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| A work in progress: https://allthetropes.org/wiki/Blog:/cyb/

All items subject to change without notice, watched over by yours truly. To request additional entries, please let me know in this thread.

| rad
- 8||8

| Ayyyy. -CN

| Exclamatory statement

| 10/10
-Radio W


| Updating wiki to include "THE RADIAL HOUSE" Organization/subsequent ARG.
Adding "Asagiri Conspiracy" ARG.

| Will characters be added?


| >>55054
Not sure yet. I've found that adding additional subsections breaks the page and starts doing weird things to the formatting, so for now if I add anyone, they'll probably be listed under their factions/corp affiliations.


| Anytime I reference an actual player, it will likely be >bolded
however. Like with the purple lilim and the fox, for example.

| Gotcha

| Maybe make a wikia? just a suggestion http://www.wikia.com/Special:CreateNewWiki


| >>55273
I thought about it, but the web service is an ad ridden hell. That, and their copyright policy leaves much to be desired. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikia&oldid=450598804#Domain_and_skin_assimilation


| All the Tropes, which was split off from TVTropes, has a CC policy that protects the content posted from corporate meddling as well as the potential for censorship, which was another reason I posted there. ^^ If the /cyb/ community grows large enough, I may look into getting us our own wiki entirely, probably hosted by the same group as All the Tropes, Orain.

| >>54640


For the record though, the guy wasn't a private investigator, just a regular old crackjob conspiracy theorist that may or may not have actually stumbled onto something that warranted him being silenced. What though, has yet to be revealed.

-FB, otherwise known as Nietzen.


| >>55410
Updated description. ^^

| Huh.
Am I the only one left that was involved in the 24 Hour War/Eden ARG?
Because I don't remember everything.
I still have the dossier I made though.
-Nidhogg/Serpent in the garden


| Added first version of the EDEN arg (24 Hours War), based on what we can remember, in addition to some preserved logs.

| This is incredible. I did all the eye laser animals (not all of shiba terrorists) so I'm gonna add what I remember.

| >56355

HAY THERE FRIENDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (ForkedEntry, is that you? Tis me, PridePirat3 :D)


-Nietzen, otherwise known as FB.


| >>56355
Thanks for contributing! <3

| White Fang related stuff is my doing. Going to bid some time to fill it in.


| >>56469

| I'll also help out filling in the Black Collar and ARC/Yggdrasil situations when I get a chance tomorrow.
-Gold Knuckles.


| >>56730
Thanks for contributing!

| Hi

| Did you know I'm not dead just dormant. Will be proving details for myself and associated organizations. -NeoC


| >>89946
Long time no see!

| Probably tonight, when I get the chance, I'll add in all the shit from the metal band as well as what's happened so far with the Sei and Stella conspiracy. It isn't dead, I promise, I am just trying to figure out exactly what to do.

-Nietzen, and all of my other g/u/rls.


| Made some new updates to the wiki. ^^

More to come.

| How does this work?

| >>106406

| Will write out UKoBIaNMC either later today or tomorrow. Probably would've liked to help sort out december riots, but i think it would be better to collaborate with someone who was involved deeper in the neko park mess.

| >>125913
Finished with UKoBIaNMC

| Added some new placeholders to reflect history since the riots; added new groups; added new ARG's; added a few news organizations (Buzzfeed = FuzzFeed). Filled out some descriptions with basic content, to be extrapolated later.

| Holy hentai jesus crist SoC is on the wiki now when i found out i started punching my bed in joy but i punched my penis so now i am typeing this while crying tears of pain and joy no joke

| >>169613

| Some minor cleanup.

Much love and headpats to the GM of the "Into the Depths" ARG going on atm, I love your style! ^^ -Stormy

| >>172643
Thanks mate! I try my best to make a compelling story, but I keep stressing out about it, the whoke thing was inspired by a cyberpunk infused CoC game!

| Some minor changes regarding UKoBIaNMC and K-TRAN Conglomerate.
Deleted The King In Yellow from the list of inactive story lines.

| I made some additional edits to Black Collar section. Finally added in characters that didn't have their minor Bio Up, mostly.
-Gold Knuckles.

| >>182530
Welcome back, GK!

