie and starts to sing.

"Seilien coffin A-"

>Yukiko quickly claps a hand across her mouth before she can finish the sentence.

"...what the hell was that?" >Yukiko- wait, no. *Chisa* -sounds more than a little irritated.

| >>550813
"Cmon, you can tell me"
>frank tempts
"I promise i wont laugh"

>nobody is at the door
>you may go to check and peer outside to find nothing
>when you return Cassius is gone

>frank does the 'i totally dont know anything whistle"
>wow frank, totally inconspicuous

| >>550818


>Yukiko sighs.
"I'm gettin' too old for this shit."
>You're like, one year old, Yukiko. Two, including Sairento's existence.
"Gimme the sweetest thing you got."

| >>550822
>frank just stares you dead in the eye as he just takes a bottle of karmo and a bag of sugar
>he presses a button on the counter
>a small drone comes in and drops off a parfait on the counter
>he then fills a mixing glass with the karmotrine and mixes in an entire cup of sugar
>he then pours the mixture on the parfait
"Order up"

>the sound of running water can be heard as Cassius emerges from the bathroom
>thats where he went
>that was kinda disappointing

| >Chisa and Maria both breathe a sigh of relief- Yukiko is too busy with the parfait. Chisa gives Gemini's cheek a little poke, then turns to Frank.

"Um... Whatever she orders... I'll pay for."

| >>550828
"No need">Cassius interjects
"I already paid for her"
>he then turns his attention to the parfait
"Oh,..*that*. Huh thats like, gems second favorite drink.
Hmmm who knows, maybe you can feed her one or something">he jokes

>gemini suddenly erupts from her slumber
"I S M E L L A V A N D E R B I L T S P E C I A L"

| >>550818
"...Nothing jus... kinda thinkin that it'd be rude te shoot te messanger an stuff"


"The only thing ye need to know is..."
>she points dramatically at you!
"Adults like you who are the enemy!"

| >>550846
"Isn't that being a little presumptuous... I'm trying to stop you girls from being forced to look for this matrix God or whatever and live a normal life."

| >>550846
"Shoot the messenger?
Im sorry how does cass fit into this?">this just further confuses frank

| >>550847
>She glares
"Do ye really think any of us have a shot at a normal life? Christ yer worse ten Iris. Te cult's long dead, no one's fercing us ta do anything. Yer a little late!"

| >>550851
"That what is the deal with the lab coat people then huh? The one who was here earlier didnt at *all* seem suspicious."

| >>550854
"He's te director at our new place..."
>she waves it off
"He's a little scary... but atleast he hasn't tried anything funny yet"
>She grinds her teath

| >>550856
"Yet... sounds like you're flipping a coin and hoping you luck out. It's obvious dont seem to like them though."

| >>550856
"Wait he was your orphanages director?
Oops...should i have let him take you then?">frank interrupts

| >>550858
"Nah, Ah can come back mahself ye did the right thing"
>she grumbles
"Specially now that ah know tat Fen's being an idiot again"

"Well duh, ah just said tat yer both our enemy. But unlike him, you don't got any people i particularly ahm worried about

| >>550859
"You're not worried about Fennel? Who are you worried about then?"

| >>550861
"Fennel may e blind, but atleast she's healthy."
>she grumbles

| >>550870
"W-Whos sick? L-Look I know you dont know but I want to help understand this so I helps you. Until recently Fennel thought you are all gone and as far as I understood it the cult was still around."

| >>550873
>she crosses her arms
"Lily is. Did she not tell ye? And jeez, she's te one that left us, not the other way around..."
>Suddenly, a slightly wicket smile creeps up on her face
"...Actually, i'll bite, take me to ol fen ah kinda have some buisness with 'er..."

| >>550876
"No not specifically."
>Theres a beat, CN carefully reads her expression.
"...Hold on."
>He pulls out his phone

| "...Yer not asking 'er for permission, are ye?"

| >>550905
"No, I'm just telling her what you told me so we can meet up somewhere."

| >>550906
>She rolls her eyes
"yer so scared of the cripple huh?"

| >>550933
"No but clearly you don't believe a word I say so why would you believe me now."


| >the sound of conflict can be heard outside

| >>550830

"A... What? You mean this...?" >Chisa and Maria both gesture to Yukiko's parfait. The Devola unit has left it unattended in favor of pointing her bolter at the door in response to the noises from outside.

