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(Bar) The Lock & Barrel

| >Kept you waiting, huh?
>The venerable bar has been here longer than most care to remember, due in no small part to good management, and better customers. Its large, reinforced oaken doors stand firm, hiding within wooden flooring, a modestly sized and old fashioned bar table with a row of drinks behind, ample tables and booths with faded, but soft, cushioning, and a small stage in the corner.

>By request, visitors can ask for more... discreet arrangements. Near the back are small rooms, really booths with enclosed doors layered with transparent armored glass, that for reasons as yet unexplained, prevent all communication in and out. A rare place of somewhat privacy in a public business.

>At the bar table, a woman with short brown hair, wearing a button up white t-shirt and a black waistcoat, idly cleans a glass as you enter. She looks up and smiles at you as she puts the glass away.

"Welcome to the Lock & Barrel," >The woman says as straightens her tie. You can see a small pin on her lapel which consists of the letters "ACB."

"How may I serve you?"

| >A young man in a blue trenchcoat enters the bar, looking around from the entrance to see if he can spot his client.

| >>535739

>You don't see anyone really out of the ordinary here, insofar as you could be out of the ordinary in Glitch City. Seedy shadowrunners and bent over drunkards line the booths, like every other day.

>The bartender waves to you.

| >>535741
>He waves back and walks over to the bartender
"Hey what's up?"

| >>535742

"I can ask you the same- long time no see. Still working?" >The tender says.

| >>535744
"Yup. Working right now in fact. You could say I'm taking advantage of the uh... spring break chaos. Honestly I'm surprised this place isnt packed. That makes this easier though. Have you seen a uh..."
>He looks done at his phone.
"'Hunny with the mad hair'?"

| >>535745

>The tender shakes her head.

"'Fraid not, aside from the usual suspects. And it's not like we advertise, so..."

| >>535754
"Hmm... anyone in the uh private rooms maybe?"
>The young man ponders
"Hope this isnt a trap now..."

| >>535755

>Nearly half an hour passes with no one showing up who even remotely looks like they fit the bill. Finally, someone knocks loudly on the oaken doors, until finally it pushes in- along with a woman making a beautiful faceplant!

>They get up at last, their bright, teal colored hair bouncing in an impressive updo.

"FINE-LEE!" >She says, slurring her speech,


| >>535774
>He walks over to check on her
"Uh... are you okay?"

| >>535785

"Okaaay?" >She says with an emphasis,

"What a tickle, ye boss chum, ever been to fitty bashes in unner a ten hours?" >She says, still slurring, and face still flat against the floor.

| >>535810
>The man tries to process what shes saying
"No... cant say that I have. Er, are you who I'm supposed to meet? I'm Tower."

| >>535814

"That depends, you-" >She looks up- upon seeing your face, her demeanor changes immediately.

"...well helloooo chumbucket! Here I be expectin a big daddy- yer big, but more'n jets than germs, yeah?"

| >>535819
"Er... yes? Going to be honest you lost me a bit there at the end but it sounds like a compliment. Why dont we get a private seat and talk some more?"

| >>535824

"Ooh, hitting the road then chum? But a just got 'ere-" >She attempts to stand on her own, but her ankles (and high heels) fail her.


| >A Somewhat annoyingly neon lit Lilim storms into the bar yelling

| >>535830

>The tender smiles.

"One of everything, coming right up..."

| >>535827
>He grabs her shoulders to support her
"How about for now we just get you a seat... and some water."

| >>535833

"Right-o!" >She responds, cheerily.

| >>535834
>He walks her over to one of the nearby free booths, signaling the bartender to bring her some water on the way.

| >>535831
>the lilim walks over to the counter, before hearing the guy request water, she lifts her hand, revealing a tiny nozzle
"If you need water why not get some from ME!?"

| >A single woman makes her way into the bar, wearing a large red coat, her eyes are a dull red and her shoulder lenght hair is as white as the melting spring snow, she looks sick and tired, and her face's left side is covered in bandages.
>She sits down at the bar and waves to the tender


| >a boy wearing a blue jacket and a strange headset walks in
>he sits at the counter and asks
"Something without a lot of alcohol please like 4 or less percent karmotrine?
And not a sugar rush please.
Apologies for the complicated order
>he speaks in a fench accent but...not Completely
>in the end its a French accent and that alone usually makes people find it charming but there is a strange shiver in it that is somewhat distracting
>almost as it conceals worry of sorts

| >A man, wearing a green vest enters the bar, stepping heavily, kicking up dust with every vest.
>His face half covered in metal, eyes glowing trough his sunglasses, goes to the bar, sits down and says:
"A big Gutpunch, and don't skip out on the bronson",
Then proceeds to pull out a thick cigar, light a match and puff from the cigar.


| >>535837

>The tender brings over a tray of water and a glass pitcher as she surreptitiously inspects the two of you. She gives you an apologetic look as she returns to serve the rest of the newcomers.


"I'm sure they'll be fine, honey, but thank you for offering."


>The tender approaches you and waves back.

"Yo. Welcome to the Lock & Barrel! How may I serve you?"


>The tender smiles and pours a dark red ale into a chubby glass.

"A Gaelic Red, then."


>The tender sets a large fat glass in front of you- the aroma of the bronson could likely be smelled from a mile away.