| >>182540
Heh, I wasn't expecting a welcome back or anything. I was talking with someone on discord the other day and I realized I didn't finish this wiki entry so I figured I'd at least come and do that.
My type of character isn't particularly well suited for this type of thing and the whole Yggdrasil thing really blew off bad outside of the board so yeah. A lot has happened to me in general since then.
I'll still probably lurk around a little bit though.
-Gold Knuckles.

| >>182544
You're not gonna keep on with some stuff then? ;-; -CN

| >>182553
Not sure atm, CN. I'd like to join back in but I'm not too sure about where/when to join back in at, y'know? the next thing I was setting up for wasn't really doing it for me, and I don't know where to go from the accidental destruction of an entire district, y'know? The general reports and video leaks of Markus beating Criminal's asses are good and all but yeah. I just don't know what to do with the character atm.
-Gold Knuckles.

| >>182555
Well the thing with bounties is that people forget about them after awhile, especially when other disasters have happened since then. Worse case scenario you can always start fresh. -CN

| >>182565
Yeah, I figured about the bounty thing. Especially since GK only received a 100,000 bounty following the Mill and 500,000 ones for Lilith and Tarin at the end of that incident. I never particularly worried about that, but it might have been worth something to play the bounty hunt out. I was just tired and in a bad place IRL at the time too.
I was thinking of having Hakase to set something kinda light-hearted up on the board for GK though, so we'll see.
-Gold Knuckles.>>182565

| >>182569
Well whatever you decide, hope everything worked out. -CN

| welcome back GK!

| Filled out a few organizations and a corporation for their first pass:

The Augmented Eye,

The DynamoFucks,


and Jinterprises Corp. -Stormy

| Expanded on everyone's favorite "weapon," the "Type-F Heat Laser." -Stormy

| Added Cybercrab, Cyberseagull, and Manbat. -Stormy

| I moved in the depths to the completed ARGs, and Replaced it with my Continuation ARG.
I also modified a few other things about ITD and what happened with it, hope that was okay...

| >>192263
I re-added the original description, but bolded the "status" of the ARG and placed it on top, so that people will know what the ARG was about originally. ^^ -Stormy

| Will the Dramatis Personae thread be re-opened or will this info ultimately be put in the wiki instead?

| >>193467
I'm considering removing the Dramatis Personae system altogether, and instead making it a reference on the wiki. -Stormy

| >>193477
In this case it will get quite bloated. Is it possible to have navigation menu so you can jump to 'persons of interes' or factions in GC and so on?

| >>193522
I'm probably going to make a new page entirely for just "reference materials" and will link it on the "main" wiki. -Stormy

| >>193548
What do you mean by reference materials?

| >>197647
You know, appendixes and such.

Just stuff roleplayers can read for flavor, enjoyment, or to get ideas for their RP.

I'm planning on writing a fun slang thread, or a thread about different weapons later. ^^ -Stormy

| Updated wiki with new "Panty Swarm ARG" information, including a placeholder in the Cyberia Historia, a short description in the ARG section, and a placeholder in the "groups" section. -Stormy

| Finally put up both of my (already for quite some time) ongoing story lines in the Active ARGs list, and also altered slightly one of my character's descriptions.

| Added a bit more lore to the panty swarm. cause why not.

| Im still trying to find out how to edit this...
I could just be dense
I just shows me this.
''Welcome to Glitch City Voices.''
'''This page is a work in progress! Everything may be moved, deleted, or modified at any time.'''

Im new at this.

| >>212708
Are you on mobile?

| Added The Exus of Nobodies ARG.
>morphine_blues but slightly unprepared

| Moved several ARG's to Inactive pending further GM involvement/return. -Stormy

| Added the Great Ones under the Groups
-Parralax "No joke this time" Instar

| Added AUCR and updated some minor things

| Chummers, please do your best to make your edits in alphabetical order, so that I don't need to go in behind you. ;-; -Stormy

| I-I thought I did...

| Will do, I'll be adding the People from Burrow too, soon, to include Kurogami and all those delightful folks
-Parralax Instar

| Woah.. Wait is the community adding their descriptions or

Is stormy adding everything?

