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[Event] Attack On Spring Break!

| Ah, spring. It's gradual at first, but the pale gray skies and deathly cold of an inordinately severe winter have finally given in to sun, grass, budding flowers...

...and possibly the worst traffic Glitch City has seen in years. The streets are absolutely swarming with vehicles, both land and air based as foreigners, attracted by Glitch City's constant media exposure on all major and multiversal networks, flock to the metropolis in search of food, fun, and friendly social networking.

Chief among these newcomers are the Neo Yorkers! Mainly university students who chafe against the stringent overregulation of their hometown, these young men and women arrive in droves, searching for a well deserved reprieve from their academic pursuits.

The city is struck by an economic boone as the tourists quickly drain much of the city's considerable liquor stores, turning to... other pleasures with which to sate their obscene thirst for consumption.

With so much happening, other business arrangements, such as ongoing corporate feuds, are being placed on hold...


| Lemme say this
You dont see crazy kids like this
In neo fresco

| >>536185
you sure?
last time i went to neofresco, the locals got all fresh and grabby...

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This thread is permanently archived