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I know CN's real name

| Its Christian Netel

| I dont care about his name, ALL I WANT IS IT SIGNED ON THIS PAPER

| >>535413
You know if you actually used the time you wasted investing into another money making scheme you probably would had more money that whatever you were trying to sell with my name on it. -CN

| >>535412
The fuck is a Netel? -CN

| I thought it was Croel Niel...

| Christopher Nolan!

| >>535466
it's like Metal
but Not as good

| >>535533
Sounds useless. -CN

| Its obviously Child Napper

| Child Norn

| Child porN

That's what he makes with all the kids! Fuck! I always thought he was the good guy!

| These are getting more ridiculous with every post... -CN

| I always hear people say it stood for
Celibate nerd


| Chulseer Nurnairy

| >>535611
Gem's not in on this one?

| >>535621
She...hasn't come home...
Im not worried...yet...
Just cant shake this bad feeling...

Certainly if she was, it would be business as usual no?
She would say something outrageous and i would freak out heh heh

| I say it's stand Chuck Norris
How many times have you banned her from the matrix

| >>535628
Ummm...im going to sayyyyyyyyy

Not sure but her ban was lifted two weeks ago.
Why do you ask?

| i say it's Chris-chaN

| >>535629
Nothing,just surprised that she hasn't jump at this opportunity yet

| >>535896
Damn man
Like i wouldn't say she is an asshole.

More....like...shes incredibly oblivious to the fact that everything she does in outrageous.

If thats what your saying

| >>535914
No,no,I didn't mean it like that,it's just kind of amusing when she just call CN that kind of guy and see CN's reaction

| yo bros who be dis CN dawg, he be the big dawg in Glotch City?


| >>535942
I'm just a guy whos online a lot. -CN

| It's actually kind of a regular name to be honest.

| Guys... What if his name is CN? What if that's it!?! WE'VE BEEN LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACES THIS ENTIRE TIME! Either that, or it's Cheese Nachos.

| >>536246
Nah,I still say it's Chuck Norris


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