I'm so confused orz

| >>231058
Stormy does the majority of the adding and editing but shes only one mod in a board with a constantly evolving story, so people can edit it and add their own arg info etc. -CN

| >>231230
Oh, okay that makes more sense. Thanks!

| For once in an eternity i decided to get off my butt and do stuff.
Deleted the gas arg thing as it was a lead up to exus of nobodies.
And i also added exus to the factions thing

| Although its pretty much useless at the moment The idea is:
The more people learn and build Theories off of what they learned
I will update the Theories into the thing.
>Right now
Motivation: unknown
Bio: unknown
abilities: unknown
>But then people make theories and stuff so i update it into something like this.
Motives: working theory
Bio: theory and what has been gathered so far.
Abilities : theory and what as been gathered

| >>236998
Undid deletion- I just updated its status to say "complete." -Stormy

| Added new recent Info to:
Ameritrade Robotics Corporations
Black Collar Investigations; Elliot Hoods and Status updates to all known operatives.

Also, Stormy, someone was asking for me to put the information of The Alabaster Mongoose in here, do you think it should be added as a Faction (I was going to make it into this sort of thing, anyhow) or do you want me to put it in another section?
-Gold Knuckles.

| >>254078

That's a bar, right? You could place it under the district it's located in for now. ^^ -Stormy

| >>254505
Cool cool. I'll add the details when I get a chance to get on my laptop then
-Gold Knuckles.

| that is very noice

| This is so awesome

| Added info about Wraith :D

| >>278979

Noice! -Stormy

| GMS 7.1_r6 >_ :|: best of luck ... #!


| Cool

| Added Sgt.Chanka to the list of GCPD officers, all praise be the cuteness

| A bit late to say, but added Phantom Thieves and it's only (currently) active member. Might become something larger if i get more people into it.

| Aaaaaa for some godawful reason i could not log in for a while.
But i finally managed to do so and. Took off exus and SoC from the arg list.
I would put SoC in the inactive but the wiki is glitched out for me

[e2ef01af8051ce6a4e2d1c5b] 2018-07-09 13:24:43: Fatal exception of type "Error"



| Updated entries of "Open Warfare: VeriaTech versus CyberDyne", "The December Riots", and "Attempted Assassination of *Kira* Miki". I'll try to update things when I can, although I only have good memories for things I directly participated in so I recommend those who did your own events update them on the wiki ASAP.

| Re

| Could we get down a universal conversion rate for Credits, Zenny, et cetera? I've seen people get confused with proper ammounts/conversions.


| $1= 1 nuyen= 10 zenny

| hm

| Added SSG Operator and its 4 operatives:Barrage,Phantom,Frost and Ash

| Should we add the penguin crisis as an "Active ARG"?

| Added more information on 3 SSG Operatives:Barrage,Frost and Ash
,along with the full name of every Operators
Changes the "British military group"in the SSG description to "British special task forces"

| Is it just me or does the wiki seem broken? Just gives a database error upon clicking.

| incredible

bloody incredible



| It looks like there was a limit to how much content could be on this single page after all- after the last user added their information, it collapsed. :C

Thankfully, I was still able to access the content via Edit mode, so its being backed up.

We'll have to move.

| lä! lä! /cyb/ fhtagn! -archarin

| Where are we moving it to?

| I was actually thinking of making an unofficial cyb wikia, since the wiki format of the single page was limited and created issues, I dunno if that could be a solution.


| >>424422 >>424442

Looking at a couple solutions right now:

1) Hosting the server through dangeru.us with Pref's blessing and running our own instance of Media Wiki,

2) Applying to be part of the Miraheze wiki farm, which is 100% free with no ads or other shady fine print.

Wikia/wikidot are at the bottom of the list for various reasons, mostly concerning content control.

| >>424631
Number two sounds good, but isnt that pretty hard?

And Im not sure Pref would accept to host a wiki, they arent exactly rolling in gold.



| >>424755

I didn't think so either, but he did offer us server space for being 10 usd patrons awhile ago.

I was just talking about it in the general chat of the discord and he asked me to DM him about it. So you never know.

Number 2 isn't so bad- the hard part will be convincing them to let us have the space. But when I checked the "application" process, the space where you write your reason for the request was a single line, lol.

| So, I read the wiki... Can someone tell me where to find the older posts?

| >>509358
There's the danger/u/ archives, just look in /search/

Other than that, there's no way to find old posts


| >>510830

You can visit dangeru.us/archive/cyb for posts up until the creation of Awoo. :3

| Cyber petyx there

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