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I can't believe they actually did it

| >a trid is uploaded from a bit of a distance from the flooded. And somehow, someway the Neo Yorkers got a boat in it.
>it's jam packed with people and the bassy thumping of a very loud "Your love is a drug" is playing blasting from the boat.
>barrels of karm seem to be hanging off the sides

| Not even surprising... -CN

| Yeah, I wasn't aware we could still get nose complaints from flooded but we're all scratching our heads with how to deal with this

| Noise****

| Huh, im not even surprised
Thats just impressive

Like, you gotta hand it to them
That right there must have taken some effort.

I say leave em be, they deserve it.

Aside from noise complaints somehow, i dont think they are doing any harm

| I'm going to wait til the laser goldfish take care of them

| >>537008 How have I lived in this city so long and never heard of those?

| >>537164
No? The goldfish with laser eyes they let into the water almost a year ago,I think? I don't know,not good at keeping track of time

| Frackin' kiddies wont let this lady sleep, not everyone has walls and a roof you fragging mongloids, stop screaming!

| That's... Going to be a problem

| Want me to kill them?

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This thread is permanently archived