| >>551065
"Yep">he responds

>gem nudges closer
"...can i have a bite..?"
>she sheepishly asks

| >>551062
"Dafqu?"> cassius walks outside to see whats up

| >>551067

>Chisa nods, turning to Frank as she snatches her sister's parfait away.
"Could ya get Yuki one, please...?" >She pulls the cup closer to herself and Gemini. Maria does not look pleased.

| >>551069
>when you look outside you see...!
>absolutely nothing

| >>551073
>he rubs his eyes and goes back inside

"Sorry, caterer just ran out. Think that was the last one">frank responds

"B-but isnt that your sisters?"
>gem asks

>cass just chuckles a bit before asking yukiko
"Whats with your friend with the hood?
Shee seems annoyed and was pretty much silent the whole night."

| >>551077

"Technically speaking, I >>>am my sister.">Chisa shrugs.
"That she let me do this at all is an indication she consents."

>Yukiko nods, turning her attention to Cassius.
"That's Maria Cadenzavna Eve for you- honorable to a fault. As for the silence, well... She's kinda shy offstage."

| >>551080
"Mmmmm..ok then!"
>she pulls back her hair and opens her mouth
>her lips look so soft
(Meanwhile morphine feels like a creep for typing that)

>he then turns to maria
"Hello, a question if i may"

| >>551083

>Chisa takes a spoonful of the Vanderbilt Special, guiding it into Gemini's mouth. Her hands would be shaking, but Yukiko's taken control of her sister's arm specifically to prevent this. How considerate.

"...?" >Maria raises a brow underneath her hood, turning to the asker.

"Go ahead...?"

| >>551093
>she wraps her lips upon the spoon letting the spoonful of sweet sink in
>it then slides of her lips leaving behind a drop of thick white liquid liquid near her mouth
(please kill me. I felt my soul die a bit)

>he takes a seat near her
"Why come to a bar and only order a water?"
>he laughs

| >>551097

"Water's better for my voice, and, well..." >She pauses. Yukiko picks up for her.

"She acts like a total fucking diva when she's drunk- hell, she acts like a diva if she's had enough to eat, even. Aaaand then she crashes, and the regret sets in."
>Maria nods in confirmation.

>Chisa reaches out to wipe the cream off Gem's face.
"Uh, you've... Got some cream on your face..."

| >>551100
"Eh!? Where?">gem leans in dangerously close to chisas face

>he attempts and fails to contain a giggle
"Oh...pff..im sorry. *cough * er uh, why?"

| >>551105

"R... Ight..." >Though her face is even redder than her hair and her eyes desperately try to avoid Gem's, she manages to wipe the cream off the girl's face.
"...there!" Her cream-topped finger stays there, though, out of Yukiko's curiosity to see what'll happen next.

>Maria shrugs.
"Honestly, I don't know either... I guess it reminds me of Serena, somehow..."

| >>551113
>gem then slided her hair behind her ear and wraps her lips around chisas finger licking the thick white
>your finger tickles as your mind may wander
(*various sounds of regret*)[/spoiled]

>cassius just looks past maria for a moment and sees it then immediately reverts his eyes
>he shakes his head
"Forgive me if a may pry but...serena"

| >>551115
"?!?!?" >A confused squeak escapes Chisa, and she turns EVEN REDDER as her finger is licked. Maria turns bright red, pulling her hood almost entirely over her face while mumbling an answer to Cassius' query: "I don't wanna talk about her."

>Yukiko bites her hand, suppressing her urge to laugh so as not to ruin her sister's little 'moment'.

| >>551120
>she continues to lick
>he head bobbing up and down and up and down thoroughly cleaning up her finger
>dear havens where is your mind drifting?

"Ah...its something personal eh?
Of Course i wont push.
However sometimes, perhaps it is better to share.
I should know haha!"
>he lets out a pained laugh
"I got some baggage to!
But even i found catharsis sharing, even with a stranger..."

| >>551126

>Most of the blush on Chisa's face is actually out of flusterment... But only *most*. She cracks a tiny smile, holding completely still and trying to predict where this is going to go next- you know, just in case.

>Maria sighs.
"Thanks. It's... Something I'd rather not share."

| >>551130
"Of course."
>he smiles
"And you must forgive me.
It seems i must sit here for the time being, my usual seat seems to be a...bit uncomfortable..">he gestures to the mega yuri happenings behind in an attempt to lighten the mood

>your finger slides out from gems mouth, a long strand of salvia bridging the gap
"Uuuwaaahhh~ that tasted nice"
>where is your mind wandering to young lady?
>at this point the narrator that is me just gave up

| >>551138

"..." >Chisa picks up another spoonful of parfait.
"U-Um... Do you want another bite, Gem...?"

