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Did someone call for me

| Did somebody call for me..?
Im getting reports that some fellow with a deck was going around town repeating the call phrase.

I wonder what did they want...?

| Probably some new yorker screaming stuff they didnt know about. -CN

| Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait
>W A I T

| >>536668
What do *you* want..?

| >>536670
I-is this some sort of joke..?

| >>536671
Pffft joke? What joke? Huh maybe your just so stupid you Completely forgot i exist!
Whats this about a yorker?

| >>536675
Neo Yorkers our here for spring break, causing a bunch of drek. Probs one of them was around saying something they didnt know and just sounded like your passcode or whatever. -CN

| >>536687
"Eye eight welcome" ?

| >>536675

Y-yeah you is this really? Gem? That dude i trolled?

| >>536691
WAIT YO! That was no joke?! Shit!

| >>536693
Ehhhh that was a joke i didn't think your brain actually rotted
golden liar

I think all those tall tales could have gotten yo your head

What was that song you would always say in situations like this?
Heh seems fitting
And who are you supposed to be..?

| Lots of people here
Good for stabbing
Wanna stab
Stab to death
Dip doritos on blood
Blood dip gives me life
Blood dip is the truth
Blood dip is the meaning of all

| >>536702
Yo, I'm the guy asking for I8 Welcome. Something about good decker gear, codes n shit badabing ya know?

| >>536696
Think i was bullshiting you now m8?
If you pile up enough lies, they'll eventually become truth~
As you hear them they cover your whole body in fool's gold~


| >>536705
Cha, owe ya a /hams/ at some point

| >>536705
But I can't hide my biggest lie, now that it's the truth~
A wholly certain, "I love you"~

W-wait now look at what you made me say!

Y-you idiot! Cognitive enough to sing but somehow unable to keep up normal speech, hah! Truly an idiot!
And what reason do i have to grant you such a gift...?

| >>536709
Uh, IA told me that ya would so I could kikc CN's ass with his weird codes

| >>536711
Since when does I8 have my codes? -CN

| >>536711
Hmmm very well.

Disconnect yourself, for the rest must be spoken of in real life

Proceed to these coordinates.
>they lead to a building in glitz

I shall await you for further talks

| >>536731
Cool, I'll bring /hams/
[Jack_Rifle disconnected]


Oh hahahahah!

Oh dear god.
Hes going to be so mad when he finds out those coordinates lead to a
gay bar

Thats it gem, you can get off the other phone now.

| >>536739
Pleasure is mine music boy~

But wasn't that the gay bar with the *REALLY* aggressive "hosts"?

| >>536740
Yeah thats the one

The moment he walks in there no turning back.

Good job with the tsundere act by the by

☆Too easy☆

| >>536741
Er... okay. -CN

| >>536741 >>536740 >>536739
Did you take in to account how he might be, ya know. Gay?
And realizing this was an extension of you trying to set him up to be harassed would be uh, bit of a bad look.


| Yeah so okay.
Fuck you two, again.
Honestly, quite rude.
That you thought sending me to a gay bar as a prank was funny, second off. Thankfully my friends just came back from a bender there. I'm in university did you really think I'd just be dumb enough to not look, like really. Just rude, and kind of homophobic.
Anyways since this is the depths you've sunken to over this CN, it's really quite gross, and congrats it worked. I am so done.

| >>536777
Okay... again I didnt really had any involvement in these plans but whatever. I do recommend you stop using those ESPs of yours. -CN

| >>536777
Yeah,call us gross,guess who came here just to embarrass himself that he can't even fight a decker without self-destructing

| >>536778
Fine whatever man.
You're the homophobe man.
Peace, your city is fucked up.
[Jack_Rifle diconnected]

| Well not how I was expecting things to conclude but I guess that's a conclusion. -CN

| I don't really have anything against homosexuality,I'm just not into it myself. I still don't get how sending someone to a gay bar as a prank relates to homophobia. Is this how he likes to shame someone,falsely accusing someone of being homophobic? Ah well,at least he didn't pee in my workshop,or did he,I don't know him after all,he seems like one of the better neo-yorkers on the spectrum.

| >>536782
to be fair
first time was "i ate whale cum" then being sent to a gay bar.
general theme of the prank seemed to be "gay" not to mention the open admission of insighting harassment by Gemini and IA which, you know can easily be seen.
I'd wonder about the intent there. Plus I mean if the guy was gay and suffered harassment before...

| Oh no yeah i will Completely admit that that was just a generally dick move.

Don't pin any of this on the girl though, im the one who put her up to that

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