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I think I killed a Justice Wardrober.

| >The thread opens with a grisly image- splayed out over a street corner outside one of many bars is a girl dressed in bright lime green clothes, chiefly consisting of tights and sparkly accessories, although they also wear a bulky Kevlar vest that had been spraypainted with similar coloration.

>Her boots perhaps the brightest of the bunch, however, and the most customized- the "steel toes" had somehow been fitted with sharp daggers at the bottom of the toe itself.

>The photo is rather grainy- a timestamp shows that this was taken in the evening, late last night.

So, uh, on a scale of 1 to 11, how much drek am I in, omae?


| No they're not a Justice Wardrobe member, never seen them before. But you did just admit to killing someone. So.

| You're probably about to get a close up of a real Justice wadrobe member pretty soon at this rate. -CN

| aw.

well, feck.


| >>537088
I would say 6 or 7 out of 11,if none of the Justice Wardrobe member or good GCPD officer stumbles upon this and starts hunting you down,you are probably fine

| >>537430
I think they would anyways cause, you know, murder. -CN

| Sigh...what happened?
-Black Panties

| >>537447
Someone killed someone else something something he think it's one of you

| >>537451
I've never seen someone like that, i can't recall anyways.
Anyways OP where did this happen and why.
-Black Panties

| That's the most perfect thing I've ever seen!

| Could just be someone that looks like a JW.

Doesn't change the fact that you killed somebody though

| Wasnt there a lime JW?
I forget.

| Op turn on your location

| Killing is fun

| Now there's a justice wardrobe member AND a GCPD officer,you are in some deep shit now,OP

| >>537456 >>538489

Don't look at me like that, can't a chummer do some petty theft anymore without getting attacked by some costume freak with knives stuck in her boots!?

Anyway you can forget about the location, the body's gone.


| >>538529
And alright then, I'll find you.
Murder and robbery.
Broken bones before being sent to the GCPD
simple enough.
-Black Panties

| >>538613


No! Didn't you hear me!? The body is -GONE-.

So, like, unless she's a zombie or someone has a serious bloodied up superhero corpse fetish, she's prolly running about somewhere-


| >>538621
So let me get this straight

You attempted theft

Then a JW or JW wannabe attempts to stop you but fails and you kill them

Then the "most logical" thing you come up with in this situation is

But it turns out you failed to properly kill them so they somehow dissapeared

Hot or cold?

| >>538621
Attempted murder.
Or attempted homicide while committing a crome.
Either way.
Honestly I assumed you meant you dumped the body.
-Black Panties

| You shall not pass. Repent and confess to the higher authority. You're in over your head already.

| >>538630 >>538633

Look, I was freaking out alright!?

How often do one of these costume freaks just pop out of nowhere and start kicking you with god damn KNIVES DUCT TAPED TO THEIR BOOTS!?


| >>538821
How dare you sir/madame
Boot blades are a perfectly viable weapon

Now then,
Was i right or was i off?

| >>538825



| >>538828
You do realize that your now actually growling but simply typing down
The letters G and R to some random dude in the matrix right?

If it was supposed to be intimidating, it was just foolish

| >>538821
It still won't be self defense,you were attempting theft,you will probably be charged for murder

| >>538821

I've seen a chick with buzzsaw boots before. She was... fuckin' weird. Kept bangin' on about boobs.

| >>538613
Get off your fucking high horse. If you are going to turn a criminal to police, turn them in one piece, not after you had your sweet time beating them into a pulp.
Otherwise you might as well turn yourself in.

| >>539249
You think they're not going to fight back?
Sure come quietly i won't
but considering what happened in this thread.
I was being realistic.
-Black Panties

| >>539358
>Broken bones before being sent to the GCPD
Sure sounds like a threat to me. Besides, were you planning on *beating* them into submission if they resisted? In the age when chloroform, tranquilizer darts and tasers are widely available even on the legal market?

| >>539867
Do you not know who I am?
-Black Panties

| Also Chloroform is a horrible tranquilizer. Takes 20 minutes before they'd pass out. And would only be minutes.
Tasers can fail if they're wearing thick enough clothes. Now my electric powered suit that works fine which is what I use.
Darts can also fail for the same reason. and if that tranq is administered wrong could be fatal, and I'm not a toxician or a chemist.
-Black Panties

| >>539883
Bean bag shotgun shells
Rubber bullets
Tear gas

| >>539887
Electricity suit.
EMP grenade railgun.
Flashbangs don't work on people with good eye augments.
Tear gas doesn't work on people who have respirator augments on removed tear ducts.
-Black Panties

| >>539882
Sure do. A freak in a costume, I've seen my share of you lot. Real good at wrecking stuff and people, not very much so at actually making something of your own and healing the wrecks of a body you leave. To say I despise you would be a severe understatement. So what?

Chloroform renders a person unconscious within 5-7 minutes, and keeps them that way for as long, as it is administered.
You clearly unfamiliar with what a flashbang does.

| It would be amusing to see you say "oh, I don't use tranqs since I'm no toxician and it could be dangerous" and "sure, I will use EMP grenade launcher on soft targets" along with "sure, my electrified power suit is safe enough to beat people into submission".
Make up your mind already, will ya? You either are willing to hurt a criminal without any legal right to and therefore a criminal yourself, or not, and then you are just a clown in a suit, hypocritical at that.

| ITT: A BDSM freak and an edgelord try to out moralize each other on a board devoted to making money off crime, in a city controlled by megacorps, in a thread about some doofus who thought he killed a cosplayer but somehow lost the body.


| >>539978
You sure love logical fallacies don't you.
We're done here. I don't do this for your approval. JW will do what it can to help the city.
Got this pent up over word choice.
See ya, we'll be actually helping the city like we have for the past, nearly two years.
-Black Panties

| >>539996
Why dont you two listen to this guy
Like, i dont like getting into these conversations but hes right.

Arguing about this crap is pointless.
I use tranquilizers myself.
So far i have been able to reduce casualties using them so why not
But if not used right, would just kill my target.

And helping or not,
It dosent change the fact that you threatened to beat the shit out of someone over nothing more then petty theft without any right to do so.
Moreover, how much property

| I still need those materials, I'm not done here. Did you get anything useful?

| Damage have you caused?

Remember WT?
You destroyed and damaged a lot of buildings in a Philosophical argument.

Thats all i can say

| >>540009
Except it was murder and dumping the body at the time.

| >>539978
>I have no actual argument I'll just put words in your mouth while I sit and do nothing
Fuck off dead ender

| >>540011
>a lot of buildings
One building was destroyed and wasn't even BP but the city mortar
but ya know, why let facts get in the way of trying to tear down a sentai who disarmed a mob of rioting lilims and anither mob of humans.

| Aren't you the homophobe who tried to get a guy sexually assaulted two days ago too?
Not really much you should say on morals

| >>540012 >>540014
Fair. Its been awhile and the info i can find on it is scarce.

Im not particularly against what they are doing.
If anything i rather support it.
I just think that there are less violent ways of completing their objectives.

I will admit to that.
Not a homophobe though.

| Also if any of you knew how she fights you'd be able to know she wasn't being serious.
She uses her electricity to stun, funny how dead ender got mad about her using electricity but stun gun was fine cherry picking outrage because wants to just tear people down because he's one of the criminals probable. Also the EMP grenade shes only used to stop vehicles.

| >>540008
Well good fucking luck with that. But I swear, if I get one more fucking patient sent into my care by you or any other one of your bunch of clowns, I will take a break from helping the city by cleaning *your* mess, and clean *you* from the city.

| >>540037

Ngl, this makes me want to shoot up a mall or something, just to piss you off, lol.


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