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I shot a sheriff's deputy!?!?!?

| >Upon opening the thread, you're immediately greeted by a livestream of a woman on the ground with a khaki colored uniform and a GCPD badge. She seems to have been shot in the belly and is currently bleeding out, but conscious.

Dubs decides what I do with her. :3333


| One:
tell me why you shot this person
i dont know yet but ill have it eventually

| >>548374
Patch her up and let her go. -CN

| >>931336
Like... Get her to a hospital and apologise and hope that she doesn't arrest you?


| at least you didn't shoot the sheriff himself


| it's been like 5 days is she fucking dead
just drop her off at the medbay dude

| Im pretty sure any amount of meds can bring back a corpse but I do live in a city where robots are fuckible and corgies can talk so yeah take her to a medbay

| >>548652
why tf no one got the joke

| >>549356
I think we got the joke. Don't quit your dayjob, dumbass. Comedy isn't for you.

| That joke was so good,
i died before i could laugh

| >>548384

No reason. :E

Eh I snatched a few bags of soyacrisps from a Stuffer Shack and ran right into her. She tried to cuff me and my pistol kinda went off...


What, so she can call her buddies? No.




If I had shot the sheriff himself, he might have squished my head with those chrome hands of his.


ew, no, I don't swing that way, pass.


Wdym? It's been like 2 minutes.




| >>549688
Oh my god...
You know if you *didnt* shoot her you could have just gotten off with a fine right?

| >>549688
*Sigh* This always has to be done the hard way. -CN
>CN tries to trace Wombats IP

| >>549696
Tell me when you have the location,I can let my boys handle this. So you don't need to do it

| >>549696

>It doesn't take long- you end up having to pop a few baby ICE's in the soyakafe shop that OP is using to post from, but you manage to find them on the corner of Ninth Street.

| >>549706
Soyakafe shop off the corner of 9th street. -CN

| >>549969
Right,sending some guys over,should be there in a few minutes

| >>549969

Hah! That's what YOU think!

Well, this is boring now- up up and away!


| >>549976
That is not recommended,I authorised them to shoot if necessary,hope you don't mind getting shot yourself

| >>549969 >>549976
You see children.
The moral of the story is:
Us private messaging.

People who shouldn't know what your talking about cant do stuff like run away

| >>549976 >>549981
Oh... Right,it's a private message,you shouldn't even know that we know that you are there

| >>549976
Totally not at all obvious. -CN

| The bastard got away,he got shot at a couple times,my guys are tracking him,the deputy is at the hospital now. Here's the location if you want to visit her
>The location of a hospital is posted,it's on the 9th street

| >>550132
Thanks. -CN

| (OP,you wanna get caught or no,I don't want to catch your character without permission

| >>550230

(Gonna say yes so that Wombat can become a recurring character.)

| >>551176
(Yes in a sense that "Yes,I want to get caught" or "Yes,I want to get away"


| >>551334


| >>550135
My lads go after the tracker,but the fucker play an old switcheroo on me.

| sometimes, shits fucked on here yo...
I'll pay her a visit.
I think I met that deputy a few times during my old day job. She was really nice to me and didn't deserve this ._.

| really op you gotta do this the night Im working downstairs.....

>>550132 >>551629

we just got a call about her here to talk about maybe transferring her over to us after shes out of "for all intents and purposes, dead" territory..... so just makin her stable enough to survive a ride over to our er

if she lives n that happens, ill let you chummers know here


| >>551679
Much thanks.
Just do your best doc

| shes makin her way over to us now... they had to work on her for a while n shell probably be in surgery for a few hours

if any of you wanna get there before she does were planning on sticking her in trauma bay 8, dont know if youll like what you see when she gets here tho

theres a lot going on right now... if you have a weak stomach id skip


| Bump because I want to know how the deputy is doing?

| >>552276
shed be a lot better if all this shit downtown wasn't happening probably


| Wait, which hospital was it again?
I hope its not in downtown. Shits on fire yo. think I should pick her up and hoist her to another clinic? Somewhere where shit isn't literally on fire?

| >>552670
she just got to nsfmc after an ambulance ride that took too fucking long... gridlock traffic didn't help us in getting her here

were just on the edge of downtown so were not on fire but we have been affected by the blackout

shes probably going to need to be reroomed since someone else is there now but were getting her right into surgery

| >>552680

| >>552670
just fyi theyre restricting visitor access rn because a huge spike in our census... thanks but no thanks for the business jinterprise

but if you wanna see her and they give you trouble... just have them overhead page 'dr walker'

try not to end up in one of the beds here on your way in... its crazy out there


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