"Gutpunch, extra large."

| >>537057
"Gaelic red huh? My favorite.."
>now that he is closer, you can Definitely see something is on his mind
>his voice contains a worrisome ripple and the back of his eyes carry that same feeling
>however he seems to hide it rather well
"Busy night huh..?"

| >>537059

"Surprisingly." >The tender says wryly, looking over the newcomers with a motherly expression.

"I'm mostly bracing myself for the influx of out of towners."

| >>537062
"Good luck to you then."
>his headset vibrates momentarily and his eyes glow a bright blue
"..a message..?
Oh">he breathes an exasperated sigh
"Shes fine thank god.
I swear this girl will be the death of me..">he mutters under his breath as his eyes revert back to their original colour
>whatever was seemed to put him as ease

"Do you think any of those foreigners will actually be of any trouble?"
>he is talking in a normal eng accent now?

| >>537064

"Always. It already seems like they're making a mess of downtown, but, eh... could be worse still." >She whistles thoughtfully.

"For one thing, this beats a military invasion. Already had enough of those."

>You watch as she makes to move some of her out of her face- as her hand brushes against her ear, one of her fingers discreetly presses something.

| >>537068
"To be fair anything is better then a military invasion no?"
>he takes another sip of his drink
"But yeah, matrix is abuzz with complaints about these guys.

Personally i dont think they are that bad. So far at least."

| >>537070

"Not yet anyway." >The tender says, taking the glass she set down earlier and wiping it.

| >>537072
>his headset vibrates and his eyes glow blue again
>he tilts his head, then they go back to normal
Strange question, but what do you think about becoming an idol?"

| >>537074

"Hmm? Do you mean like *KIRA* Miki?" >She responds.

| >>537076
"Yeah. Like that i guess."
>nother sip
"Im not exactly well versed in this sort of thing so i figured it would be better to ask someone else"

| >>537078

"I'm not sure I would care for it, to be honest," >She scratches her chin.

"From interviews, Kira seems to take the loss of her privacy in stride, but I can't help but feel that in another universe entirely, the fan that rearranges her panty drawer would be someone to fear, instead of a... I'm guessing, mild annoyance." >She shrugs.

"And It's one thing to 'perform' so to speak, for a few people- but for thousands, several times a year? Ugh."

| >>537080
"Yeah, that sounds...tough to say the least."
>he finishes his drink
"Oh another round please."
>he taps a button on his headset
>his eyes glow blue as a holographic keyboard manifests in front of him
>he types something in and presses enter causing it to dissapear

| >>537086

>The tender pours you another glass of the beer.

| >>537057
"Thank you."
>Tower grins and thanks the bartender as he offers the water to his client.
"So uh, let's just take a breather for a second then we can talk okay?"

| >>537099

"Breather? Don't have a cow, man, I told ya i'm just, like, crazy. Got it, Daddy-o?"

| >Having said this, she faceplants the table and snores loudly.

| >>537106
>He sighs, standing up and putting his trenchcoat on her
"Bartender, one Sugar Rush please!"

| >>537091

>a girl with black and white hair walks in a takes a seat near the boy
>she uh...oh dear she is wearing one of those ahegao hoodies with matching skirt and garterbelt thigh highs

>she presses a button on the boys headset without him noticing
>then mouths out for a piank woman and for the tender not to tell him as she silently giggles

| >>537114

"Pfft..." >The woman stifles a giggle, bringing a hand to her mouth.

"As you wish."

>Soon after, a piano woman makes its way to your hand...

| >>537117
>a moment passes then the boys eyed glow blue once again
>he looks shocked for a moment before returning to normal
"Waah! W-wait what!?!"
>he looks to find the girl sat next to him
"Gem what the hell?!?!
You dissapear for 2 weeks and thats how you say hi?!."
>he slumps back and covers his eyes with his shoulder and laughs
"Never calm with you near isnt it?
Welcome back, i was worried.
Teaches me to use AR gear"

| >>537123
"Gotcha good cassie! Hahaah!"
>she takes a sip of her piano woman
"Thanks for playing along miss tender!"
>despite the strange choice of clothes that smile she gave you could melt snow

| >>537124

>The tender winks knowingly.

| >>537124
"Yeah">he sighs and chuckles again
"You got me"
>dude takes another swig
"So, exactly why *were* you gone for a week again?
Or rather, why didnt you contact me untill now?
Something about idols..?"
>he gives the tender a look that says "thanks for entertaining her antics"

| >>537134
"I have resolved myself to become an idol☆
However at the scouting camp, we weren't allowed to hold onto our phones...hehe.."
>she giggles

| >>537111

>The tender grins as she passes you a Sugar Rush.

"Same old, then?"

| >>537192
"Yup. I figured I'm going to be awhile though..."
>He nods over to the sleeping woman across the table
"Speaking of, she wouldnt seem familiar to you by chance would she?"

| >>537057
"Thanks, I'll take a whisky, straight"
>The woman says, her voice is gruffy and tired, almost like something is stuck in her throat

| >>537200

"Not at all I'm afraid..." >She combs her hair back as she looks over the knocked out woman.


>The tender returns to the bar and fills a short glass with amber colored whiskey. She slides it over to you cooly.


>The woman rises from her slumber, mumbling something about trash compactors.

| >>538824
"Hmm... you think a corp heiress would be more recognizable..."
>CN mumbles to himself, as he fiddles with his deck, waiting for her to wake up.

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