"I... Can see that." >Maria nods furiously, shifting so she doesn't have to see Chisa and Gem. Yukiko does the same.

| >>551165
"No^-^! Its all yours!i just wanted a bite">ah yes the age old HHHHHRRRREMMMMMGGGGG inducing smile

>in an attempt to distract himself he reaches out his hand in the air
"Quick, pick a flower"
>he asks as his headset and eyes glow blue again

| >>551170

"Y'can keep it if ya want." >Yukiko comments, then gives Cassius a rather devious grin.

"...how about a lily?"

| >>551178
"Really!?! Well then you have to take a bite to chisa!
ᴵ ʷᵒᵘˡᵈ ᶠᵉᵉˡ ᵇᵃᵈ ᵒᵗʰᵉʳʷᶦˢᵉ..."
>she mumbles

"Lily it is!"
>you hear a pleasant and oddly symphonic ringing coming from everywhere..?
>it echos all around you before slowly coalescing into Cassius's extended hand
>you can somehow see soundwaves converge into his hand before reforming into a lily made entirely out of visible soundwaves
"Haha! Still got it!"

| >>551192

>Chisa obliges, eating the spoonful she has ready. Curiously, despite her flustered behaviour earlier, she has no qualms doing this- maybe she doesn't know what an indirect kiss is.

"...well, that's pretty neat. Can... Can we have it...?" >Yukiko gazes at the lily.

| >>551206
>gem just smiles

"Ah my apologies, im afraid its existence is merely temporary..."
>just as soon as it came, the lily fades away

| >Rose sighs, as she glances at those the two love birds
"...Man tey still going at it huh? can't say ah'm not a little jealous...

| >>551208

"Oh, okay." >Yukiko nods, glancing at Maria for a split second.
"How'd you do that?"

>Chisa awkwardly returns Gem's smile, unsure of what to do next- This is all going a bit too fast, and Yukiko can only give her so much guidance.
"...so, um..."

| >>551345
"I...cant say if i ship them or not."
>frank says in abject horror

"Hmmm...ill tell you if maria *and only maria* tells me whats up with their necklace."
>he gives a mischievous smile

>gem just sees this as making another friend
>quite frankly she dosen't quite understand concepts like this

| >Meanwhile,Impulse finish his drink. He put a credstick on the table and quietly leave

| >>551380
"Thank you sir please come again."
>frank bows as you leave

| >>551376

>Yukiko gives her sister a little mental nudge, and it seems to work- her blush subsides, and she clears her throat.
"Could you tell me a little about yourself, Gemini?" >She wipes her finger on her jacket, placing her hand in her pocket.

>Maria pauses, then shakes her head.
"...I'm afraid that's a secret."

| >sounds of conflict can be heard outside again

| >>551384
"What do you want to know?"
>she tilter her head

"Then the secrets of the resonance shall for ever be a mystery ooooOoOOOo">he spins up then walks out the door to investigate
"What in the goddamn?"
>he peeks his head out

| >>551387
>you look outside and you see...!
>holy shitballs! You see a man in a suit fighting
>the man is only fighting using an assortment of knives
"Ahah! Oh my dear, your blood would make the perfect picture!"

>who is he fighting...?
>a familiar looking blonde haired girl wearing sky blue reactive armor
>and a spear the looks like its constantly changing shape
"Get away from me you crazy old man!"
>you recognize her as...

| "Seilien coffin Airget-"
>Yukiko shakes her head, silencing Maria again. The redhead rises from her seat, alerted by the sound of fighting outside, and walks toward the door, readying her bolter. Chisa waits for Gemini's answer, and Maria keeps her hand around her necklace- just in case.

| >>551405
>you come outside just in time to see cassius rush out as he shouts
"Michele !?!"
>his headset glows blue as he extends his hand
"「sonorité éclater」!"
>suddenly a blast of soundwaves come forth aimed at the man in the suit

| >>551406
>the man is sent flying back by the sheer force of the blast
"Gah! Interfering with the gift of art! I would have your head!
No matter, i shall return!"
>he releases a red fog
>when it subsides he dissapears
"Cassius?!! What are you doing here?!
Never mind thanks for the help!"
>she falls to her knees panting
"Although i could have taken care of it myself"

| "Huh? Whats going on outside?"
>gem asks

>he sighs
"Obviously not!"
>he shakes his head as the the blue dies down again
"You know what, lets get inside.
I want to know what the >>>shifting_spear is doing in GC.
And why she was fighting >the red artist..."
>he brings Michelle inside the bar
(Waha! Post limit reached!
Enjoy the cliff hanger!)

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