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Story time thread!

| (booo my stream thread was timed out. Oh well, time to do something else i guess...)

So i went to an ikea a while back because i felt like eating some of those swedish meatballs people keep talking about, then my roommate calls saying one of the light bulbs needs to be replaced. So i figured that i might as well get one while im here. Thus after i ate, i began making my way toward the electronics aisle.

| Heres the thing, they had one of those children play areas.

Moreover, the path from the food area to the electronics aisle takes you past said play area.
So when i walk past, i see the play area is packed. There must have been like 100 kids in there, some being watched from the outside and some Completely unattended.


So without warning, the power went out. There were emergency lights but the play area was still quite dark. The kids all started shrieking and cryingamd running around in the darkness

| The power was Probably only out for 2 minutes but the chaos was spectacular. When the lights came back on,it looked like a battleground. Some kids were bruised and bloodied, some had the thousand yard stare of a war veteran. There were a few who had bonded in the tunnels and refused to leave. Some had gone missing entirely -they must have escaped in the shadows into the well furnished maze that was ikea.

| I am certain that i saw a few missing posters of said kids.

Ao that was my tale.

Anyone else got something to share?

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This thread is permanently archived